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  1. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    DK's aren't overpowered so much as they have a different apparent power curve dependent on whether they can get to the ranged characters before they suffer too much damage. Once the defensive stats and travel speed gets high enough to close the distance relative to the opponent in time, the DK should be able to fight.

    It's pretty obvious from your previous posts that you've using a very limited set of pvp tactics and not adjusting.
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  2. fab

    fab Advanced

    Totally invalid from what you said from here, can you kindly explain or pls the developers tell us any reason why dks are so special the only class which can change from a defensive class to a high damager class while using the immunity skill and mighty swing with 200% physical damage.
    They spam their immunity inside sw singularity makes sw skills totally useless against an OP skill which dks possess, even with rangers EA cant penetrate their 8 secs OP skill of theirs and they got tons of hp, block as well.
    Dks using stun charge doing damage and avoiding damage as well and not forgetting their rage jump too, they spam it in 5v5 again and again ( like rangers blade dance )
    If you are saying that my tactics is wrong , can you kindly tell us your tactics since sw got the only escape skill which cooldown is 10 secs and dks just needed 2-3 secs with immunity together with smash will get the job done clean and neat.
    Now their shield comes with crit enchantments and they got tons of armour blocks hp, whats more annoying is they still can heal while running around when their hp gets low.
    Even sw using the strongest skill they possess is 500% destruction or meteor 400% does nothing but a few thousands on them and they got about at least minimum 110k - 130K hp.
    Ice sphere got a fix range and short and doesn't explode when came in contact, when doing grimm boss using icesphere almost close to death when the boss starts to explodes fire damage.
    Dks players knows that they got the upper hand as sw singularity is useless against their immunity and they spam it again and again.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    PvP gear is not even option.
    Every player's goal is to get good as much possible gear in PvE so it can be more competitive in PvP.
    If you introduce special PvP gear you can count this game dead officially.
    Not a single player will play there especially those who are putting big money in the game. They invest money not just because they love the dev's work but because they want to advance ... simple as that.
    Those who say I will play with same gear as any other player (that have crappier gear in terms of items, gems, runes ... etc) are lying ... PvE is the reason to play so you can be competitive in PvP.

    As for the wisdom tree there is simple solution (simple in words not so simple to make):
    Divide the Wisdom tab in two sections | PvE | PvP |
    The same tree as of now remains in the PvE section ... the new one goes to PvP section.
    You don't have to make complex long skill tooltips because it will confuse the players ... the solution would be simple: skill's/item's tooltip is showing information based on what Wisdom tree the player have selected (players can change between PvE and PvP tree only to get visual insight but the effect remains intact). There will be no change ... the PvE tree is the Default one (players can't change them or forget to change them when going PvE after already went to PvP and vice versa) the PvP tree is active only when entering the official arena.
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  4. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Not so. It is not every player's goal. It is not my goal, thus "Every player's goal.." is a false statement.

    My SW has, I don't think, ever set foot into a PvP arena. Has 0 points. Has no interest at all, even for a clover (its just not worth the time it would take for 1 clover - maybe for 10 clovers, on a saturday, when I had nothing else in life to do but play, which is only a couple Saturdays a year.
    My DK tried the most, but has done very little compared to everyone else that plays there.
    My SM dabbled a little, a very long time ago (2015? start of 16?)
    My R also has never went there. Has 0 points.
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  5. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Hm, not my goal either. But I'm sure many people have priority in pvp.
    Imo it reduces the whole pve part to mindless farm. Events reinforce this because events are pretty much just mindless farms. Oh damn you, mmo genre AKA farming simulators.
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  6. fab

    fab Advanced

    Stop those rangers skill doing blade dance to avoid damage and damage as well !!!
  7. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Yes yes good idea. remove more stuff from rangers and turn them to blank paper. Why dont you suggest next time that they remove all rangers skills completely? You really have to think deeper before talking or writing because apparently many of the stuff that you are writing are total nonsense son
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  8. kraken

    kraken Forum Apprentice


    So, I have to reply to this, as for sure being forced to play PVP with a given gear, will definitely kill the gameplay for me and perhaps for many players, especially for old ones. The only reason I go to PVE is to get better and better gear for PVP and if my hard earned gear from PVE will not be available for PVP I will simply move to other games which I've played in the past and where years of break don't cost you anything beside skill.
    But, you may have a possibility, if you really want to satisfy a larger player database: give only as an option specific PVP gear, like it was done during first Helios Event (btw, where the hack has this event disappeared ?); some players, newer players maybe will use it.

  9. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    I support this, if my goal was to have a good PvP I wouldn't have played this game, there's so much better out there and most E-sport PvP games base everything on the fact that you can't improve your PvP equipment outside PvP (most of them don't even let you use equipment just to prevent the P2W).
  10. fab

    fab Advanced

    Why rangers always got free skills without the need to consume concentration, herald spam for 2 secs free for at least 4 EA since bp reduce it to 2secs and why not sw got free skill without the need to consume mana
    Do you want to see how a ranger that does only damage N not receiving damage at all doing blade dance, if you want I would try to record it and show how a ranger that only does blade dance and scatter shot in pvp, and remember scatter shot only does 60% physical damage and bleeding as well and its almost like 98% sure hit like sw frost wind, x2 , x3 and even x4.
    You don't see much players using a sw complaining coz they have long ago quitted playing or change to another character, why don't you play a sw and see how pathetic it is.
    I guess the real glass cannon is rangers and dks, tell us which sw can hit nearly 2 million of damage in just a few secs using EA skill
    Even sw using the best destruction does maybe 500k damage but the cooldown for that is 60 secs, what you quote is pure nonsense as well.
    With faster farming rangers, dks and sm got the upper hand to get their best gears by doing more runs and why don't you play a sw invest loads of time and money then end result is just a weak and squishy toon
  11. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    I'd rather have that slot free for some loot, besides some of us have lots of ess and 1-2 slots wouldn't be enough even if the storage was increased :( Hopefully, the Dev will agree to make an essence bag.
  12. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    SW have skill that do not consume mana, one even regenerates mana, but i guess with your class suprematist victim complex you can't really see the advantages of SWs

    Also, i read this thread. Is it true that they are planning to release a new expansion in early 2018?
  13. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Yes, it's mentioned in the development team letter in the section concerning plans for early 2018.
  14. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    I, personally (a single player :) ), will pay a 40-100 andermants entrance fee per match for an arena mode in which everyone has the same gear/strength, just for the fun of playing fair and equal tournaments without having to invest years of farming and/or thousands of dollars/euros first, "to be competitive"...
    Winners could e.g. get free arena tickets.

    Old players who like the PvE farming competition could continue to play the current arena modes (or OpenPvP, for that matter). Introducing new modes without gear or with PvP-only gear doesn't necessarily have to mean abolishing the old ones.
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  15. flodder

    flodder Regular

    Why is the drop rate from ander so low after release 196 .. bc of this? (Daily Deal
    Your “Daily Deals” will grant additional rewards whenever you spent a certain amount of Andermant). in PW after 1 run i got 21 ander :(
  16. LukeSkywalker.

    LukeSkywalker. Forum Greenhorn

    I play a DK and if everyone has the same gear...how would a DK kill a SW, RA or SM?
    A DK wouldn't be able to reach the other class's doesn't matter toons lvl+unlocked skills...
    ...SW = ice missile+fire ball...
    ...RA = green arrow+precision shot...
    ...SM = oil slick+automated turrets...
    ...also SM would became undefeatable (unless the person doesn't know how to play a SM)

    There is a very easy n' simple solution to solve PvP and make it fair for all, but BP doesn't want to implement it due to revenue issues.
    Also if BP had any interest in solving PvP and doesn't know how(which i doubt it)...they could had asked the community ages ago(why have't they?).
  17. Armando

    Armando Forum Connoisseur

    In the same way they do now, with 2-h weapons and 3 different stuns...
    I firmly believe that it is possible to balance classes in a way that a skilled DK has a chance to land a (groundbreaker or charge) stun on any ranged class and then get in an infight that most other chars would lose...

    What I meant with "same gear" is that no one will have any specific set bonuses, 4x gold enchantments etc. Each char of any specific class would have the same strength and the same amount of points to distribute. It would not mean you cannot put more emphasis on damage, defense or runspeed, necessarily - there could still be room for a fair system with some specialization and adaptation, in spite of equal preconditions for everyone.

    Well, they have been focusing on PvE for the past 2 years or so (at least).
    Now they say they will rebalance the classes first (which may also address your first concern) and then put some more focus on making PvP great again in 2018.
    If they really live up to their seemingly good intentions, the community may have a word in how they will tackle that.
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  18. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Firstly, id like to thank you for replying with another nonsense here and you proved once again what a noob you are and that you know nothing about other classes. At the very least, i have played all classes(and a ton of rpg games) and i can tell which is strong and which is not, because my char is strong both in damage and defense so i can tell if the enemy is strong because of his class or just his build.

    To begin with, mage was my first class and i know all there is to this class. You dont even know that destruction does 750% dmg with the skill tree points. Secondly, even in blade dance you recieve damage, but i guess you are blind and dont see that you dont take damage for some time not for all blade dances duration.
    Furthermore, i would like to advice you to not start talking about other classes skills when you have no idea what you are saying. The only class that does bleeding is dk. Scatter shot bleeds only with q4 old lonbow and the new one.

    I also laughed alot when i read"rangers dont consume con for skills and mages do". Good one, i admit it. Dude, are you really serious here?The only worth mentioning skill rangers use without needing con is ea and that is really good mainly in pve because in most pvp modes, good luck hitting the net.Lets have a look at mages now. Q8 set spam ice missile forever,0 cost, sick damage and it also kills anyone who tries to take a step closer to the mages. Should i also mention the 10 cost fireball mana, which is like no cost, with q7 set? Should i mention that mage is the only class that 2 of their skills( fireball and ice missile) do both physical and elemental damage?Should i also mention that most of pvp players i see are mages and most of them are doing great job. If you suck as mage, its your problem not the classes, because from what im seeing the only part mages have some issues is pve, because its not a class made for solo play i guess, especially vs bosses.
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  19. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Some crafting bugs/questions:

    1. For DK and Ranger equipment, crafting tooltips still show incorrect HP values. DK equipment has a 1.3 multiplier and Ranger equipment has a 1.1 multiplier on health points. But during crafting it doesn't show this. For example, if a DK equipment has 650 HP, it shows this as 500 HP. I know that this is only a visual bug, but quite annoying specially when you craft items with different levels (e.g. 53, 54, 55, 55)

    2. Why do only the damage values on Weapon adornment and weapons show golden lines as golden lines?
    The maximum damage values on other equipment does not show in golden color.

    3. Why does the minimum damage value on Weapon adornment and weapon does not show in golden color even when they are of the highest?

    4. Why do different equipment has different ranges for golden values? What is the logic for this?
    For example: Increased Critical Damage has golden lines from around 15.x% up to 18.x%
    while attack speed on gloves, damage on belts and torso doesn't show up 9.0x% values as golden lines.

    5. The other day, I was crafting a glove with green gloves level 53, 55, 55, 55. The second level 55 glove had a golden line of health about 1235. The resulting blue Glove level 54 which had that golden line when upgraded to level 55 had only 1185 health. They are all tier 0 gloves.
    Can someone explain to me how did that happen? How did that HP got lost after crafting then upgrading to level 55?
  20. ROOK

    ROOK Someday Author

    I cant see any "glass" in this cannon...
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