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Dear forum reader,

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  1. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    I dont know what happens in the lower difficulties in terms of the drop rate of the uniques but in higher difficulties the drops were really nice for me. After 13 or 14 runs i had gotten 2 boots, 4 cloaks, 1 arrow and 1 weapon, which means more than 50% of the runs dropped a unique. As for the progress, in higher difficulties you can end it pretty much in 6-10 hours, depending on the difficulty(fatal or infernal), so its not that hard anymore. As for the quality of the items, they give mediocre stats, not bad, not op either.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    I am glad i made you laugh ... as it was a joke :p
    The point was ... some players are here for very long and spent countless of hours playing PvP . I personally got to level 40 (cap level at that time) in 2012 ... it took me a week or so ... and i knew nothing about the game at that time. I started playing PvP at level 40 ... I was beaten like a dog ... I was eating the entire dirt in the arena. Most of my friends walked the same road too.

    Let me tell you what PvP means to this game ... I will start with personal examples.
    - I smashed 3 keyboards so far playing arena ... right over my knee ... in half :)
    - Our guild has split apart because of the arena. We were never a guild where PvP was a main thing to play ... no ... we were more PvE guild. But everyone had desire to win in the arena ... if they didn't get easy win there was a fight ... if they didn't get in a group with stronger players there was a fight ... some people were starting playing with people outside the guild just because they could take them on their back in the arena and that way they could farm easy honor points , after all being a Marshal was a "must " back then.
    What do you think ... they were farming Khalys and Mortis for predator/starlight/cloaked wrath and Mortis' Mask just to beat Khalys and Mortis again ... but more easily? :D No ... The arena was the reason ... and still it is. You know predator/starlight/cloaked wrath in combination with Mortis' Mask ... ah such a great combo fit for a Marshal tough dude/ss it was. (not mentioning the midgets' items as the midgets are very young weird looking short fellows in this game :D )
    So after the break ... 20 new guilds have been created from our ex guild members ... their guilds had the same or similar fate as our guild. Most of them are not active anymore.
    And here i am today ... in the guild with only one more dude and our barely active guild master -Faeriequeen22- and my 45 other toons just to get the guild bonus :D. Last week I noticed our GM has passed on the mastership to me ... oh what a great joy ... i am now a Guild Master of my own toons :D . We left 2 active members in our guild because we were the only ones that were not playing the arena all day long and we always play with our friends no matter what guild we are in.
    The same is happening to almost all the other guilds.
    Why were people twinking so much? Because the arena.
    Why were people using bots? Because the arena.
    Why were/are people fighting and reporting after swearing at each other ? Because of the arena.
    So no one can tell me arena is not important because PvP is all ... PvP is everything in this game. People like to dominate the others in the arena ... they have to have better gear than the others. Take their motive out ... and they will stop playing ... simple as that. They won't play PvE because it would become meaningless.

    I agree with this one. Even though Please_enter_a_name is correct and there are ways to separate two ore more words (i am using Cyrillic script and Camel Case "TheChosenOne") ... however that is not an good option because the others can't type down your name in the search box and you would have a hard time finding groups/people to play.
    My ranger is named Karakurvonpickof (one less "f" because of the character limit) ... because there was no option to make it as it should - Karakur Von Pickoff .
    I have been reported to support many times because the other people thought it is something different especially in Polish, Czech and similar languages ... so i had to explain that neither i am of that origin nor my nick name is what they claim to be :D
  3. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    The post this came from up to this point is quite illuminating.
    However, I don't fall into the catagory. I really don't have any interest in PvP. Maybe, when I've beaten all there is in PvE and can solo everything with ease... maybe then I'll be interested in taking my SW to PvP.

    Not to say I've never done PvP... Long time ago, with first person shooters, I used to venture there a lot. Find people quaking in thier boots. The only third person play vs people that I enjoyed involved using a light saber. Lots of force to recken with in those games. Don't miss landing on the walkway cause it's a _long_ _long_ way down. ;)
    I've dabbled in the PvP here with my DK, and my original SW on Tegan (long ago deleted -2015, whom constantly died at the no-mercy of pretty much any other player), and my SM (whom proved that Agathon was a better place for drops than Tegan). Never got the hang of fighting dwarf style against others. Only ever regularly won with my Agathon DK.

    However, I digress. I do understand your point on PvP, and if that is what drives those to play the game, more power to them.
    And for all those who whine about being beaten by someone stronger, I say: buck up, shut up, work at improving yourself so you can try again, and stop trying to ruin it for everyone else by whining that "it's not fair". Life is not fair and at the end of the day, it is just a game, so stop and just enjoy it.
  4. DSO Production Team

    DSO Production Team Community Team Team Drakensang Online

    Thanks for your patience, here is the 2nd answer round. :)

    Hello there and thank you for opening this channel of direct communication between us- the players and yourselves- our Development Team. It was really needed. Few questions from me and my friends here if we may:
    We're glad that this new thread is so well received:) The feedback and questions are very useful and valuabale for our further development.

    1 ) Will you publish updated version of min-max Base Values for level 55 items of all classes please?
    As mentioned in our letter, we're currently reworking the current class balancing to improve to a more solid state. That being said, it's not impossible that we will also reconsider certain aspects of how equipment is working (in a user-beneficial way:) ). That's why we would like to ask you for a bit more patience in this regard. As soon as we fleshed out this a bit more, we're happy to share more information and also e.g. the base values.

    2 ) Following recent animation changes in character's skills, players notice/feel that they toons seem to be slower than before for. Will you publish updated Skills' Speed Breakpoints Tables for all classes please?
    The answer is actually the same as for your first question. We don't want to publish information that are about to possibly change in the near future. We understand the need for such values in order to optimize your gear and play style, but we don't want to push you into something that is not permanent.

    3 ) The pointer/ the cursor - would it be possible in future to have an option to change the colour of the pointer ( choice of 3 colours perhaps?) [...]

    We actually discussed options to change certain UI elements, such as the cursor, recently. We're not able to confirm that this is coming soon-ish, but we're definitely interested in adding some elements that could be customized.

    4 ) Many friends think that PW exit needs re-working
    We don't want you to lose your drops, so we will look into this as soon as possible.

    5 ) What are your thoughts on the following topic : Mass combining of gems
    This is a very good suggestion and we will definitel look into this. As we're currently reworking the actual workbench, we can't promise anything for a nearby release, but it's on our radar.

    6 ) Are there any plans to introduce a customizable auto-loot / auto pick up feature for all loot items in Drakensang Online?
    This is currently not on our roadmap, but if this is a desired feature, we can definitely talk about this.

    7 ) Infernal II has arrived to our world - are there plans to introduce Infernal III,IV,V,VI etc?
    Yes, this is the plan. There is no concrete rhythm that we can publish, but we will announce the release of new difficulties before they arrive on the live server :)

    8 ) Can you share with us how many more PWs are you planning to introduce to Drakensang Online ?
    As you know, the PWs are twisted parts of the actual world of Dracania that always end with an well know, but also twisted, boss fight. That being said, there are still some boss fights that are not presented in the Parallel Worlds. Is this answering your question? :)

    9 ) [...] why do we find only 7.3, 7.4,7.5% golden lines now?
    That is indeed an interesting behavior. Can you please give us some more information regarding this topic, such as:
    - How many people is “we” in this regard?
    - Has anyone included in “we” always the same experience?
    - + as many information as you can provide :)

    10 ) Many friends often asked about a possibility of re-working of the group tooltip [...] Players express their hope that in future they will be able to hide all the tubs in the HUD of Drakensang [...]

    As mentioned above, we're looking into possible options of changing certain UI elements in the future. Please bear with us, as this will definitely take some time. Thank you for the suggestions and feedback. We will bring this up again, as soon as we're starting to discuss this topic internally.

    It is quite good what you are doing, and also worry about the healthy balance of classes
    Something important to reach this balance is to add sets or also runes with reduction of the duration of the effects of stuns
    Is really annoying especially in pvp where there are some characters which can stun practically permanent due to the low cooldown that these skills possess

    We will reconsider the current talents and also think of new ways of adding more diversity to the possible character builds. We will put these concerns on our list. Please expect more information soon.

    [...]in a few years if you keep folowing the trend of increasing the cap by 5 levels every 1-2 years, it will cost maybe twice this amount to have all the items maxed. We can all agree that the glyphs are very important and give you quite a boost in strenght .A new player will have to farm like 2 years if not more to gather the amount of glyphs required to max everything now...in a few years , a new player will have to farm 3-4 years to gather the amount of glyphs needed to get everything on max lvl then.Dont know who will start playing this game in a few years knowing that he will be competitive after 4-5 years of playing.Maybe instead of working on silly mounts you should focus on more important things.
    As you know, glyphs were never supposed to be spent at once, which means, that you of course don't have to invest millions of glpyhs at once, as well. Anyways, the overall amount is still very high and therefore is your concern indeed very true and valid. Therefore we will also evaluate ways to improve that, but without devaluing any invest of the past. This change is mostly likely to come with the new expansion or a bit later. Speaking of the CE, as mentioned earlier, we will not increase the level cap if the majority of our user base is not interested in having this kind of change. We will listen to your feedback very carefully to bring DSO forward in a manner the community can accept.

    Also, the balance that you keep working on...have you realised that once you increase the lvl cap, it will most likely be messed up badly yet again and all this time that your team spent on "balancing them classes" was nothing but wasted time?It always happened..most likely to happen again.
    As to your hard work on balance ....when will the mage class be improved for the PvE part? You are going to bring group leaderboards...i can imagine how that will go for mage class[...]

    With the class balancing changes, we will help all classes to jump to an equal level of efficiency, but with much more diversity and usability. Combinations like „1 war4 dwarfs“ can still happen (if players want to do stuff like this), but it will not be the only way to stay competitive. We have several ideas for all classes to improve their talents and usage in groups and will publish more information soon.

    When it comes to the expansion 60 lvl cap it's a terrible idea, there are players like me who had a break from game and only came back to play this game fiew weeks ago, so replacing my old items from lvl 50 is not easy, and it would make absolutely no sense making another expansion in next fiew months, making me and other payers replacing their items all over again.
    Same answer as above, the increase of the lvl cap is just one aspect of a content expansion. That means, if there is a majority in the community that is not interested in this, we will not increase the level cap.

    Hello , many things you plan or did last few months are good [...]Dwarf don't need nerf , but need improvements.

    Thank you for raising your concerns. We will include as much feedback as possible when the adjustments will start. And, this one for sure, we will not „just nerf“ the dwarf and that's it. We will add more opportunities to increase the efficiency of all classes and will not exclude the dwarf in this regard. That's for sure.

    I hope with all my heart that the future and end game cap level will stop at 60. (level 65 must never exist). By now it is no longer possible to follow this game, the day does not have enough hours and you developers have lost the sense of fun.
    As mentioned earlier, we're still evaluating the possibilities here. If it turns out to be not a desired future, we will stick to the curret max level and add further content to the existing setup. Please share your thoughts on that regard as much as possible, as it will help us finding the best solution for the community.

    The only nerfed class is ranger ... and they are still nerfing it with each new release.
    skills, Sets, Set bonuses, Weapon's Base damage ... and with the latest release the animations. The only skill that got improved is the Deadly Blow ... all the others are slowed down to a point like they are having a cooldown. Especially EA and PS.

    We didn't intend to simply nerf the ranger. With the current release cycle, we actually try to lay down a base for the future updates. That being said, we will not remove any power with the bigger update coming later this year. We will improve all classes by adding a new skill, new talents and further additions. This will also boost the efficiency of the ranger and help this class to furthermore find its very own „spot of value“ in any group.

    It was said the animation time has been changed ... but it was never said that some of the skills have brand new animations.
    While all the other classes are being put on "stand by" ... the rangers are suffering from the dev's evil love for the class. that being said ... the process has already began ... and there is not turning back ... so it is a matter of time when the rest of the classes are going to be nerfed down.

    There are actually no brand new animations for the skills. We adjusted the skill timings to furthermore speed up combat and will gather more feedback on this regard to polish this topic in the future. The provided feedback is a very valuable source of information in this regard :)

    I am still curious about the goal of this recipe book. It is already ridiculously expensive and time consuming to craft. Will even more expensive and ridiculously time consuming elements be added to crafting in the form of expensive or hard to get recipes, for things we can already do right now?
    In the future, we will add more items that are currently not existing to the recipe book. With this addition, we want to add more meaning to the actual gameplay, as each and everyone of you can collect useful ingredients while facing the usual challenges. We will not take away anything with these additions.

    Dear DSO game design team,
    Could you please take a look at this discussion I am having with moderator Sunlight and if possible provide some insights? I feel very badly that %hp regen items are not available in pvp and about not being able to use runes of grand resilience in any way that makes sense to me. [...] Is it true that because you wanted to take potions out of pvp any %hp regen items are disabled in pvp?

    Regeneration items cause many issues in PvP, as a lot of players would agree. In this regard, we will consider how to bring back more diversity in PvP in the near future. We know that this can generate issues for different classes and we will take a look at this in order to improve it.

    Currency Bag & Collector's Bag: These are great additions to the game. Needless to say, I and most players love them. They save inventory space and reduce clutter.
    Great to hear :)

    Related to currencies, recently you have implemented auto collection of these currency items and some event items. But, I and many players would prefer if you can extend this for us to auto-collect all event progress items.
    If this is desired, we will take a look at it:) It's noted down, so please expect more information soon.

    The weaker shrines (the shrines that does not consume any essences) are a great addition. I regularly use them and they gives a great buffer. [...] I would rather suggest that you have bigger shrines also not to consume any essences, but they would only appear if you do something special. [...]

    Thank you very much for this suggestion. It's an interesting mechanic that we will consider for updates in the future. But for now, we will release updates to the shrines with 197 and 198. And these are the changes (as mentioned, split in the current and next release):
    - We reduced the prices of the big shrines to 300 essences
    - As many of you didn't liked the companion shrines, we removed them! (You can still obtain the companions as consumable items in form of a lucky sphere during a special sale)
    - Improved duration of big buffs (many users perceived these buffs as too short, so we added some extra time :))
    - Big shrines will always appear in any map of PW, so no searching for random spawns anymore
    -Big shrines will appear on the mini map as soon as your hero is nearby

    Character development and balancing
    Without going into too much detail, I would like to say that currently one-handed builds are not considered by many because to build a viable one-hand build it takes a great deal of time compared to a 2H build.[.....]

    We will stop improving crafting with the following updates. Furthermore we will seek for feedback like this to enhance our systems in the future. Additional to that, we will apply changes to the character balancing that will allow all player to optimize your character to the build you want to play.

    We are already running out of inventory with all new event items, different types of cores, etc
    We will consider to add an „ingredient bag“ along with this update to ease this issue a bit.

    Give us old players NEW CONTENT IN THE END GAME. You will see, raise the level cap you will lose another hundreds of old players. I can put my money on it.
    Thanks and have a great day.

    The new content expansion is not directly related to a level cap increase. As mentioned earlier, if this is not desired, we will stick to level 55 as max level. Next to that, the new CE will be tied to the Parallel Worlds in a way that allows us to bring fresh content to an well known environment and we're very excited to share more information in the near future. We're confident that you will like it.

    To put It into simple terms that everyone would want is just add new events, new maps, and new classes, and NO new lvls where you have to get everything again. Events will come with new equipment to get anyways but making players build all over again that they have worked on for years or whatever really puts people off and many will give up and move on to another game that doesn't literally make you start all over again.
    We will definitely not increase the level cap if this is really not a thing in the majority of the community. That being said, we will – for sure – add new content and also events to the game. We love to come up with challenging events and interested combat mechanics, so expect a lot of stuff in the future.

    Have totally different opinion Once equip is maxed out as it is now Not much left to do other than events and help fellow guild members. Once a year or so on upping level is great and gives a challenge to improve some more
    We will also cater for this opinion, even if we decide against an increased level cap. New ways to improve your play style will still come to the game.

    Don't get me wrong, I do like the currency bag. However:

    It would be nice if there was a toggle selection for auto pickup:
    a) currency picked up goes strait into currency bag, with little 3-5 second bubble by it that shows what was picked up.
    b) currency picked up goes into inventory, where we can see what we got and then right click and put it into inventory bag.[...]

    Thank you for the feedback. We will look into this to see if we can offer options of „how to pick up currencies“ in the future. It's noted down :)

    Instead of an essence bag, how about adding one more digit to the essence storage for the slots in inventory (99999), and keep the 9999 on the two quick slot spots?
    That way, we could hold the approximate equivalent of 10 essence quick slot in one inventory slot.

    This sounds like a feasible solution. However, when bringing changes to the inventory for the upcoming crafting, we will evaluate of how to improve the overall inventory system in general. We will discuss your suggestion in this regard.

    To the same extent, it would be nice if either 1) all green essence drops are of the level for the character instead of the map, OR 2) green essences could be combined at a 2 for 1 to the next level up of green essence.
    We can't allow high level player to farm items on their respective level in areas that are actually supposed to be filled with low level players. This would drastically worsen the experience for low level player.
    Anyway, we will look into the behavior of green essences soon to see if we can improve the situation.

    Next item I'd like to address, items that are higher level than the player. While I now have 1 character at level cap, I've 3 that are not. It's frustrating dealing with inventory that is completely greyed out and you have to wait on each piece to popup description to find out if you are going to melt or sell it. Please, enable background color on items that are above a characters level. Keeping the border grey, and the item picture grey is enough indication that a player can't use the item, and the background will help speed up the process of "clearing inventory" while in a group.[...]
    This sounds like a feasible and also valid suggestion to improve the flow of the game. We willl note this down to improve this as soon as possible.

    We seriously need multiple caps and underscores in character names![...]
    We will evaluate the possibilities here. But please keep in mind that not all languages will support this. This means that we need to find a solution that can fit to all regions the game is played in. We will note this one down for the future.

    hp regeneration runes are not a pot or a buff but more like a gem so part of the overall build of the toon players have collected them for use in pvp not pve as they are not very useful in pve so i don't understand why you've stopped them working in pvp?
    As mentioned above, HP regeneration is an urgent topic regarding PvP, so we will look into this when changing the way PvP is approached by the players in the near future. We understand the concerns and will look into this. Expect updates on this soon.

    I'll add a suggestion too, cancel the bloody mini map display on pvp, or make it with ranged values, too far away, can't see me, too close, I am coming for you. PvP modes now are just spam with ice missiles teleport, spam, teleport, spam teleport.
    We will bring PvP a vast jump forward to grant access for more player in early 2018. If this is a desired improvement, we will definitely take a look at it.

    actually its good thing regen runes are pretty potent for high hp and arena should be about running away to regen and should stay disabled from same reason as potions
    As mentioned above, we will consider all changes to PvP that will help to improve the game flow for more players. Whether we apply changes in this regard or not, is actually up to your feedback.

    Will you change the daily rewards system? There are plenty of players who don't want to participate in the pvp, but are somehow forced to do so if they want to receive the gilded clover. Wouldn't it be better if there was a choice between only pve and only pvp tasks? Also the reward of red ess for the daily tasks would be much appreciated.
    We will note down that feedback for sure. Let's see if we can increase the interest in PvP related daily challenges in the future :), but anyways, we will also think of adding more diversity to the daily challenges.

    And please do pay attention the the feedback we provide... some of the ideas for game's improvement are really good.
    This is very true. We really hope that you can see the paradigm shift that has happened in the team. We need your thoughts and feedback, as we're shaping this game for you.

    We'd love to play together as a strong team not as a solo nerfed chars :/
    This is also very true and will not be the case once our class balancing is done. We will add value to all classes. To do so, we will e.g. add unique group abilities, make more use of the elemental attributes of characters or simply enhance the usage of each hero. We're confident that you will like the changes :)

    Our last CM, Clayton, has vanished with the wind apparently. Or if he is around, he is very, very, quiet. Do we have a new one? Is there a method or way to communicate with whoever that may be?
    Unfortunately, Clayton left the team. But, we do have a new Community Manager who will introduce himself very soon.

    One other question that I believe was mentioned previously but not addressed: Is there any movement towards developing a better mouse cursor? The cursor that was used with Spirit Stones prior to the group window click option was much more visible when in battle than the curret one. It would go a long way to improving play to being able to figure out what you are shooting at/hitting.
    As mentioned above, we will look into changing UI elements in the near future or rather enable users to pick a style and/or size they prefer. It's not currently in development, but we will put this on the desk as soon as we're going to discuss the next topics for 2018 (next to CE and PvP / Guilds).

    Thanks for the answers to questions that you did give. It is encouraging to see communication coming from Drakensang.
    We're happy to have this dialogue with all of you. It's very helpful and valuable for us :)

    Now as i can see there are many players that care about the development of PvP to be honest this PvP and friends are the two thinghs that kepp me in this expensive and time consuming game.[...]

    We definitely have plans to improve PvP and also the entire guild feature. We will add several improvements to the guilds in early 2018, as well as to PvP. We're looking forward to your feedback, once the changes arrived on the testserver.

    as i can see my question was not answered about the q7 set that has .... up the game so much players with 5 years + farming killed with 1 shot you think this is the way to go with pvp is it, im a grand marshal and never seen it so bad player hitting me 100k with q7 set. there is no skill in this, maybe this question is to hard to answer or your to proud to say you made a mistake with this set. i like to know the reason why now pvp is 1 hit and your answer to this current situation in pvp and the q7 heros running around drakensang
    regards steve

    As you can see in the replies of other users, this is a very complicated, but also subjective topic. We're confident to ease these perceived barriers with the class balancing to accommodate the most aspects of all opinions. That being said, we will not take away any value of players that wanted to invest into their gear.

    Why is it still allowed that classes of magician and ranger are discriminated and do not have space in groups like the others?
    Before answering that this is not correct or that it is just my impression I ask you to watch the game chat for 10 minutes or 20 and you will see the great discrimination that exists

    We can't say this is 100% the truth that can apply to any player, but we understand your concerns and anger about this. We're happy to say it again: We will change the value of all classes with the upcoming balancing. Furthermore, we will add useful and unique abilities that help all classes to find their slot in a group.

    where are gone the "balancement" you were proposing? Noone liked em but we all know there will be a changement coming in the dwarf class, can you sneak peek the matter?
    As you already know, we've applied some changes to the dwarf turrets and gathered a lot of feedback on our testserver. We will consider this as a useful stack of data that we can use to adjust the dwarf, but also any other class. We will improve the overall combat gameplay and grouping advantages a lot in this regard. We can't share information right now, but we're happy to do so very soon.

    Why is it still allowed that class of Steam Mechanics are discriminated and do not have critic damage on their main strong skills? SM have a lot of slow skills, they are slow in killing on PvE maps and in PvP too.
    SM have a some unusable or bad bonuses on their sets. Mages or rangers have better bonuses on some their sets.
    For example: Sigrismmar set or Grimmag set.

    We will take a look at this concern in regards of the balancing very soon. It's noted down, so expect to hear more about this in the near future. As we intent to improve all classes and their position in a group and pvp, please keep in mind that we need to put all characters in relation to each other.

    I'm quite excited that BP want to add more kinds of craftable consumables and such, it will definitely make the game more interesting.
    We hope so, too:) This will bring more value to the game and give any player completely new fields of gameplay to experience.

    The addition of new skills and talents that will probably be support focused to make each party member valuable for the rest of the team, is awesome. I always imagined it'd be just perfect if for example mage could heal others within a certain reasonably large radius - for example.
    Perhaps ranger could have some sort of support skill to temporarily enhance the party's attack speed or something along those lines.

    These are great suggestions that we will put on the table when discussing possible new talents and such things (which will happen very soon). We would love to hear more feedback and ideas in this regard :)

    Group leaderboards is something that I've been waiting for for a long time. Having to do PW on my own in order to get the prize, is quite boring and on the other hand too muh of a challenge sometimes.
    Great to hear! :) Of course you can still participate in the single leaderboards in parallel, if you want to do so:)

    New expansions bringing new level caps are always kind of controversial [...]. I'm not really saying that new level cap is cool or necessary, but I'm not sure if it's so bad either. Personally I don't really care that much :]
    We will take as much feedback as possible into consideration when deciding about level cap „yay or nay“. Our major goal, regardless of the level cap, is, to allow players to stick to their powerful gear and the efforts they've put into it. We did mistakes in this regards in the past and will not repeat them.

    Here is a nice question to the devs: How much longer will you allow dks to have 150k hp, max crit, max block, and like 8k dmg with 1h weapons and see them deleting even the best of the best players in arena?[...]
    This is a valid concern and we will definitely look into this with the class balancing. But instead of taking away power that came with invested time and energy, we will find ways to help everyone to „get up to pace“. That being said, we will add more opportunities to add power to your build, your skills, your talents and so on. We're looking forward to share more information with you in order to receive your feedback.

    So, I have to reply to this, as for sure being forced to play PVP with a given gear, will definitely kill the gameplay for me and perhaps for many players, especially for old ones. [...]
    But, you may have a possibility, if you really want to satisfy a larger player database: give only as an option specific PVP gear, like it was done during first Helios Event (btw, where the hack has this event disappeared ?); some players, newer players maybe will use it.

    As all examples in the team letter, separated pvp gear is something that we have on our table when discussing PvP, but it's not set in stone. There are several other options of how to improve PvP without splitting gear. We will listen to all of you very carefully when touching PvP. That's for sure!

    Why is the drop rate from ander so low after release 196 .. bc of this? (Daily Deal
    Your “Daily Deals” will grant additional rewards whenever you spent a certain amount of Andermant). in PW after 1 run i got 21 ander

    Sorry to hear that your experienced is not as expected since the 196, but we didn't changed the drop rates of Andermant in this release. Keep on running through PW and we're sure you will notice that this was just „bad luck“:)

    I'm wondering if DSO will ever redo the amphora key event, oh sorry, new moon event. Beyond the lousy progress, pitiful drop rate, and almost endless grind, this event has always been one of the worst in the game.
    Now I realize that you managed to make it worse during the last redo, but seriously, is there any hope at all that this event will become worth playing at some point in the near future?

    We're sorry to hear that you expect something different from this event, but as many topics, this is a very subjective one. If you can go more into specific examples, we're happy to note your suggestions down to further improve the event when the time is given.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
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  5. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Hello ... and it is nice seeing you answering our questions, it is much appreciated.
    Ranger's animations especially Deadly blow are definitely having different animation. I am using it every day in the past 5+ years.
    This is the Deadly blow before:


    and now it looks more like Death Sweep.


    Is it possible that you put wrong animation to that particular skill?

    Best regards.
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  6. ..Zexion..

    ..Zexion.. Forum Apprentice

    Well i have a question for the DEV'S team,
    Before the lvl 55 the max values of run speed were 10.00% why now it is only 7.7 or something like this, were it intended or just a bug?
    And the same happens with weapons, at Lvl 50 the max of weapon %damage was 80% now it is around 76.7 , is it normal, or a bug again? because this will provide a major difference between old players and the new ones that come to the game
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  7. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    This issue was brought up multiple times by multiple people on the forums. It seems that no one from the development team or community managers ever read forum posts.
    However, I am glad that at least now someone is paying attention.

    New Boots have only less than 8% walking speed lines. No player has ever found a level 50+ boots with a walking speed line above 7.x%
    Some players still own previously found boots with higher walking speed lines, but these are old equipment.

    In addition to boots, some other attribute lines have reduced maximum values as well.
    Two handed weapons seem to have a maximum around 76.x% where previously it was up to 80%
    Increased critical hit rate lines on Helmets now seems to have a maximum around 14% where it was previously up to 15%
    Increased armor and resistances on Shoulder pads seem to have a maximum around 14% where it was previously up to 15%


    I am pleasantly surprised that we are now getting answers to our questions.
    When I posted here, I wasn't really expecting an answer, because we were not used to that. I am really glad that someone in the DrakenSang team is now reaching out to the players.

    I want to talk about an issue with PvP which many players experience. This issue is experienced by very strong players who has won multiple matches consecutively leading to a situation that they no longer receive invites to 5v5 matches anymore. It seems that the match making system considers your recent win history to calculate an ELO ranking and thus trying to find opponents with similar ELO ranking. However, when the system is unable to find 9 other opponents with similar ELO ranking, you will not get an invite to a match.
    A player with higher ELO will start getting invites rarely and at one point, they will stop getting invites altogether.

    Currently, all of my characters (4 chars at 55), get invites to 5v5 almost immediately. However, there was a time 2 of my characters, after winning a lot consecutively, stopped getting invites. At one point, I got one invite only after several days of waiting. I had to purposely lose every match I got until I lost about 30-40 matches to finally start getting immediate invites.

    Now, I am being careful. To maintain my win/loss ratio to 50/50. But, this is Artificial. When can I play without being worried about not getting a match next time? When will you fix this issue?

    My suggestion: Take the time a player is waiting in the PvP queue. Give higher priority to players who have been waiting longer.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
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  8. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Really? Subjective? Out of all the possible answers that you could have given, subjective is not the one I expected to hear.

    Where is the shaking head in utter disbelief emote when you need one?

    I would recommend that you read the feedback on facebook every single time this event runs. I'm guessing that it is possible that someone likes this event, but if they say that they do their posts must be buried under the hundreds of negative comments about this event.

    I cannot think of a single event that gets more negative feedback.

    It was never liked. The updates only made it worse. It was originally bad, then players spent 18 months providing feedback in the "official" feedback and every last suggestion was ignored.

    If you really want to know how to improve it, lower the grind, up the wood drop rate or go back and read the 18 months of suggestions to see what the players actually wanted.
  9. Yogo

    Yogo Forum Great Master

    Thank you for trying to answer to our questions. Here is reply to your request to provide more data on bonus lines :

    Who do we mean by 'we'? Here is your answer dear DSO Production Team. I couldn't put it better: (thank you cdeepal)

    "New Boots have only less than 8% walking speed lines. No player has ever found a level 50+ boots with a walking speed line above 7.x%
    Some players still own previously found boots with higher walking speed lines, but these are old equipment."

    and it's followed by this:

    In addition to boots, some other attribute lines have reduced maximum values as well.
    Two handed weapons seem to have a maximum around 76.x% where previously it was up to 80%
    Increased critical hit rate lines on Helmets now seems to have a maximum around 14% where it was previously up to 15%
    Increased armor and resistances on Shoulder pads seem to have a maximum around 14% where it was previously up to 15%

    'If' it is a desired feature? People have been asking for it since they saw it in other DSO version. We need the auto loot please.
    Last edited: Sep 1, 2017
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  10. cigarbennett

    cigarbennett Board Analyst

    Ai,ation for deadly blow with the Heredur lvl 55 buckler & Helm is even worse.. Amiation really needs to be fixed.
  11. I agree with this. Just so they know it's not only you. And as a matter of fact ALL dso events are grind fests, but Newmoon is probably the worst one.
  12. Iselda

    Iselda Advanced

    Definitely you won't get my interest in these tasks as I have no desire to participate in the pvp part of this game ;) but I do hope for some cool changes to the dailies :) Have you seen this topic? https://board-en.drakensang.com/threads/which-daily-do-you-hate-the-most.73957/ Maybe it will help you somehow ;)

    Also as it was pointed out by Yogo and cdeepal the golden lines on items need to be revised. My ranger has a huge problem collecting gloves with speed golden lines more than 9+
    Finding a ring with 0,04 golden line on block is absurd :/ Honestly!

    And decent weapons without crit are almost non-existent. So how those of us without "the proper and desired" set are supposed to play in groups? Have you recently checked the chat? Yeah, some groups do accept rangers but only if they have the crafted q7 set.

    Anyway, thank you for all the answers and some insight into your plans. Hopefully this kind of communication between you and us will last long and together we'll make this game once again playable and fun.

    P.S. no more grind-fest events! Pretty please :oops:
  13. *Happiness*

    *Happiness* Junior Expert

    I want to know if there will be more women's costumes in the game? 3 dresses are very few for us(( After all, girls and players who play female characters a lot.
    I wish you luck in your work.
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  14. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Hi, thank you for answering my post, I did not expect that. It's nice :]

    The addition of new craftables will be great but I forgot to mention we will need more space in our inventory. For example I already have unlocked the whole inventory + Kobold's chest and still I have no room for all the stuff I love to hoard.
    I've made a suggestion about inventory here presenting a way to both sort items better and expanse the inventory further for andermant.

    That's great to hear! My understanding of the original letter is that the team wants to add more ways to make each party member helpful to the rest of the party even in a support way, which means that each class might be able to use non-offensive skill or skills.

    Basically those might be temporary buffs working either on each party member regardless of the distance from the player who used the skill, or perhaps more realistically, working within a radius - within an area of effect around the player using the said skill, I imagine several meters, so the party doesn't need to stand too close to one another for the effect to apply.
    Each class would have several such skills, not just one. Healing, Regeneration, Lowering resource cost, Raising damage, attack speed etc.

    I can imagine there might also be skills that raise the potential of other classes' skills.
    So just for example, a Dragon Knight may cast a "spell" called Breath of the Dragon, setting all enemies within x meters around the DK on fire when Battle Cry is used + transforming all party rangers' Scatter Shot damage into fire damage with x secs of burning + raising the whole party's critical damage by 20%; all that for some 10-15 secs. So that would be a damage oriented skill affecting the party.

    Similarly another example, a Dragon Knight may cast a "spell" called Dragon Wing Shroud, raising all party's armor and resistance by x% for y secs, and casting the Dragon Hide skill and Spellweaver's Guardian could raise that protection by some additional %. That would be defensive skill affecting the party.

    These are just examples of what I was imagining in principle. I don't expect anyone to take the examples literally :]

    What would be cool though, is a second skill bar ["support skill bar"] where we could have the new support skills ready to use in battle. Something like holding one specific key while pressing 1-7 would use the skills from the "support skill" bar.
  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I am contrary to a new increase in lvl, you should at least give 2 years between lvl increases, 1 year is too small

    Also, since you introduced a vendor that appears after the death of dragan and the queens in new moon, can you do the same for both vargulf and blood mage?
    At least those without any luck would have the chance to obtain the blood mage set if they wish to
  16. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Definitely a different animation . That is not a blow but sweep.
    And here is the Heredur's set bug

  17. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    That's actually a good point. But I'm already a bit bored with Qaizah so new maps to play on would be nice. Sands of Malice is a smaller update compared to Rise of Balor for example, so I think it wouldn't be bad if we received just new locations and story continuation without getting a new level cap, as an expansion of Sands of Malice. And maybe in 2019 there could be a major update with new level cap?

  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They can instead expand the parallel worlds, with new quests and new bosses, maybe with original bosses, like mortis
  19. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    Agreed this event is often skipped by some or just done for the runes and that's it. The event was more enjoyable before. Your right about the endless grind and that why I pretty much flat out ignored this event. I only went 1 run to help some friends.
  20. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    Yes yes, just add new parallel, events, and other content, not lvl expansions. Lvl expansions make you have to replace everything, with new content you don't and just add on to what you have.
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