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Dear forum reader,

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  1. mariusmgm

    mariusmgm Someday Author

    guys,dev team dont care about your opinion,was a better dev team leader the guy who was kicked at lvl 45,this team,be carefull,if you say something that they dont like will block you,soo dont bother with them
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  2. Xelsynna

    Xelsynna Forum Greenhorn

    I have too much lag in game how can i fix it
  3. Lebreht

    Lebreht Forum Greenhorn

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  4. Aeneas

    Aeneas Forum Apprentice

    I've got some things on my mind I want to say or maybe suggest, hope I'm in the right section of this forum:

    From testserver video I saw, it's good to see the developers are actually thinking about making the progress with gems a lot easier especially for new players. (That's finally a really good idea)

    But I don't know how is it gonna be with other drop stuff such as:

    1. Wisdoms
    Okay, firstly let's just pat the developers on their backs for fixing the bugg of dropped stack amount of wisdoms. But what I still don't get is why did they higher the max lvl to 300 or 400 (Idk), when the drop rate is still low and it's hard to make even 1 lvl. I'm not saying that I want to make in my case from lvl 196 to max. in like 2 weeks, but anyway I'd say the drop chance, mostly from mobs, definitely should be raised, make it to something like it was before DL expansion and you'll never see me complaining about this again.

    2. Infernal Passages
    Same goes with this. Do you really think players will farm 3-4 hours for just 40 passages? No, thank you! If at least it drops from EVERY MINI BOSS --> 2in1 and EVERY FINAL BOSSES like in PARALLEL WORLDS or DUNGEONS --> 4in1. !!!TAKE INTO INTEREST THAT THOSE PASSAGES CAN'T BE OBTAINED ANY OTHER WAY!!! I know a lot of old players have them in thousands (but that doesn't mean everyone does) and I know we don't have to pay for bloodshed as much as we did before for inf 4 (from 140 to 10/15 - which is really great) but the drop chance and stack of this item is still low in spite of what bloodshed map requires.

    3. Soul stones
    I've mentioned this like a week after DL content was released and I'll mention it now as well, because nowadays everyone dies quite often and these little things are very useful here. I know old players can cover for years with them and it's fine that others can buy them in shop for andermants, but also andermant drop chance isn't that high to buy whatever players want. So I suggest to developers to make a chance for these things to drop from mobs and also from random chests on every map, by that I mean the same drop system for this as it was before DL expansion (so basically said not some new hard special work to do here, right?).

    4. Realm fragments
    Again I pat the developers on their backs for fixing bugged amount of dropped stack. But I think there's still a little low drop chance from mobs anyway, it's good when the stack is now 3in1 or 4in1 (what I saw) in higher difficulties, but would be even better if I'll see these stacks a bit often lying on the ground.

    I'm pretty sure this doesn't bother just my mind and I guess every older good player in this game knows what other players appreciate too.

    Eventually I want to say that I wrote this mostly because IN MY OPINION THERE'S LACK OF DROP STUFF ESPECIALLY OF KINDS I MENTIONED UP THERE AND I ALSO THINK THAT IT IS VERY IMPORTANT nowadays due to unfinished pvp balance, so the only thing players can do in this game is to go farm, but they still DON'T WANT TO WASTE THEIR IRRETRIEVABLE TIME OF LIFE JUST FOR SOME CRUMBS. I know that developers are working on some other stuff and they have their own goals to reach, but this to me feels like the most important right now.

    I also hope that I wrote this message unnecessarily and everything will be improved in R246. But as I know how it works here, everything won't be fixed and better in just one release. (Just hope for the best)

    Thanks for reading, have a nice day!
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  5. Souhunter

    Souhunter Forum Greenhorn

    some one Can tell me how to activate New quest to un lvl i am lvl 55 i comeback to dso changed i dont know what to do --' pls help
  6. panika011

    panika011 Forum Greenhorn

    Are there any representatives of the game sitting here who can convey something to the developers? or are there purely players? There is just a problem with the game. I play through the game center my.games (from mail.ru), about there the game is only in 32 bit version. Wrote in support of mail, their response was as follows:
    We can support the release of a similar version of the game on our platform, but for this the developer must submit the necessary files to the game client itself.
    In the current version of the client, unfortunately, there are no such files and we cannot report them on our own (only files for x86 are available [EDIT]
    For this reason, as we said earlier, you need to contact the developer directly. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
    So, is it possible to provide them with a 64-bit version of the game? it is impossible to play on 32 bit. constant crashes and errors. And if you go to Kingsheal, then immediately take off. Naturally, there are problems with the passage of all shares, since many are important precisely through kingsheal. Tips for cleaning DSO folders and stuff like that - by. What I just didn’t do, except that I didn’t install Windows. Even in the mail through the cloud I played and it was thrown out with the same error.
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  7. Anyki

    Anyki User

    From my understanding after discussion with other moderators, mygames works like a browser so it's not possible to have a 64 bit version, and it's not possible to change it from the 32 bit version.

    As for requesting the developers to support a 64 bit version... well, that is entirely up to their discretion. I cannot speak for their decisions, but I have already done what I could.
  8. panika011

    panika011 Forum Greenhorn

    No, you are wrong, mygames does not work as a browser. It also downloads the game through the client. It works as a browser only if it is launched by subscription in the cloud (such as GeForce new). Otherwise, this is the client.
    Is it possible to transfer an account to an official client?
  9. Anyki

    Anyki User

    You will have to contact support to inquire if that is a possibility.
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