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  1. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    Maybe forums contests from all countries should have prizes on contests characters full equiped on test servers.
    Conditions to join the contest will be to have account on TS and to have more than 5 posts on forum last month. Also thinghs "like t-shirts, mugs, posters" will be mich apreciated.
    This way you will have a better feedback on test servers from people that care about the development of this game.
    I, m happy that BP open his mind and comunicate with players.
    More suggestions will come from us and i hope the best ones will be implemented.
    Now as i can see there are many players that care about the development of PvP to be honest this PvP and friends are the two thinghs that kepp me in this expensive and time consuming game.There are much cheaper alternatives like D3 or PoE but with no PvP arena games so in my opinion there is no end game just endless farming and i dont like that.
    After the new skils change i think you must make greups enter first in arena and because the comunication will grow you must grow the maximum number of players in guilds at 100.
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  2. fuzball15

    fuzball15 Someday Author

    as i can see my question was not answered about the q7 set that has .... up the game so much players with 5 years + farming killed with 1 shot you think this is the way to go with pvp is it, im a grand marshal and never seen it so bad player hitting me 100k with q7 set. there is no skill in this, maybe this question is to hard to answer or your to proud to say you made a mistake with this set. i like to know the reason why now pvp is 1 hit and your answer to this current situation in pvp and the q7 heros running around drakensang regards steve
  3. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Thanks for the reply..and yes, the majority definitely will be against a new lvl cap.Imagine if you increase it again....every change you did to the game balance that was meant to assure a more fair gameplay for all would be for nothing..we will have to start from almost 0 yet again..farm all the uniques yet again, farm and craft legendaries to transfer on the uniques again...Who would want to start from almost 0 every 1 or 2 years and have all his hard work wiped out in a flash?You can still add a new expansion and increase the number of maps /continents/parallel worlds without having to increase the lvl cap.Its not a must to increase the lvl cap with every new expansion.

    Also regarding the balance:

    Ty for that.1 mil dmg with a skill that requires no mana when q7 buff is active.With every new infernal mode that is released this will get more and more out of hand.Imagine how pvp looks if something like this happens in PvE.Having maxed items and latest gems can still get you 1hitted with that skill.You should make all the gems free because obviously theres no point in investing in them anymore.1m dmg..not even the tank-iest of them all tanks cant survive a hit.
  4. kavekanis

    kavekanis Forum Apprentice

    Why is it still allowed that classes of magician and ranger are discriminated and do not have space in groups like the others?
    Before answering that this is not correct or that it is just my impression I ask you to watch the game chat for 10 minutes or 20 and you will see the great discrimination that exists
  5. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Any Q7 buff must be triggered by another skill and if you got caught by that skill and you weren't wise enough to run away utill the buff was active you well deferver the loss/death.
    Q7 sets, other than SW one, is mainly a PvE set and give marginal bonus in PvP.
    If ANYONE is hitting for 100k dmg that's not the set itself but the massive dmg potential they got from T5 equipment which made extremly easy to stack 80% crit rate outside infernal modes (therefore also in PvP).

    I'm not against any lvl increase.
    None of my crafted equipment was lost nor lost it's potential (I had the chance to use em for further crafts or to transfer em).
    The only thing that touched me was the impossibility to get the max out of my pure DMG lines items (that I never really used because the total DPS boost was so neglectable I already dismissed em before the upgrade) and the fact I had to farm again the uniques, which was basically irrilevant as I got em while normal farming events I would have farmed anyway (the only difference was I had some less gliphs because I actually used those items).
    When a lvl cap increase makes everything easyer it's always wellcome.

    Now the real question: where are gone the "balancement" you were proposing? Noone liked em but we all know there will be a changement coming in the dwarf class, can you sneak peek the matter?
  6. Galvard

    Galvard Forum Mogul

    Why is it still allowed that class of Steam Mechanics are discriminated and do not have critic damage on their main strong skills? SM have a lot of slow skills, they are slow in killing on PvE maps and in PvP too.
    SM have a some unusable or bad bonuses on their sets. Mages or rangers have better bonuses on some their sets.
    For example: Sigrismmar set or Grimmag set.
  7. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    You do realise that if lvl 60 happens then all your current lvl 55 items will be obsolete right? Your lvl 55 items can maybe match up if u have enough glyphs to make them 65.Every item than you crafted might be lost because you dont know what items will be good after lvl 60.For instance before lvl 55, the q7 set was pathetic and now everyone is using it because its maybe one of the best ingame.If you keep in mind that u cant revert any of the unique to leg craftings then you will have to start again with the crafting and transfer them legendaries onto the uniques that will be great at lvl 60.So technically, pretty much every item loses its potential once a new lvl cap comes if u cant revert the unique to legendary craft and if the sets that are great now like q8-q7-q4 will su ck after the new lvl cap.
  8. xmasholo

    xmasholo Forum Apprentice

    @Fugnuts are you a troll? or really too noob to not notice that the ranger is using PW buffs

    I was trying to find videos about strong rangers characters and i found this, which is a full royal with ability to do infernal solo

    But what happened to this same ranger in pvp?

    was treated like a toy and humiliated ..with almost no chance to win
    this is the real unbalaced actually.
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  9. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    No, I do not realize this because it's not what happens.
    Every time there is cap raise you will be able to transfer the current enchantments onto a new item with an higher tier therefore you won't lose any crafted item and they will become onsolete only once they release new equipments with better bonuses which isn't related in anyway with the cap raise.

    All of this without mentioning that crafting and getting unique items is way easier than before.

    If they will release a craft to revert uniques to legs it will be even more easier in the meanwhile, I'm already stocking crafted legs ready to be tranferred onto new equipment.
    Raise cap can scare only the ones that aren't correctly planning their progression in the game.
  10. bloodyneo

    bloodyneo Forum Master

    what about dying server like tegan???....waiting all day for 5v5 thats never start..server is realy dead empty
  11. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Check my suggestion regarding inventory sorting into "bags" in the creative corner section:
    Perhaps it might help with space and inventory management.

    Anyway, as for the upcomming features,
    I'm quite excited that BP want to add more kinds of craftable consumables and such, it will definitely make the game more interesting.

    The addition of new skills and talents that will probably be support focused to make each party member valuable for the rest of the team, is awesome. I always imagined it'd be just perfect if for example mage could heal others within a certain reasonably large radius - for example.
    Perhaps ranger could have some sort of support skill to temporarily enhance the party's attack speed or something along those lines.

    Group leaderboards is something that I've been waiting for for a long time. Having to do PW on my own in order to get the prize, is quite boring and on the other hand too muh of a challenge sometimes.

    New expansions bringing new level caps are always kind of controversial, mainly among old DSO vets who have spent hundreds of hours farming and crafting their powerful dream gear that may become obsolete with a new level cap, but for regular players expansions are usually pretty exciting. I'm not really saying that new level cap is cool or necessary, but I'm not sure if it's so bad either. Personally I don't really care that much :]
  12. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Here is a nice question to the devs: How much longer will you allow dks to have 150k hp, max crit, max block, and like 8k dmg with 1h weapons and see them deleting even the best of the best players in arena? is this how it should be? because as far as i know if other classes change to 1h and shield they will never have a chance to kill a 150k hp dk. Not only you allow them to have 200% max increased dmg on 1 h weapons with goes really high with all the buffs from the increased dmg, but you also give them sick critical rate on these weapons making it easier for them to get max crit and with shield they add crit dmg runes and the dmg goes super high. If you wanna make a tank class, make them only tanky not also deal sick damage.How about removing reducing the % dmg on their weapons and removing the crit too? That would be a nice start, but even that is not enough
  13. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Man, BP are well aware of balancing issues. It's been a topic for years, I believe. The only way how to balance classes is that one class is hit point focused and dmg restricted, and another class is dmg oriented and HP restricted etc. You can just restrict max values on DK's weapons... Honestly I have no idea why it is such a problem to do but apparently it is :/
    Let's talk about the letter, though, and not about balancing, it's tedious.
  14. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    My point was not to talk about balancing . I just made this question to the devs so that maybe they will do something about such an annoying, fully annoying, abuse of a build. thats all son
  15. Oh don't bother mate, I tried my best to convince this guy who admitted that he never played a Ranger but it appears he just has pure hatred towards us. Do yourself a favour and ignore him. He won't stop complaining about Rangers even though they're literally the most nerfed class. Sad.
  16. fab

    fab Advanced

    Since no pots is allowed in the arena AND why dks still able to regen 2-3k per sec and its as good as consuming pots.
    Their immunity is completely ridiculous going into sw singularity without any effects on them, using stun charge again and again like rangers blade dance while doing damage and avoiding damage as well, not forgetting that most dks got tons and tons of hp like ( 120k - 150K ) hp.
    In their pve their grimm boss is also a mage and he's so crazy OP in terms of fire damage and what happen to players mages their fire damage cant even compare to rangers EA or dks smash, the afterburn 3 secs is just a mere 90% and can be remove.
  17. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    Every class can op and being a dk I have most trouble with mages. No way most dk's tanks have 120-150k lol. I am a good dk with about 75k hp lol. Also going against what I am pointing out. The
    Re are tanks of 160k+ hp. When in 5vs or 6v6 a dk carrying flag usually encounters more the one age and the that can easily catch dk in singularity. Good luck finding some one to carry flag without any regen.
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  18. fab

    fab Advanced

    We are talking about max lvl character and not lvl50 or lvl54 dks.
    What make dks so special , spellweavers ,rangers they don't regen like dks does and they still could carry flag and they doesn't have so much hp like dks and the big problem now is do they regen hp or do they have so much hp like a dk has, the actual answer is no.
    Is that a big joke from you Bp, dks on the other hand can choose whether choose high damager or a defense tanker mode , rangers dish about at least 3-4 x more damage than spellweavers, sm on the other hand can do really high damage and running around.
    I not saying that all spellweaver damage is bad but bp is giving spellweaver a good skill BUT its like a skill with more effort putting in while using that skill, the skill should explode upon contact and not a short and fix range.
    The skill frozen sphere should travel further and faster and not uber slow
    Fireballs doing 110% which is really bad and afterburn is only a puny 90% that can be removed and sometimes they don't activate AT ALL !
    Grimmage boss is a true damager mage, but players mages is just a sick mage which is suffering from coughs and flu coz their skill singularity disappears about 5% most of the time and bp didn't fix that for from far as I know and its about 4 years max
    This is the lamest game I ever played in so much mmorpg games,
  19. fab

    fab Advanced

    This trend has been going on since the day I played this game , dk is so used to being an OP for almost 5 years now and when their candy is taken away from them they will threaten to leave the game
  20. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Instead of an essence bag, how about adding one more digit to the essence storage for the slots in inventory (99999), and keep the 9999 on the two quick slot spots?
    That way, we could hold the approximate equivalent of 10 essence quick slot in one inventory slot.

    To the same extent, it would be nice if either 1) all green essence drops are of the level for the character instead of the map, OR 2) green essences could be combined at a 2 for 1 to the next level up of green essence.


    Next item I'd like to address, items that are higher level than the player. While I now have 1 character at level cap, I've 3 that are not. It's frustrating dealing with inventory that is completely greyed out and you have to wait on each piece to popup description to find out if you are going to melt or sell it. Please, enable background color on items that are above a characters level. Keeping the border grey, and the item picture grey is enough indication that a player can't use the item, and the background will help speed up the process of "clearing inventory" while in a group.
    This "all greyed out" problem has in the past make me sorry I was playing with people higher level and not wanting to burden those of level lower than myself. Thus much of my development, I've tried to only play with other toons the same level as me.
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