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  1. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    Absolutly Spot on Bp with the Pvp changes. At last normal working people who dont play 24/7 have chance to enjoy pvp too.
    It is the only way to see if all 4 classes in pvp are balenced or not. The people who are crying about the changes, in high end pvp you always needed skills and i am sure the vetran players can do it with or without gears, set bonuses, stones etc. It is only the first step in pvp rebalencing i hope, i am sure they will do some changes afterwards so people dont loose hope yet, let give the new pvp system a try. I am sure its at least better than what it is right now because pvp is dead atm, it needs changes.
  2. iNeXoRaBlE

    iNeXoRaBlE Forum Great Master

    Well people rarely had any strategy, in matters of gameplay even in terms of character build.
    Having to choose the best runes/gems for pvp was not easy if you wanted to make a difference.
    Oh well.... I guess they cant think anything better to fix the imbalance.
  3. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    Only crying kids like new changes. Players who spend lots of time to become strong price their farm time. Noob wants to run fast to lvl 55 and fight in arena like a pro... this isn't ballance. This is stupid step to close the game. Who will spend money when there is no reason? Who want to be better farmer with money? Even any legendary equipment is ok for farm but noobs want to be competetive. There is no chance this game to survive long with such a stupid change. The game stay long here becouse of payd users who want to be strong for PvP. I don't see who will pay even premium not deluxe to be good in farming. Those who spend money only for premium will stop because there is no point to pay. And developers have to change something, but mounts, costumes, emotes and pets aren't necessary to be good in farm.
    Bigpoint will lose all of their payments and game will die because there is no way to support something with real money (servers, development team etc) when there is no money back... Stupidity in full form.
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  4. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    Try test server you will see that they have implemented some tonic and elixires that boost your specs and they will sell many of them to the new players.
  5. stacker99

    stacker99 Forum Master

    I was there, these tonics, elixirs etc dont work on PvP so... farm to be better farmer isnt future of this game. For me. And not only.
  6. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    The only crybabies i have seen so far are those screaming to defend the status quo and claiming it's balanced and good, that nothing needs to changed, because they'll afraid they'll have to work to obtain victories
    They are similar to the twinks in this sense, the little cowards and bullies who cried to maintain xp block so that they could bully newbies in low level pvp
    Most of them are pvp fanatics and i have no simpathy for them

    Now there are instead some people who oppose this change for the right reasons, which include yours, but some are driven by their selfish desires, not out of rational and logical objections
  7. GoddessofWar1000

    GoddessofWar1000 Someday Author

    While running Test Server for 213/214, would you please consider adding a removal button for dyes. When transferring at workbench dyes that are purchased with draken are removed...don't know why exactly, but it becomes costly to keep re-dying items. I think a removal button would work well. Thank you : )
  8. Archane

    Archane Forum Apprentice

    I agree with GoddessofWar1000, when you spend over a 1000 draken on dyes and they are removed every time you craft that gets to be a serious waste of draken. Can you please fix this so that dyes are permanent unless removed with a dye remover. Thanks.
  9. Raid_81

    Raid_81 Active Author

    Dear all Old House Players,

    which plays since many years at this game PVE for good States at PVP.
    If this Patch will coming, we old Players from Germany dont will supporting any more this game.

    And this patch comes.....ready to Die....

    So, thank´s to all the friends from all over the world, with whom we had fun here. Thank's for old good times, but we think it's time to leave this game.

    Don´t support this ................ByeBye
  10. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    IM actually cringing from this thread. No actual discussion only people crying. The only problem i see is that the mana stones wont work in pvp thats all, pve has actually great drop after i tested it i dont know where is the problem. People saying that they will leave but they actually dont say anything other than pvp which is half backed deal and not full argument. If any of you "gamers" with that insane expercience from other games say taht the upcoming change is so bad then .... i dont know what ahve you played.... tetris ? super mario ?
    I have tried the more succesfull games including poe and just like in here youi farm to farm faster ..... you play pvp to get better at pvp.... w t hell is the problem
  11. emmaaxxx

    emmaaxxx Someday Author

    I agree that pve must be separatable from pvp. But if pvp is gearless then no one will have the motivation to pay, and u like it or not we can play this game cause there are some hardcore players that pay too much in order to be gods in pvp. U will not be able to play the game if some ppl dont rl pay, and i mean pay good money. U cant just kill those ppl who pay good, u must keep them here too (for examble make two types of arena : gear - arena and no gear - arena)

    How many money someone is willing to pay just to farm faster with no aspect on pvp ? I m just asking.

    Ofc there are games that have only pve and ppl here are happy, but these games where like this all the time. Ppl who like only pve would choose to play games like these, but Dso was always a PVP(geared) - PVE game.

    This update will make the hardcore payers to leave, bringing more ppl for sure , but no one will pay for sure. This is a risky choise that dev do in my opinion and i would suggest the ppl who are happy with this update to reconsider it and i want to ask them if they will be happy if the game close in the case of no money profit will be for company.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    The constructive discussions were made until this point ... we made constructive remarks and suggestions since May 2018.
    Ideas, proposals and all kind of constructive feedback had been given.
    What happened? Nothing.
    They don't read they don't listen ... they are having their heads buried in the sand and going to press the self-destruction button.
    I don't see any point discussing anything further from this point on ... they are not going to change their mind.
    So and WE.
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  13. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    that's why gems and runes have to be active in pvp, along with enchants

    Also, many hardcore players are toxic trash, i can't say i am sad to see them leaving, and their money is not my problem
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  14. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    Is not lazy is just a game that die don't make profit and this is the cheapest option not the lazy one.
    If you have play poe I would like to see your characters because I don't think you have what it takes to be a Poe player I don't think you even understand what is all about with that game I don't think you bearly scratch that game complexity tree.
    If you have play that you would not play dso anymore just like me. Maybe you write in forum hoping that dso will became someday a non p2w game like Poe but you won't play this game now. After you go black you never come back.
    Dso is a dead game and that is a true fact, they have only 2 servers with players the rest are dead and you don't see any problem with this game.
    The solution is to became a non p2w to list the game in steam, to listen players to ask some streamers to make reviews of this game.
    We have a p2w game and a gaming community, they will never meet, that is why dso don't use twitch channel anymore, and you think that this game is OK, is OK to die or what?
    I think the real problem are players that did not see the problem and they want to keep this game as it is even if he die day by day bleeding players.
    Those players that cheers BP for bad changes that will kill this game put poison in this game to die faster.
    To bring some constructive criticism and to bring some ways to try to revive this game is not toxic and even if it is toxic do you s think that will make the game die or the forum?
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  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    there is a distinction between those who put constructive criticism and those who are toxic

    Those who i call toxic players are those who want the status quo and pretend it's perfect and nothing needs to be changed

    There are many reasons why this pvp change should not be implemented, all well supported by rational arguments

    But the toxic players aren't doing that, they are crying because they'll be losing their god like status, they won't be able to easily pwn someone, they''ll have to face a real challenge
  16. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    Haha , that's some laughable arguments. You think the people who are working in Bp are Idiots? They didn't consider these facts before making the changes? You think they dont have any alternative way to get money from players?

    The most people enjoyed pvp at lvl 40/45 which was close to default modes. Which is coming with the release. The pvp at the moment is so bad that u dont see anyone in kings arena before it was full of people. You think pvp is balanced now?

    The fact is nobody can come with a clear idea how to solve the problems. Those who came up with some ideas aren't good enought for most of us and Bp to consider. So to investigate where the problems are a "Reset" is necessary. For example, Some Dwarfs with no skills dominating the pvp only based on gears tells u a lot about the imbalence. Before i saw lvl 45/50 dwarfs using tactical turrets , now they dont need to use it. I am not against any class its was an example.

    The people who farmed a lot have perfect gears gems etc are afraid for loosing the advantage in pvp. But guys is it fun to kill newbees where they dont stand a chance? When u know this isn't fair to them? Is it fun killing them and making loose intrest in the game?
    I think most of us enjoy good pvp fights. If these changes are not implemented only Vetran players with perfect gears etc will be playing pvp which makes us only a few. So pvp will need a long i mean a long long time to find a match, is it which u guys want? i mean most of the servers are dead anyway atm.....

    The game needs new playes to survive, old people will lose interest day by day. This game will survive because of the Interest of the players not The Money from the Players.

    Don't put "we" when it is only "your" opinion. Most of the German comunity are happy with the changes.

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  17. Dzungla

    Dzungla Forum Expert

    Those who loose interest because of loosing in arena from more experienced players - 2 B honest, shouldn't play dso at all!

    Why - well, when you know that you have to farm (RL pandan for training), to be better, til then, You will try to beat elders with skill , run and gun etc.

    This scenario is from the beginning and now ...

    In the same time true and false statement, that's all I can say ...
  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    But this change won't bring back level 45 pvp, though

    It won't be balanced like it was back then, and dwarves will be dominant
  19. shovan

    shovan Forum Apprentice

    Exactly my friend. I agree 100% with you. But it should be seen by everbody and to know where the problems are. The patch won't solve the problems But it will show everyone where the problems are and i hope Bp will make change afterwards. After the classes are balanced (Hopefully) i dont think anybody have problems with pvp with gears and stones etc....
  20. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    The problem in everything is that before we actaully had a limit in terms of improvement.
    They are removing jesters because indeed they dont want ppl o get stuff for free.....
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