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  1. Ömer

    Ömer Forum Greenhorn

    Hello dear bigpoint team;
    I have been playing your game for about 10 years (including the Greg period) until the PVP countries are closed. I stopped the game from the moment you turned off tp taking over 6 levels. Other than that, my friend left the game. And the money we invest in drakensanga is immeasurable. ? This is my only goal. I don't want to leave the game. :)
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  2. MaWliCe

    MaWliCe Forum Greenhorn

    Hello guys. I wanted to express my frustration regarding the drop rate on q7 weapon and q7 cloak. I mean yeah it is a pretty rare weapon to get but not this rare. For at least 3 months now I am trying every single day to farm q7 several times and the weapon did not drop. I know it's a very powerful weapon hence the drop rate, but considering that 6 or 7 months before you could buy all the uniques from parallel with materi that makes me really upset. I mean yeah ok, remove the merchant no problem there, but if the uniques are all dropable then increase the rate of it. And one more thing regarding the Content Expansion. We all have seen that we will need to reach lvl 60, but what about the equipment? Do we need to farm all the uniques again lvl 60 for better stats or is it like lvl 60 now where we only need to upgrade the items with glyphs?

    Thanks in advance and hope you reply! :)
  3. NSDT-returns

    NSDT-returns Someday Author

    The extension should be a level 60 extension which mean glyphs would go probably to 65 (except if they decide to extend it to more than +5 levels).
    It means you are likely to farm a weapon (and rest of the stuff) again since glyphing a 55 item to 65 will likely be between 500Million and 2Billion glyphs each (4times more for weapon), which is much more than the current 25Million per item / 100 Million for the weapon.
    Of course glyphing 60 to 65 will be much cheaper, probably under 50M per item (the cost of glyphing a level is much higher for an already glyphed item)

    About droprate, the cloak droprate is awful (prob 0.2-0.6%), but weapon droprate is low but ok-ish (around 1%).
    Basically just farm q7 the higher mode you can fast farm it (less than 7-8 minute/run) and use your materi to tp in mode1 (to get a gold line) or mode6-7 (to get a good tier weapon).
    The old buying system was easier but kinda stupid (you just farmed a few hours materi and got carried in inf4 once and poof you "earned" your weapon ...). It's better as a drop since it's a UNIQUE weapon and it needs to have some rarity.
  4. JohnWick

    JohnWick Junior Expert

    Yes, you bought the gun, but how many were worth it, 1 in 100 ??? 200??? If I gathered all the stuff I spent buying weapons right now I could buy the missing augmentation cores to upload all my tier 8/9 gear to 10.

    Buying the weapon was fine by the time you got to level 55, doing piecework until you got together to buy the weapon or set high tier and asked someone from the clan to help you buy them at the end of Q.

    Now not only is it not for sale, but since the lives, damages, resistances, abilities, etc. of the final bosses changed, it is practically impossible for a single game to lead you to high difficulties 100 times so that (with sooo luck) you will fall weapon.

    For my taste and my humble opinion, they went from one extreme to the other, from being easy to go to hell and being able to buy so that it is almost impossible and you cannot buy it, I think that an intermediate point would be much better for everyone
  5. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Forum Veteran

    To the last few posts.... Augment cores are you friend.

    I'm working on an amulet from T2 to T8 (currently at T6) and have a weapon adorment T3 to upgrade and pauldrons T3 to upgrade, and a herald weapon T2 to upgrade and a herald gloves T2 to upgrade and Belicose boots T6 to upgrade....

    Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of cores. :(
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  6. glod-glod

    glod-glod Forum Greenhorn

    When will the arena be fixed!? This is just a mockery!!! Can it be made clear to developers that the same players in the group do not allow others to play in the arena? They form groups and don't let you play. For 2 hours, they were not allowed to win once - only they won all the victories. If you don't believe me, you can view their logs (how many times they won and how many times they lost). And this is not a special case, it happens every day, not only do they walk backwards, sideways, so they use third-party programs, which is prohibited by the rules of the game, but the developers ignore, allow dishonest players to win again and again. I can provide videos and images that clearly show that the game is not fair. Why do developers ignore and kill the arena? Is it really impossible to cancel the preliminary grouping of these players, why can't all the players in the competition be evenly distributed (without groups)?! And better, I invite developers to the arena and want to see how they will play, when in one party (in a group) some strong players, and in the other all the rest (weak and those who even went to it accidentally). And this is not a one-time situation, it happens every day.
  7. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Connoisseur

    Its been ages since the devs actually cares about what we say. They dont give a damn. I keep playing against hackers in pvp and if i chat with them they will of course deny it, like i dont know that they use hacks. Its sad but they thought last ban wave was great? Now there are even more cheaters ruining everyones gaming life not to mention that they dont fix anything, the crappy events, the horrible drop rate of everything, all the grind with 0 reward. Stupid patches that offer nothing but more grind. Its incredible how much these devs want to get paid but they offer nothing to those who want to pay them. You want our money? Make the game great and we will. You expect us to pay for things that wont benefit us at all? One example, for stupid 200 realm frags + 10 keys of defeat( i think) you ask for 7 euros. You kidding me? Who would do that? You think we are amoebas or what? If i bring a 4 year old kid, he wont be fooled by things like that. You devs are ridiculous and you think we are apes that just came down from the trees. Sorry but we are smarter than you and thats why some of us never payed and also almost stopped playing this game because you make our exprerience shitty. You can ban me for flaming you, you can edit my comments but you know its the truth and truth hurts.
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  8. Dampfxaoc

    Dampfxaoc Forum Apprentice

    Are you serious? You come on GROUP arena WITHOUT a group, where TEAMS and GROUPS supposed to kill each other. You Влад81 give all your best to ruin parties you are in, and spoil the group game by your provocative behavior. That is why you are getting focused all the time by other players. Stop complaining.

    GROUP ARENA! Go 1 vs. 1 if you are too weak to play in goups or you dont have any. There are tonns of video showing how to move-and-hit with other words "to flex", from the word "flexibility", moonwalk, using mouse and 2 buttons! Oh i see you called it "macros". You have no idea what you are talking about, just being lazy to practise and to improve your skills. Complains - that is your choice.
  9. -LuDoS-

    -LuDoS- Forum Greenhorn

    It gives me error number 3 and it always stays on the white screen while passing from map to mape.

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