Suggestion Q8 set for dwarfs

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Slabutul9, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    lets stop with this thread because what i see overall is tank players screaming dwarfs op, dwarfs screaming mages op but atleast the 3 classes dont want their q7 set nerfed XD atleast we have some unity when it comes to the overused uber broken stuff i guess :D

    @trakilaki since there are no natural mobs in pvp i dont see whyt MC s 5ptys talent is bugged ? If it wasnt working mages were really undoubtedly be the representation of trash. Sorry but without MC mage vs a tank 1 antistun move spell ( teleport ) vs 3 stuns from the tank....... ye i mean just imagine it and you will understand what i mean.
  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Maybe your ranger was wearing midget socks so they helped to stack AB :p
    Personally I have never seen it.
    Because you can't control a player ... you can control player's minions but not the player.
    Talent is just upgrade to a skill it can't work without the skill. If the player is immune to your skill you can't use your talent.
    It is like trying to transmit electricity from one point to another while using plastic wires. Even if you upgrade your battery from 10V to 10GV it won't work until you replace the wires.
    What the skill says
    Makes an enemy fight for you.
    Can you make me fight for you? No you can't.
    What does the talent say
    Per successful mind control of an enemy
    Meaning if you can't control me you can't use your talent. Successful mind control is only if you control your enemy ... but if he is immune you can't.

    Per enemy dying under your control
    Your player enemy can die but it can never be under your control ... therefore it can't explode when dying.

    On top of it ... the skill says mind controlled enemies will deal 200% more damage for 8 seconds.
    So if i am immune but you can use your talent ... why don't i get 200% more damage?
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  3. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    I personally dont understand why you are so biased about it . The devs just dont do their work to clarify things and justify it for arena but by your words mages should not be able to use this skill in 90% of the situations ...... and if im gonna loose MC then it would be fair for rangers to loose adrenaline right but if say that you will get BS Triggered...... so admit that without this skill there isnt pvp for mage from lv 45 above
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  4. Divinefury

    Divinefury Forum Apprentice

    I'm really speechless in front of all the non-objective I have to read everytime there is something to fix/nerf for a better balance system.
    I don't really feel like I have to defend my class everytime no matter what, I guess this is something that should be allowed only at kids because they cannot talk in an objective way.
    Everytime a 3D like that have been opened we went OT because all of us want to show that another class is better than the others.
    I never liked to waste many words in classfights, but I wanted to give my opinion.

    Wisdom rigeneration for DKs was too OP and deserved nerf, just like EA deserve to be fixed and same for Q8 bug.
    None of these "OP" talents/skills/set bonus is was less harmful than the others for PvP's balance.

    This time dwarves' skill have to be nerfed, no doubt on it, there's nothing to say to justify the damage that those towers are dealing.
    The number of hits you get in few seconds is just incredible and the damage every hit deal is really huge considering that we are talking about an aimbot skill.
    I've been playing PvP lately and I guess I'm not really the worst mage in terms of stats, but my life magically disappear in few seconds (3-5) with defences not so distances from those of tanks.
    Be objective and stop lying everytime, this game is never gonna be balanced at all but at least we should be honest each other.
  5. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    for me only 2 things are right:
    1) Bp has already stated that pvp will be balanced.
    2) Such OP dwarves are a minority because not everyone has their pve build fully ready to then build a 1-hand pvp build, and some are still re-adapting the critical damage insert.
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  6. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    more like its the oposite very few need to adjust to the crit .
    And dwarfs pve build has pretty much half of what you need for pvp only the weapon and shiel switch thats all
  7. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    If thoose turrets can kill you ,thats a big shame as a mage.
    Turrets are shooting you if the player see their opponents most of the time when your enemy horizantally close to you.
    All you have to do as a mage to moove way back, and just kill the turrets which already wont shoot you cause you are out of range..
    If you really think that autoaim is good, then play with dwarfs.. you will recognize how slow they are aiming, far away back to your opponent footprint.. Only good if you ran into them ,even an old lady would beat you with her bag if you dont dodge it.

    So mages dont use Q8 either with one hand or what?
    We dont have to argue which class what can bring to PVP from PVE.
    I feel you didnt invested that much time to your comment, just wanted to say another nonsens reason why dwarfs are "special".
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2018
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  8. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Ye and vs a 1h dwrafs adn blocking turrets while you atack them the dwarf is destroying your hp.....

    And you didnt even care to think what i said. Dwarfs use q8 with 2h adn with 1 h so those who say pvp build lets say it for real almost all of them use q8
    Q8 for mages can be countered by using the keen set which removes the movement speed reduction while dwarfs benefit from the additional dmg ....
  9. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    So do mages use 2 hand with Q8 ,and they use it with one hand too.. whats the difference still i dont understand what are you complaining about.
    If i dont care about your comment i didnt even bother to reply to it just to make it clear.
    No one talking about the Keen set and the otthers, everyone can build to it, but why would anyone otther than tanks.
    You make dwarfs PVP build much simpler than the otthers, when there is not as much difference than you saying dramaticly
    Q8 2 set piece is really makes Dwarfs PVP set half done..
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2018
  10. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    For a magician to die of mechanical turret, I would be ashamed to say it, a skill that dies of a blow, of a pirabola for example and the magicians throw infinite pirabolas practically.:confused:

    We all know that the pvp is broken because of the damage, a pj with 20-22k and 4.00-4.40-4.60 critical damage, if you hit first you're dead you have the ones in defense, plus now we all have less life.

    We also know that the dwarf has an advantage with the warrior because of his abilities, but as I said, the dwarf's abilities are slow, any warrior with good speed of movement and damage can kill almost any dwarf, I believe that here there is no lack of better exploitation of the warrior's qualities and not always asking the dwarf for nerf.:)
  11. Divinefury

    Divinefury Forum Apprentice

    Dwarves' towers have a lot of life, defences, block and block strenght, so everything you said is wrong and your "tips" are really useless.
    To kill a tower of a good 1h dwarf you're gonna need tons of hits from the distance, and meanwhile the dwarf can heal them healing himself at same time or he can hide behind those tank towers spamming at you while you can't touch him and even if you hit him by luck, dodging towers and their many hits, their heal talents will heal almost everything in a matter of seconds because the only long-rage skill of a mage is fireball with his low damage.
    You should play more against strong people, get infos and then write comments, maybe not provocative ones, because I could easily write that you should be ashamed of what you said since everything you wrote is wrong.
    Just saying, you cannot dodge 10 hits at same time in a second when you stand to shot a fireball.
    And in the screenshot there is only one tower, immagine with 2.

    There isn't anything to say to justify this situation.
    The damage and the speed of those towers is overpowered and deserve a fix.
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  12. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    If I were a magician I'd be a little embarrassed to say that. xD
    Oh come on maybe you ran into those players who have it all to the max to give you the benefit of the doubt.:D

    By the way, talk if they were carrying damage, so there the turrets die fast so they have blockage, now if you go 1H is simple, the turrets have a range of attack, you can attack from a distance, your attacks are faster than the dwarf, in fact for a magician is easier to dodge the attacks of the dwarf more than any other class, even you have the guardian that in 1H has more endurance, so do not complain so much.

    To the dwarf, if you kill his turrets that most of the times happen, we run out of steam and we only have the quick shot with his turtle animation.:confused:
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    First of all, pls know EDIT before you start discussing with people that actually play pvp and have actual dso knowledge.
    To start off, 1h guardian does not have more ehp than a 2h guardian, that got changed quite some time ago. A guardian's ehp is unlike dwarf turrets not dependent on the caster's stats.
    Furthermore, quickshot has no turtle animation, its just as fast as any other skill with an unblock frame of 15.
    If someone was about to kill both turrets as you suggested he would have to pump out 3 times the damage he would need to kill the dwarf just to kill his turrets...while they both plus the dwarf are shooting on him. That strategy wont work at all, ones best approach would be to stun them.
    The turrets furthermore block any missiles that were aimed on the dwarf so how the hell is it easier for a mage to dodge random shots coming from 3 different sources than it is for a dwarf that can hide behind 2 turrets that have 150%of his life?

    Just for fun i played pvp with my rly low dwarf (3k base dmg in pvp, lvl 55) and i pumped out more dmg than 10 of 12 players just due to those crazy turrets. And you are srsly trying to tell us q8 boosted turrets are not severely overpowered? :) what a joke.
    Last edited by moderator: Jul 21, 2018
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  14. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Somehow this mage could dodge a lot of thoose tower shoots.
    Making a picture which shows that the turrets still shooting you while you dead just support the fact that the turrets are shooting late.
  15. Divinefury

    Divinefury Forum Apprentice

    You are unexperienced, nothing more to say, all what you said is wrong.
    You should be embarrassed to trashtalk, getting infos is not a crime.

    I don't understand why the people prefer to speak randomly embarrassing themself in front of everyone, rather than to get infos before speaking.
    Even looking a video you didn't understand what happened.
    I don't really like to talk about others' videos but I'll do it last time just to try to teach you how to analize something before you write nosense comments.

    1. First of all in this video they were playing during Rel209, so Q8 ice missiles' spam was dealing like 2x the damage currently possible.

    2. In second place during the video the dwarf clearly shows his HP (48.8k) which are around half of what a good 1h Dwarf will currently have.

    3. His damage was lower than what a good 1h dwarf can deal nowadays (8k > 10k+) with a basic shot, and can't be sure but probably, his defences where lower too because 4k blocked should be around 12k unblocked with an ice missile, and it's really a lot.

    4. This was a friendly match.
      Lycanther wasn't playing seriously at all.
      During the whole round he just try to tank the mage and kill him before he get killed with his basic shots.
      He used only one tower mostly even if he had steam.
      He placed himself and the towers in the same spot, most of time in front of them and not behind, mostly so close to the mage exposing himself to fireballs and icespheres.
      This is basically everything a dwarf WON'T do in a serious match.

    5. You wrote a comment where you said that "somehow this mage dodged towers' shots".
      Well, Lycanther hitted dicretly Exhibit around 12 times, 10 times c/b (2-2.2k), 1 u/b (511) and 1 u/c (8.8k).
      That means Lycanther did around 30k damage on Exhibit who have (at least last time we spoke) 62k life, so towers were still able to deal 30k+ damage.
      The whole video is really the opposite of what a mage vs dwarf is nowadays.
      With only 1 tower for most of time, he still dealed 30k damage in 25 seconds.
      Nowadays a dwarf will only hide between both of towers which will deal much more damage than the dwarf himself during the match because of the gamestyle itself is completely different than the one in the video.
    I don't wanna be rude but with this video you just confirmed that you don't really know what you are talking about.

    I'm not even answering to the part of their comments where they are writing such provocative comments, I'm used to it, someone who have at least a bit of knowledge and experience in this game won't ever write something like that to me. [EDIT]
    Last edited by moderator: Jul 22, 2018
  16. callme0216

    callme0216 Padavan

    Might choosed the wrong vid, sry.
    Let me decide if i feel shamed over something nonsens. I said if you can dodge thoose hit or not.
    You dont have to fight agains somebody who have advantage over you, thats why people run away from DK-s when they close to you..
    Same story why dont you run into 1v1 when a ranger spam you with EA-s beggining of the match..

    2 turret placing cost 50-50 steam, when they gets destroyed you dont get any steam back.. but ignore the fact and say you cant destroy them..
    Over the time after 10 sec u get back 60 steam, and you hit the dwarf few times.. dwarfs should heal with steam conductor which cost 15 steam..
    They will easily ran out of steam, and you will have bigger chances..

    For example: You would race agains a better car which could beat you in 1/4 miles, but you know in 1/2 you would win cause the opponent would broke down?

    But again thats doesent change the fact that you cant dodge thoose turrets.

    You cant say this was a friendly match, or was back when Ice missle was bugged.
    Still stand next to the fact that only one who should have problems agains turrets are the DK-s
    But again this doesent mean they should nerf cause the game itself is not PVP oriented.
    And they already announced that they will change the PVP scene..

    Before 209 place your hands to your heart and say that killing a dwarf was a hard job.

    Edit: @Saved_81 made pretty strong points but as you can see people wont admit thoose too.
    Last edited by moderator: Jul 22, 2018
  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Wait, what was that video to proof? That a dwarf without any effort can wipe a mage of similar strength? Just stop compromising yourself. If the dwarf stood behind the turrets, the mage would have to actually enter their range to attack the dwarf. And then stopping to use any skills would instantly make him take damage both from the dwarf and the turrets, dying in the process.
  18. Shiro

    Shiro Padavan

    Also during R209 you could shoot walking, not like in R211 :rolleyes:
  19. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    I meant that the wizard's guardian now has 50% more resistance and armor than before.

    How curious that the turrets didn't kill him, but the basic attacks, will now ask for the damage of the "quick fire" to be reduced? Haha

    In those videos I only see the same thing that would happen if I saw a magician 1h would go against a dwarf 2H, the duel of both magician and dwarf 1H was even.
  20. Divinefury

    Divinefury Forum Apprentice

    You posted another no sense video, completely useless in this discussion, since the Dwarf is randomly placing towers, acting in the same way as Lycanther was in the previous video, because he already knows that his opponent it's easy.
    Seriously dude, with your funny failed attempts you are only proving your inexperience.

    The way you talk is clearly proving that you aren't a PvP player, because they way you trash talk about killing towers so easily is something only an inexperienced player can do.
    You don't realize that dwarves towers can have over 100k HP, with block, block strenght and to kill them you need tons of hits, all of this while you have to dodge towers shots and dwarf's ones.
    Just saying the Guardian of mages get destroyed in like 2 seconds by towers, so one more time, do not talk about things you don't know.
    You don't have any idea of what PvP is, seriously.

    I really would like to know your stats and your IG level because I just wanna know if I'm wasting time keep talking with you both.
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