PVP Unbalanced ?

Discussion in 'PvP (Player vs. Player)' started by Cratar, Dec 27, 2017.

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  1. Same for me. Its very frustrating. Even though my lvl45 ranger has good stats for a 'normal" player i know she cant fight against twinks that have only been farming events and/or buying excessive enhancers such as gems. I avoid pvp not only on her but also my mage due to the terrible imbalance
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  2. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    These things never work. Because, players will always find ways to circumvent such measures. In this particular case, all You have to do is to un-equip all your gear when registered for a match. As soon as the match starts, they can re-equip the items.
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  3. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    This could work if the devs lock the player’s inventory once they enter a PvP match so that no one can change their items during the match.
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  4. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The game is making a match before you enter the arena ;)
    When the countdown starts with the message "match has been found" you opponents are pretty much decided. You have plenty of time to change your gear before you pres "ok" and enter the arena :D
  5. Conqueror21

    Conqueror21 Forum Apprentice

    Yesterday's livestream was about release 209 coming next week.It was mostly about the group talents, the new wisdom tree, the adjusted monsters ect.However, attention was drawn to the PvP part too.It won't be affected by the next release,but in the future the following changes will be done:

    Make the PvP maps look visually better(perhaps enlarge them too).

    Separate PVP from PVE gear by making everyone's base values equal to each other and allow players who are in a way bigger/smaller level than others play all together!So since pve gear wont matter anymore,and nor will the character's level match making will become way easier.
    I suppose that fixes it.

    Remove the pvp daily challenges from the dailies and make special pvp ones , which i guess will be ok.They 'll make PVP leaderboards too.

    Furthermore everyone will be able to choose what role they want to have, a tank or a damage dealer that is and get special advantages out of that(there wasn't much information on that change).

    Fame tree will be adjusted and probably become similar to the new wisdom one diversifying the characters more.

    The separation of PvP and PVE is extremely significant and I hope the PvP will be fair and fun soon.
  6. piteris2

    piteris2 Regular

    Will enchantments still remain the same? Or will PvP have totally separate gear to use? Also how will the matchmaking between players of high and low levels work?

    Surely these changes will ruin the uniqueness of PvP, and the hard work spent on building a strong character since it basically makes everyone equal (even players who don’t even bother building up their character for PvP)?

    I think this is going a bit too far.
  7. Divinefury

    Divinefury Forum Apprentice

    I've been playing around for the many years now and I've been always thinking companies much bigger than BP won't ever listen players because there is "too much distance" between owners and players.
    But when we come to BP and Drakensang Online, (Imho) this distance is very short, we are a small community of players compared to the most famous games and should be easy to listen us.
    There are many old players in this game, with much experience and many ideas, but they act like they don't give a damn and just do mistakes after mistakes, with crazy ideas everytime.
    I don't know how people like Jesse, developpers (etc..) can show their face in Live when many many players are blaming them (in chat) for their horrible ideas and they don't feel ashmed or at least come to understand that they are only destroying this game with their pathetic ideas.
    It's obvious that DSO producers (all the team) do not play this game because their ideas are mostly completely wrong.
    I don't really know how to explain how I feel.
    After many years of farm and money I feel like I want to go there and scream in their empty heads just 2-3 ideas 90% of players is talking about since 4 years but they still ignore.

    And now they came out with this pathetic, silly question about a "gearless PvP" with just 1 mode, are they drunk or what?
    We spent thousands euros and hours in this game to get all what we have for PvP, to be competitive, if everysingle one of us wanted to play a MOBA we wouldn't have started with Drakensang which is a completely different game.

    Is really possibile that this team isn't able to understand that they must listen us and ignore their useless ideas?
    Every change, every new level cap was a HUGE HORRIBLE disaster and they still think they are able to do something good without our ideas. I can't believe it, it's just crazy.
    It's disgusting the way they talk and ignore their players.
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  8. rompen13

    rompen13 Junior Expert

    first time i see tank with one hand to do so much dmg (bug-cheat-normal with pay or something else) if the tank do this dmg with one hand the other class what must do?

  9. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    He is simply stronger than You. You are probably not the strongest player on server. So, stop complaining and try to get stronger.
  10. rompen13

    rompen13 Junior Expert

    other thing i ask other thing you anwser dont bebave like a 10 years child and stop give orders to me you dont know who i am and which my characters is.Also if i want to complain i have the privilege to complain whats your problem,so again stop behave like spoiled child.
  11. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    It is common for a strong balanced-1H dragon knight. Tbh, it is common for every good balanced 1H build for every class.

    He's just wondering if what happened is normal or has some weird reasons behind it, so chill out man.
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  12. rompen13

    rompen13 Junior Expert

    thx a lot for your answer.
  13. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Do any of you definitively know the logic that drives matchmaking? Is it game experience level +/- 5 levels? Does it completely ignore honor levels? Is it based solely on gear?

    When my secondary level 50 toon is matched against a player within a few Experience / Honor rankings, I frequently win. But then I go through stretches of my Legionnaire being matched up against level 55 Seasoned Knights of the Order or even Marshals, and of course have no chance at all.

    I'm guessing, as mentioned above, matchmaking is focused on the gear / the crap CV calculations, resulting in guys requesting the match while "naked" in order to fool the system into thinking they're weak, then gearing up during the 30 second acceptance window?

    So, to the PVP-lovers who are devastated at the thought of "gearless" PVP, what other solution do you have to offer that will give new players a chance to develop into worthy opponents? If BP continues to allow the kids to exploit PVP, they'll drum out all of the fresh blood, old players will grow weary and leave the game for one reason or another, and eventually you'll have nobody left to play against.
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  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I have explained it here (read the starting and my few following posts)
  15. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I apologize for not remembering that thread ... I wasn't playing PVP (even for dailies) at the time, so my eyes tended to glaze over when that was in the forefront of a particular post.

    Now that I re-read your comments in that other thread, I looked up my win-loss ratio: 151 duels, 62 wins, 150 player kills, and just under 50K Honor points. So, I win roughly 40% of my duels, was matched up against someone with between 70 and 120x my Honor points (yes, you get Honor points even if you lose if you land at least one hit), but presumably with a win-loss ration something like 45% (he was only slightly favored).

    Does this guy suck, or does he enter a bunch of battles and intentionally lose so that he can drop his win-loss ratio and prey on weaklings like myself? (Yes, he played one of the mocking emotes after every kill.)

    You seem fine with matchmaking being based on win-loss ratio, but isn't that way too simplistic of a calculation? You indicated that other factors might be involved, but what could those be? In every other possible way, I'm clearly an unsuitable match for guys like this (Experience level, Honor level, CV, etc.).

    Playing on Grimmag. Won several matches against reasonable opponents, then ran into the series of Knights, Seasoned Knights, Marshals immediately after. Yes, there were some fairly long (1-2 minute) waits to get these matches. Was the server simply dead so the match-making logic caved and threw me to the wolves, or can we admit that win-loss ratio alone is inadequate and/or the other factors considered were not calculated properly?
  16. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  17. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    So, i got into the arena for some pvp because of the clovers to find out that nothing has changed since the new update, just as i suspected. Dks got nerfed, in terms that now they just are not as immortals as they were before. However, that does not mean that this class isnt hella ridiculus and to me its a class that even a dog can play after you build it. Whats so hard for the dks to do, tell me please. Running and healing, and among the healing charging and hitting the enemy player who because cannot heal he will die eventually?Or maybe not needing to aim because their attacks even though melee have a ridiculus range? That riduculus thing with the dks healing non stop has to stop. Its maybe the first game i see dks healing non stop. That damn skill does not even have cooldown. Hitting the dks only makes them stronger thanks to the spider set and then buffed up as they are and after healing they just come at you that has no healing skills and boom you are dead, just because you cannot heal.
    As for those who are claiming that this nerf on this wisdom tree( the removal of that healing there) was important for the dks in the arena, i guess you are some weaklings that have no idea of the real game and how much of a hell high level pvp is for everyone except dks and lately cube set dwarves running and healing. This ridiculus thing with the healing has to stop. There is no reason for a class to have BOTH higher HP than the other classes, more tools to close the gap on the enemy player and at the same time have damn healing. How is this fair that the ranged class have to struggle to aim and hit the dks to barely damage them and then the dks go and hide and boom healing back to life, if we ever manage to damage them at all.
    Oh, and before someone says:" oh maybe you are not strong enough or blablabla". My defensive gems are all sacred and royal, my items are full gold lined and also i am playing with the cube set, the strongest pvp set. I have 4.60 crit dmg and 90k hp and almost the best dmg i can get and yet i cannot do a thing against dks, let alone full royal dks. The latter are beyond hell.
    Lastly, i have a question for the devs who made dks like that: where is the skill in this class? Do dks really need skill to play pvp when they can just spam 2 buttons? healing and charging. How you want to make pvp balanced when you allow a class that has that much higher hp to heal that much hp? and what about the dwarves that lately not only do the same thing but things are maybe worse there, because not only they heal but they are running only and let the turrets do the job. We cannot even hit them. If you think this patch made any difference to the pvp, you are hella mistaken. As long as healing is allowed, pvp will never be balanced
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  18. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Mate, it seems that you even don't see that the DK now don't have endless charge and iron brow. You got 90k HP, high dmg based on your words and high crit + critchance and you can't kill DK? Really?
  19. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    I dont know the server you are playing nor how strong your character is but if you take a good look at youtube videos about top level pvp, you will never see almost any end game ranger beating an end game dk. I am talking about 2 playes with almost identical gems and gear. The chances the ranger will beat a good end game dk are very slim. And i also own a dk and i know how crazily strong this class is. Btw when i was fighting dks pre this release the wisdom buff with the healing was not an issue because not all dks were using it. However, outburst was always an issues, because it is an unlimited healing that thanks to how easy dks gain rage they can just spam it non stop. No, dude, if you think rangers with my stats or better can actually beat dks, think again. If some ranger does it, it must be out of luck, like hitting all Ea in the face of the dk, but thats rarely happening. There are only a few cases of rangers beating dks and even those players manage to do it once in a while, most of the time they lose. As long as healing is allowed in pvp, there will be no balance at all. Also, charge was not that big of an issue vs ranged classes if they knew how to play. The big problem was the iron brow, which is fixed now, the speed from wisdom, fixed as well, but the perma healing that was maybe the biggest problem is not. such a shame
  20. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Mate, I'm playing in Grimmag and yes we have very powerfull DK's but even they are not immortals. As I understand - you play with cube set and want to kill another player with cube set with a single difference - you can't heal? Really? Ah, yes - wolves don't regenerate as much hp as for DK if kill them. One advice - rethink your strategy.
    Is the defence new offence? :)