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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by xisdois, May 18, 2019.

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  1. xisdois

    xisdois Forum Apprentice

    I can´t still understand what kind of set can i must have to do the pvp batles.
    Why others are more fast and stong than i.
    Can you help me in a resume set ?
  2. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Well, I got tired from just reading whining posts/threads where "nerf this class skill, too OP" etc.

    Accepting that someone is currently better than you is a first step and because of that I'll try to simplify the process "how to" for you which explains why's that happening.

    First part depends on your pve ability same as difficulty level you can grind (group carried if ...) for the highest tier item. (THE BEST is of course tier 8 (inf IV)).

    Second part is a little bit easier but eventually harder to get - you can farm any lvl but you need item with 3 golden base stats! (dmg/hp/armor for example) Note - recommend is 1h (with golden max dmg + crit ) + shield/quiver/book))

    Workbench part is pure luck and could happen any time (after first or 20th attempt) - use first two slots for t8 item and 3 golden one (color of item can be any (green t8 gloves + 3 base gold stats green gloves gave blue t8 with 3 golden base stats). 3rd & 4th slots are for junk items (same rarity (green gloves x 4 etc.)

    Glyphs is a MUST also, all pvp items should be lvl 60 - repeat this for all items and that's all .... except your arena skills!
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  3. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You what? Where do you see any class whining here?

    There is virtually no "currently better" in this arena... Especially there is no running speed alteration, and you can't have attack speed any higher if you have a 1,18 weapon. Guess what, even if I equip such a weapon I see people visibly faster than me.

    And that is almost all you can do.

    Sorry, but no matter what you do, you can't get (without cheating) to the point where you will be one-hitting everyone.
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  4. xisdois

    xisdois Forum Apprentice

    Thanks for the help.

    my live and damage that i have in pve goes down when i enter in pvp...

    must be the golden base stats....i have the enchantments in gold not the base stats

    i didn´t know that the base stats could be worked on the work bench

    Again...thanks for the help
  5. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    I hope you've been sarcastic!


    True ... somewhat (I can explain it in DK's domain (exp skills : rageful swing vs attack) but as you mentioned - some ... rangers for example spam a lot per sec with poison arrows or however that greens are called)

    :D Man - my post was reply to someone who asked how NOT TO BE one-hit killed, which is happening to him.

    You're welcome

    That is because only base stats sum counts for pvp

    Of course not, but higher base stats you have, that sum is higher and it'll be harder to get killed.

    Look at the image from this post:

    That is what is why!

    There are many ways to play with workbench so I recommend you to read this

    Good luck.
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  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    To make it clearer:
    • Base Stats WORK in pvp
    • Gems do NOT work in pvp
    • Enchantments do NOT work in pvp
    • Runes do NOT work in pvp
    • Unique values do NOT work in pvp
    • Sets do NOT work in pvp
    • Honor tree DOES work in pvp
    • Wisdom and group trees do NOT work in pvp
    It's stupid for many reasons.
    1. It requires virtually no PvE effort.
    2. All the builds are the same - the base stats are all the same except for rings, weapons and the offhand... but:
      • you need crit a lot, so you need 2x crit rings (res ring virtually nonexistant)
      • you have to have a 1h weapon with crit in base - see above (damage and speed weapons virtually nonexistant - except if you're a DK and you can have both crit and speed - see bottom of the message)
      • you have to have a shield, and that must be a good one (offensive offhands useless - except if you're a DK and you can have both - see bottom of the message)
      Anyways, there are no character builds for any of the classes, as the above three points have proven.
    3. It takes away the incentive to buy to upgrade your gems etc. (less people are going to do it if it gives them nothing in PvP).
    4. etc.

    Now... you can't work on base stats one the workbench. All you can do is when you find low tier items with golden base stats, you can craft them with high tier items, and try for the high tier and good base stats to pass in the same time (thus increasing the base stats to the same percentage of the scale, but in a higher tier). However, it's not really worth it. On high tiers, even legendary items have lower base stats than unique items can possibly have. That's why it's better to find low-tier (or high-tier, if you have the luck) unique items with good base stats, and then tier them up using the Augment Core Crafting. Moreover, you can have that way items you couldn't normally obtain. For example, knights have the OP New Moon axes (both high speed and crit in base) and the Gwenfara's/Wolfslayer's shields (shields with crit in base), and the other classes have weapons with crit in base - for example Wolfslayer's and Destructor's.
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  7. xisdois

    xisdois Forum Apprentice

    Excelent....UAU...after this, how could i be with any doubt.

    Thanks a lot....my prespective of pve changed 180º.

    Both of you,thanks for your time.
  8. Xerustes

    Xerustes Junior Expert

    Besides the strength, that depends on your equip and skills granting more runnspeed to some classes, have a look into fame skilltree.
    You can choose getting higher runspeed and strength for some Time after defeating an enemy. Thats an explain for unusual runspeed of enemies in group Matches ;)

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