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  1. -DeathRaider-

    -DeathRaider- Forum Pro

    I'm guessing you new player? Try spending years to build up and its taken away before you finish what you wanted to do. I know go try a different game but this one I have invested and really enjoy it, but I am seeing massive amounts of players quit instantly with new lvl expansion. I actually think though this is a good point to stop with dks have the possibility to get to 200k hp now. What's next a million? lol its getting crazy. Same with damage and crit, I think we reached fulfillment and stats, it possible to get high in everything compared to it used to be very limited with things like crit damage.
  2. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    All I'm saying is that if new level cap is necessary for whatever reason BP might have, then it's better if it's in 2 years rather than in 1 year period.

    But you've been replied to by the DSO production team already that if community doesn't want new level cap, it might not happen.

    I also said in one of my posts that I personally don't really care, however I'm very well aware that 5+ year vets are tired of having to build their characters almost from scratch every year.

    On the other hand,
    once you have all you wanted - an ultimate gear - what's there left to do? Mock people in pvp?
  3. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Ah..i see..let me rephrase it then.How many uniques from lvl 45-50 are u using now at lvl 55? Let me guess..0..why that..not even predator/riddle/sargon/wolf shield ..etc? Cuz they were obsolete and u had to farm them again ...True? So now if lvl 60 comes, you will again throw all your uniques ...and craft legendaries again because theres no way u could remove options from uniques ingame just now.But please do tell me how you will be able to use your current uniques at lvl 60.Without a ton of glyphs u wont..i can tell u that..and if u had a ton of glyphs, you would still have to drop them and turn to the sets that will be OP at lvl 60.For instance q7 was useless for most classes at lvl 50, and now its one of the best sets ingame for mages/rangers/dwarfs/warriors.But well..nvm..ive made my point.You can continue telling me how at lvl 60-70-100000 you will still use your yachak/keen/roshan sets cuz those were great once and will always be great just so you wont have to admit that im right and you are not.Anyways..gl using your old uniques at pvp or pve at lvl 60..most definitely u will be OP as hell.

    I agree man.A class that does 1mil dmg with a skill that practically has no cooldown is nerfed as hell.And mages who do 1 mil with a 1min cooldown skill are op.Makes perfect sense.Can you show me a vid of a mage capable of such a feat and then we can debate which class is nerfed and which isnt?

    @ xmasholo - That ranger that you posted vids about...which class was he fighting that made him look like paper? Warrior no? If you wouldve read my coms you'd see that i was against warrior having the same amount of dmg as classes that were supposed to be dmg dealers from day 1 in DSO.Ive posted a video of a warrior killing bosses in 20 sec and asked *** was that and why it was allowed.To have a tank class be better than a SW or a Ranger is stupid, especially since these 2 classes have less def , and since SWs role was to be the dmg dealer in DSO ever since DSO made it online.Warrior was supposed to be the tank, SW to be the dmg dealer and ranger a hybrid between these classes.And somewhere along the way, the dev team forgot the purpose for which the SW was created and that is to deal dmg.Now you have a class with the worst defense ingame who cant even match a class with best defense ingame.# DSO balance.

    In terms of PVE lets not lie.Rangers>SWs by far.
    Also cuz you like videos check this one out:

    That same ranger did on dragan infernal 390k dmg without buffs.And tier 5 did not exist then.So 400k dmg almost on infernal then with tier 4 items, and 480k now on infernal 2 with tier 5 items...You telling me that the extra 90k dmg came from that buff and not from items? What if that buff was ressistance or speed buff..or maybe cooldown by the looks of it?
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  4. fuzball15

    fuzball15 Someday Author

    thanks for you reply and i do understand that people have invested gold lines into q7 set and this is fine but thats not the point of why i think q7 set has messed up the game, take for example in cardune all players or at least 90 percent only want q7pw because you have made all other equipment inferior to this set, its like you have put 1 set above the rest and all others now are sub par. Take a look inside pvp and q7 set is everywere and its like this cast net,groundbreaker,rocket,metior and if it miss wait for buff to reload and off you go again its the most stupid kind of pvp i have ever see and my 6 year old son cound do it. so its not the gold lines or transfers crafting that has been done its the power of the buff and the fact you have made 1 set the holy grail of drakensang and this is the way the game is now and it is how i see it if you doint do anything about. the problem also is no defence of any player can stand up to this set so as i see it 5 years of work down the drain as i cant improve my dk anymore and it looks like time to call it a day. i as a player have been around a very long time and love the game but this 1 hit wonder stuff you have designed is no fun regards steve
  5. rcch

    rcch Advanced

    As a mage I'd change my q7 to Q4 in a second if that would be possible(because Q4 much better/easier in PVE boss fights).... I hope this would be made possible. Just an enhancement idea ;). In Heredur server there is several DK's that rule the PVP no matter of all Q7 sets around. I believe only players with all gold,full gems and full glyphs should be measured...
  6. Saabia

    Saabia Forum General

    Dear QA Team

    please do not forget to adapt the Gnobitems into the new Framework values from Sands of Malice Items.
    Unfortunatly it seems that we really have to ask for as players. This kind of adaption on the new Framework should be normal at all. Nobody wants to invest the Draken in crapitems.

    Thank you and regards

  7. leftUndecided

    leftUndecided Forum Greenhorn

    Are there any plans on reducing the Pristine Core price (materi fragments)? Or adding them to

    Will it be faster to get to the maximum level of Wisdom once the Wisdom tree has been "changed" ? It's really easy and
    fast to level up to Level 55 but it takes an extremely long time to get to Level 55 in wisdom

    Any plans on reducing the inventory/locker andermant price?
    Or the cost of adding gems/runes slots to an item? It's really expansive to open the last slots for the Cloak because
    it only has one slot open as default

    Why did you increase the Draken price of the Augment Cores? It's too expensive for the amount of Draken we can get
    with the events

    Could you introduce some kind of EXP bonus on the Test Server so that more players can go there, level up fast and
    test new features? I only go once a week on the Test server and play a bit of the actual event, I can't go to the PW
    and test the new Q's (and the upcoming CE) etc... We really can't test anything, it's a waste.

    I've seen videos on the upcoming Q9 that is currently on the test server and you could get the set in Tier 1, my
    question is, is it only for testing purpose on the TS or will it be available in Tier 1 (and 2) on the Live server?
    What about the other PW sets?

    We have to use Left Click to move but if we accidentally mouse over a monster, it will perform the Left Click spell.
    Unfortunately we are forced to have a spell on the Left Click as default, we can't remove it. Could you please allow
    us to remove the Left Click spell ?

    You should remove the magic items from the Blacksmith, or at least give us an option to disable them [​IMG]
    Some of my friends and I lost a lot of andermant due to missclicks, and I don't see why anybody would pay this amount of andermant just to get Tier 0 magic items. These items were obviously added to make us lose our andermant.

    New Moon and Full Moon come every month, but FM is way faster to finish than the New Moon event and you get better
    rewards at FM, but for the FM event we have to farm outside of the event to get the essences, I wouldn't mind farming
    some kind of new essences related to the New Moon event to finish it faster.

    The new dungeon accessibility feature from Release 196 can be problematic in certain situations like in the Kingshill
    Sewer event: if you found a Map boss (that can drop a pet) or a cursed amphora and you want to share the special map
    to your friends, you would have to be careful not to clear 20% of the map. It should be changed in some
    specials maps like that (also Varholm for the cursed amphora etc)

    Could you show a third number after the comma in the attack speed (when pressing C) [​IMG]
    So we could know if we reached precisely the attack speed breakpoint, like shown here: https://board-en.drakensang.com/threads/attack-speed-breakpoints.69613/
    It would help a lot, thanks

    As other players have already noted, it will be quite frustrating if we have to get the Uniques again but in Level 60
    or pay the Augment Cores again, but one day or another we will need the level cap to be increased.

    I think it will be better if you increase the level cap (+5 Lvl) every two years. So in 2018 we will still be Level 55
    and in the 2019 Expansion we will have to level up to Level 60.

    A poll should be made on the forum/facebook to see if the players want a level cap increase or not.

    Thank you for your answers, it's nice to see that you care
  8. Akageshi

    Akageshi Forum Duke

    Speaking of outdated items, what about Ammon's set in PW? I kinda expected all equipment to be updated immediately after the SoM update, but apparently it's a long term process.

    Also even if the particular kind of equipment has already been updated to the new framework, but your piece had been acquired before that update, you still need to refine it (if you want to keep it), but the cost of equipment refiner is too high - 200 draken to get a piece of older equipment updated just to find out it's crap.
    Why isn't there any preview available? It only says that it's risky, but that's not really helpful, for everything in DSO is risky.
  9. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Hi Dev,
    Hi GM.

    Could you please give us an answer about this possible new features , that the community is requiring ?
    Will this feature ever been implemented ?

    About faster stone crafting feature.

    • we can only craft a higher up level stone if we get 3 same pieces, so why do not simply add at least a feature that auto put 3 stone of same type on workbench
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  10. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

    I would also like to know when we are able to get the "old" lv50 maximum stats ? If you are going to make the new items for lv60
    please make sure that we also get the "old" maximum stats available or even better ? +5-10%ish... ? :)
    Or is this issue just going to hang around another 2-3 years like the "old low level items" with OP crit and damage stats ? I hope not.
  11. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    If indeed you plan to go ahead with lvl 60, we need a way to extract legendaries from uniques.Nowdays most ppl focus on 2 main sets..q4 and q7 and when/if lvl 60 comes, these 2 sets might be very bad and most of us will have to melt them or stop playing with them.It kinda su_cks to melt a q7 weapon with 4x gold lines in which you invested a ton of gold/ander and time to farm the crafting materials/items.Same for pretty much every item that was crafted and wont be good anymore after the lvl cap increases.Id like to give us the possibility to extract those legendary items or at least to get back 1 legendary with 2x-3x gold lines from a 4x gold lines unique item.

    PS: You should really consider about fixing the PvP bug thing that stops ppl from joing pvp matches.Its been around for 2 years.I cant bellieve that you havent found a fix for it already.I for instance havent played 5v5-6v6 for more than half a year now , and there are a lot of players in the same situation as me.Please fix it already.
  12. mateandrei

    mateandrei Forum Greenhorn

    Do you have in plan to improve the GUILDS? For the moment guilds have nothing special....you can add leaderboard for guilds- ( PVP and PVE) and resets every week or minimum at 2 weeks( its annoing to wait 2 months for prizes :) )....GUILDS WAR ( as you promise in the past)....special events for guilds, for example which guild make more points in a special map event.....which guild will kill more bosses in an event....etc etc.... I`m pretty sure this feature will bring a lot of players in guilds ( you can icrease the number of players in guilds)...and with this....i think farming in pve will not be only 1 DK and 2-3-4 dwarfs ( all players in a guild will form groups for farm and pvp).....In my opinion Guilds will give a boost again to this game and will be more fun to farm and battle against other guilds!!!
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  13. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Guilds? There are still guilds in the game? Oh wait, I play on the forgotten ghost town server.
  14. Nostradamus88

    Nostradamus88 Active Author

    1) are you planning to update gnob set? (right and left one)
    2) we need old enchantments on shields and boots to have more balance in pvp with old players
    3) newer players and f2p ones need a help for attack speed. As sapphires were removed by a your mysterious decision, maybe it would be kind to have more opportunities to get runes of grand celerity (2h ones)
  15. semen470

    semen470 Padavan

    a) i would like to see a server merge (Agathon, Balor, Tegan and Werian) as this emptyness on my Balor server is frustrating us all. we talking about +3 years and nothing has been done...just excuses from you Devs :-/
    b) Attackspeedrunes, would love to see them as drops from mobs like other gems...can we expect that in future ?
    c) and no more level expansions, just a few real good events and bugfixing + better overall performance settings..thats all i want
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  16. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Hi Dev.
    Hi CM.

    When will we have a Q5 and Q6 set ?
    Are you working on it ?
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  17. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They were working on q5 set, months ago they said they would introduce one to q5

    we're also waiting for the reintroduction of mortis amulet, mortis mask and khalys mask
  18. alchimista

    alchimista Forum Pro

    Hi Dev.
    Hi CM.

    Will ever been implemented an account shared friend/block list feature?
    So , while using other pg, we will be able to whisp a friend using non conventional letter ( those strange like : Þ , ¥ , Ḏ , ẞ , Ω, and so on )

    --- EDIT ---

    While switching character, the shared block user list, could allow us to block ALL the spammers in one time.
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  19. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    Since DSO is bound and determined to implement the latest crafting guide thing despite our feedback, I would like to know exactly how this wasted time (running from NPC to NPC) and wasted resources (coins, frags, etc) is beneficial to anyone?

    If you want to add the little images to the crafting table, fine, but what's the point to the rest of it?

    What players really need is a better crafting table with some of the pure randomness removed. I know you cannot make it too easy, can't have players happy right?
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  20. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I think they think they are developing a gambling game, not an RPG, so of course they introduce pure randomness in everything
    It's pretty easy to confuse those types of games, of course it is, they are very similar
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