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  1. magicus

    magicus Forum Apprentice

    Glass Cannon and dwarfensang...lol
    When can dwarves also have some pvp chance?
    Look this screen for to see dwarves like are strong in pvp...
    We must w8 gennay 2029 for balance pvp?
    Why do I have to pve to become strong in pvp if then in pvp i have no chances?

    This is Spammagensang and not dwarfensang !!!
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  2. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    I know that could sound strange to the most but can we continue the 3D IN-topic ?
    I thought that this 3D was supposted to be created to ask things to the Dev Team and not a back and forth about nothing than flaming eachothers
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  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    You are not even casual player :p
    You just hit the cap level recently ... you don't have gear yet ... your gems are weak ...etc.
    You are playing this game since when? 1 year ... two years? For one or two years you are progressing very very slowly ... this game is not based on "one login per motnh players" ... sure, they are nice addition but the game spins around those who play and pay regularly.
    That is why those people are playing those games and these people are playing this one .... because they liked it for what it is. Any deviation and try copying the other games (which is present in many ways and many features) will not bring new players but it will force out the existing ones as well.
    Most of them ... if not all of them ... have PvP as priority (including me ... even though I am ignoring the arena for other reasons) .
    People are complaining every day ... "nerf this nerf that" ... "that class is OP ... my is not" ... "he killed me with one shot" ...
    now ... have you ever seen a player killed by another player in PvE?? I haven't :D
    That means PvP is priority ... and you get good in PvP via PvE.
    Armando ... i agree with you . BUT ... you are talking about something different. You are talking about a new tournament or new arena ... thay are not talking about that . They are talking about forcing everyone to play with same gear in all arenas/PvP modes.
    That is not acceptable.
    More over ... this game and the devs now have no more space for maneuvering ... one more mistake could mean good bye DSO.
    That is why they should be really really careful with this one.
    You better check your item again ... you can never get level 55 item if you craft it with even one level 54 item (1x 54, 3x 55) ... at least I can't. You will get an level 54 item.
    In that case ... if you are having level 54 item ... that means you lost x% of the enchantment value due to the item's lower level .
  4. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    The point is: fair PvP has his own rules and those rules are pretty much stratified so anyone that is looking for FAIR PvP will pretend em.
    The main rule, the basic one is: fair pvp will let ANY player to be competitive (as Armando said) this means that how much farm and how many money you've spent on the game won't impact much on the PvP.
    This is the most stratified and respected PvP environment and when I look for PvP I pretend this, nothing less than this, that's why, for what I've seen in over 25 years, PvP in Drakensang can't be a "decent" PvP scenario.

    Anyway this is not the point of the discussion, the point is, noone here, is legitimate to make generic assumptions like "everyone wants this and that" or "if you won't/will do this everyone won't accept it".

    Anyone here is legitimate only to give his HUMBLE opinion.

    If you want a PvP based on how much farm/money you spent on the game, you're more than welcome, probably you will get something like that on DSO (and probably you already got it); this doesn't mean that what you want is what everyone wants and what you want is the key for success... and, btw, stop calling anyone doesn't think like you "noob" because... moderators could do their job.

    That's not what he's talking about.
    He had an item lvl 55 downgraded to lvl 54 due to crafting, leveled back to lvl 55 with gliphs and the resulting base stats were LOWER that the ones the item had when it was lvl 55 and I can confirm this since I had multiple items (one exalmple is the weapon I posted in the crafting showcase thread) that got lower values and even when I lvled back the original item lvl with gliphs the base stats were lower than the original values.
    In that case I though it was due to the fact that TIER was lowered but, in this case, even the tier was the same of the original one so definatly it seems there's a difference if you "de-lvl" an item and then you lvl-up again.

    corrected time -> farm
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  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    My bad then ... i didn't read it well. In that case I know what he is talking about it happens all the time ... but I doubt it is a bug ... probably the system is working that way. Why? I don't know maybe because the stats are getting averaged at certain level withing certain brackets.
    Nothing in life is fair ... life is not fair.
    If you don't have information about many other players ... then you can talk only in your name.
    Take a look in the past ...
    Have they used bots to be stronger in PvE?
    Are they reporting each other every day for playing in PvE?
    ... etc.
    No ... PvP is the reason for everything .... PvP is the reason for playing PvE for maybe 90-95% of the players.
    Anyone who is turning blind eye on the facts is not seeing or don't want to see the truth.
    where do you see the word noob in my previous post? Noob is not even offensive word.
    If someone is offended by the word noob ... then s/he is a noob.
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  6. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Saved_81 has correctly explained what happened. The item was originally level 55 with 1235 health. It was downgraded to level 54 due to crafting and then it was again upgraded back to level 55 using glyphs. Now at level 55 it only has 1185 health.
    All the items used during crafting were tier-0 items. So, the difference is not due to some weird tier calculations.
    If you say it is not a bug, I disagree.
    It is a bug. At least if the dev's think it is not a bug, they should explain the crafting formulas so that the players are aware of what is happening.
    As far as I am concerned, I lost a good item. I am certainly not happy with it :(
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  7. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I didn't say it is not a bug ... i said "I doubt" ... which means could be or could be not.
    But then again ... we don't have any explanation on how the crafting or upgrading is working in terms of values.
    One example is upgrading 1H bow ... it has 2 damage values for both min and max damage ... and you have to use calculator so you can figure it out what is the actual damage at certain level.
  8. kraken

    kraken Forum Apprentice

    Hi again,

    As this is a pretty much important subject I have to give my humble opinion again. And unfortunatelly u are somehow wrong: "Fair" PVP - LOL, DOTA, Heroes of the Storm etc. So, let's see..."how much time ... won't impact PVP" - really?? Let's be serious. And what is really different in these kind of games compared to DSO? Ah, no PVP - well that explains all. And what else? Ah, every toon is different (in term of spells, which is only thing that matters) - well I think it explains better. There are dozens of them, not four. And unfortunatelly, time spent on playing these kind of games really matters...

    I came here from D3, played some PoE at the same time too - PVP is almost 0 at these games and the grind for better gear is there, in the same way more or less. And for that 0,1 PVP, there is a lot a grind from most of the players in those games. I strongly believe PVP should stay the way it is in terms of what kind of equipment/gems u bring to the table.

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  9. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    I disagree with this and I agree with Trakis points. The PvP will never be fair.
    Think about people who are disabled, think about people who are left handed, people who are color blind, people who are old who doesn't have the same reflexes as younger people but who can offset that by playing longer to accumulate better gear. So, when you say fair PvP, which you are describing as fair, will ever be fair only to a certain category of people. There will always be people who would consider it as unfair. As Traki has pointed out, life is not fair, PvP is not fair and it will never be, it can never make to be.
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  10. gun

    gun Forum Great Master

    Hi DSO Production Team,

    I prefer the Production team who talk to CM team about the FGD suggestion. At least this thread is the door that being opened for us.

    Below is what I think about & further suggestion about FGD.

    FGD candidates
    Feel free in any way you prefer in getting FGD candidates. Inviting in forum, social media or in private email.
    Certain data you might need:
    - Age
    - Server
    - Main class/classes
    - ..so on, anything to differentiate/subgroups of the candidates
    You would want as many as candidates as possible.
    From time to time you would know who are good or not in giving feedback. Who got specific skill sets in analyzing, math, formula, game design.. so on.

    Help FGD members to help you
    I'm sure once in a while you ever get annoyed by someone who ask with bad constructed question. And you ended up trying to construct their question in better way. So you can give best correct answer.

    For example in game:
    A: I have critical damage & hp on my ring. Which one si good for my character?
    B: What is the class you are playing?

    In forum:
    A: Please help me kill boss?
    B: Which boss? Which server you are playing? What is the name of your character?

    Until now A is you, the production team. The one who in need players help.
    In every update you rarely explain the motivation behind the update, what to test, what you expect in result, & let players to figure it out by them self.
    How do you expect to get best feedback if that is the way you ask for feedback?

    Help your self to help you
    Why would you want to ask every players. While what you would like are players who are dedicated, in good will & devoted to give the very best opinion on your updates.

    Some portion of feedbacks that we've seen are junk, off topic, miss leading, subjective. In social media already a daily routine we see negative engagement.

    Safe your time from all that are not necessary to be listen. In order for you to have more time to listen from all that are necessary to be listen & focus on that.

    By targeting on specific of players, you are helping your self to help you.

    Strength reduction
    If the QA team already overloaded by their job in inspecting updates. Use strength reduction concept.
    Share the some task to FGD members. Thus playing experience result may be more vary since playing behavior from each FGD member may also different. In the end more result being found in term of poor gameplay experience, bugs, unintended logic, bad mechanics..so on.

    Make the use test server in better way
    Separate test server for the use of development, FGD & public access. So there are at least 3 layers before update goes to live.
    Go ahead to develop updates in development server. Once you think it is ready for feedback, put it in FGD server.
    Select FGD members from FGD candidates to join and play the FGD server. I think it's also part of the QA team job to be communicative with FGD members in FGD server(See Strength reduction note above).
    If in your measurement the updates are not ready yet for public. Remove the update from FGD server, and back to development server to work for improvement.
    If in your measurement the updates are ready for public. Put it in to public test server. At this point you are ready for public feedback.
    If in your measurement the update are not ready yet for live. Discuss the public feedback with FGD members to get more point of view and help you to justify decision. If the decision is no go. Back to work in development server for improvement.

    Do this you have nothing to lose. You will see what is the different between the past, current and new system of gathering feedback in correlation of how should you deliver better update for players.

    Once you are sure that this system work as intended.. You might want to use trakilaki's idea of promotion to try to bring fresh players.
    And you can be proud once more with this, because you the ones who make it happen.

    Thank you very much for listening:)
  11. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    I knew many of you would have looked at the word "time" before I was able to correct it with the more appropriated "FARM".
    So the phrase would have been "how much time you HAVE FARMED or how many money you have spent".
    All the games you have listed don't let you abuse the fact you have empowered your equipment. Every game will start with you with the same potential of any other (with the exception of few stats you can improve and anyway give neglectable advantage).
    The main fact that makes the difference is how you are good to use the skills of your character.
    If you spent time improving your skills to use the character you will be better than others. No money, no farmed equipment.

    While the first one, correctly, totally gave up with PvP which is TOTALLY fine and the most correct choise to prevent endless whines, in the second one, there are PvP events in which, anyone starts with a brand new char lvl 1. The season will last x minutes/hours and, in that time, the one that gets more kills wins the ladder. The prices were always COSMETICS.

    Not only, many games with fair PvP have rock, paper, scissor (RPS) systems to prevent the domination of a class over the others (because there will always be another class that will be always and deliberatly stronger against another and the raise of that class will also always bring higher its natural counter). In this case, the devs, delibaratly chose that, no matter how strong you are, you will have someone that will start advantaged against you just because you are not meant to always win (and, to some extent, I definatly like this solution).

    The ones that don't like this system, just pretend to abuse players with less time to farm or less money to invest. This could be understandable as human kind likes to abuse the weaker. That's why my only request about PvP it's to make absolutly optional therefor removing it from dailyes and removing any benefit in PvE environment (make the BoH usable to buy cosmetic stuff that you can get only with PvP).

    As said, I'm not interested in this P2W PvP, I do have much better choises. If you want it, just let the others don't be forced to feed your ego.

    Let's bring the speech to a more a ground lvl and let's not speak about how hard is life. We are in a game and ppl created virtual life to escape from real one which has a nice graphic but crappy rules.
    In a game you are meant (or, at the very least, you are able) to make better rules than the ones you are forced to live with.
    There's an ELO system that will put you against ppl with your SKILL lvl that should mitigate what you said and ppl should be HAPPY to wait up to 5-10 minutes untill you get an appropriate opponent instead of 10-15 seconds wait to fight against the huber strong opponent.

    I suppose mods are the only ones that can give a final word on the matter, surely I know a lot of ppl that have been banned thx my reports because were using this word against me.
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  12. Cake

    Cake Forum Greenhorn

    Hi all! I have big problem with game,i found one bot user he is almost all time online ,he already made 13million points on leaderboards and move like a bot!I have one question. When will he get ban? I wrote for support some days ago but they still don't answer.
    I will send here the links from this person.I hope it's not problem.
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  13. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Read this last night and had a good laugh most of the evening. So, if most weeks of 15-25 hours of Game & Forum are not the "casual player", then what is? And what do you label me as?

    I'm getting there. All my equipped gems are Polished (most) or Radiant (some). The last two events I've seen a 6x drop rate of gems and it's very nice. I've probably had 50 bags of Tier 1 items and so far not a single one has been better than my non tier items. Eventually something good has to drop, doesn't it? I can't count the number of hours playing a lower level map trying to get a set piece to drop so that I'd be stong enough to do the next map, which leads into the problem of getting out of a set later on. Which leads me into:

    Hmm.. 2 years now. And I won't go into the 8 toons across 4 servers plus the endless creation/deletion of untold characters on Tegan trying to answer the question "what characters can you use in a name" trying to get names that are not "run-on sentence" violations.

    Dev's: We seriously need multiple caps and underscores in character names! One of my test character's name is " Youcantreadthis ". Most people would read that as " You can tread this", when in actuality it says "You cant read this". And you can't because the appropriate needed characters are not allowed. We should be able to write names in these ways: "YouCantReadThis" or "You_cant_read_this".
    My main character "Sirius8lack" is using an 8 in place of a capital b because it was the only way to make it work. What I wanted was "Sirius_Black" (or "SiriusBlack") without the "B" being shifted to a lower case. Having a mix of case makes many names much easier to read.
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  14. Sunlight

    Sunlight User

    Those contents have to be sent to the support. It is not allowed to publish them in the forum.
    This is a thread to write questions/suggestions for DSO future. If you have any question regarding bots, ask it. Reports are done with support ;)
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  15. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    The game currently has an ELO system, but do everyone likes it? Probably you, but not me. Do you think the current ELO system works? I don't think it works now, and I don't think it will ever work to satisfy every individual or even the most.

    What I want is when I register for a 5v5, I want a match and I want it immediately. I don't care who is up against me. I don't want to wait an hour or 10 minutes to find opponents of the same level as my strength (as to what the system think and mostly flawed anyway). I just want to play when I want to play.
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  16. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    -Somehow some idiots and noobs managed to make this also class war....please stop that.
    On my mind it is simple. OP chars (full glyphed, full gems, yellow lines on items) should have similar chance to kill each other on pvp(currently I believe that no one can kill DK(1h) on 1v1 with those stats). Only those level characters should be comapred and other whining should be ignored because...they do not know what they speak of.

    -On pve , OP chars should be able to kill end boss roughly on same pace(i.e SW,Ranger needs to jump and dodge more but in response they should do more dmg than i.e DK)(now on OP level chars DKs and SMs lead the way and this is wrong to my mind)

    -Please do not bring new levels unless you also provide cheap way to upgrade current gear. If I need to once again start doing everything from scratch...fkk it, the game is not that good.

    -In genereal game has actually developed . I give my respects to devs on that, but you guys should definitely play this more yourselves :) Maybe you need to bring it on GDD discussions.

    -Please remember that many of us actually like to play this game solo... even the highest difficulties. Do not fkk up the skills so that soloing would not be possible anymore. Otherwise I like the idea of for example new skills that would benefit group play. That way it is kind of easier to accept "weaker" players on group if they bring something usefull to gameplay
  17. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    I don't like it because it's too much "relaxed" infact I would make even longer queue just to prevent a duel against ppl with lower lvl than mine, lower/higher elo than mine, against the same player over and over and so on.
    So we agree that noone is happy but I'm much more open minded than you.
    I'd be pretty happy to see you have fun with this "brawl" (I can hardly call it PvP as it lacks of the basic rules of any eSport), it would be enough that ppl like me aren't bothered by this "brawlers".
  18. This proves that Traki is right. You're still new to the game. Why? You can actually get multiple capital letters in a name using alt codes.

    Anyways, out of all the problems in dso this is literally one of the least concerned one. Let's focus on things that are more important first.
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  19. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Please_enter_some_name: I've tried using alt codes. Any capital letter that has a corresponding small letter gets shifted to the small letter. So that doesn't prove Trakilaki correct. And a character name is very much an important part. If it wasn't the we'd all just have numbers instead.
    However, there are still parts of the game I've not gotten to, yes.
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  20. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    I'm wondering if DSO will ever redo the amphora key event, oh sorry, new moon event. Beyond the lousy progress, pitiful drop rate, and almost endless grind, this event has always been one of the worst in the game.

    Now I realize that you managed to make it worse during the last redo, but seriously, is there any hope at all that this event will become worth playing at some point in the near future?
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