Suggestion Q8 set for dwarfs

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by Slabutul9, Jul 11, 2018.

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  1. DBS-Flamelurker

    DBS-Flamelurker Exceptional Talent

    "3. Solve bugs on EA which are already planned"... and green arrow.

    DK still works only for healing and assault... but in my view he has lost too much.

    That said, good analysis.
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  2. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    For these who said dwarfs are not OP...Here is a vid which show 2 players on a totally different lv, and the anything esle to add?

    Do you think a mage/ranger/another DK would be able to do something against me with the same low stats as the dwarf? they will die in a few seconds and not even making dmg
  3. ThukMohl

    ThukMohl Forum Apprentice

    So dwarf is really OP there.

    I'm a dwarf, and the only class I play. Not an end-game dwarf. Not a pvp player too. Just in case, DSO hear how OP or broken the dwarf class is, and give the heavy hand of nerf. Can the nerf be only cast on OP players? How about the weak, those new players are they not gonna affected? How about we promise that we won't get OP and stay out on hardcore pvpers. Exclude us from nerfing... just nerf OP players... is that possible?

    I'm really sad with this game. On where it's going.
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  4. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    Whats the difference between low players too? Low dwarf bs low dk will probably be the same with q8 set. And not heavy shot is the problem as you can see, q8 is the biggest problem and the 99999999 jumps. No cooldown on escape skill is more than stupid.

    Edit: If you are low you shoudln't have advantages against ppl who farm a lot.
    A nerf on q8 set wont effect PVE anyway
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  5. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    Well, there is not only pvp 1x1, maybe if we see stats showing how many years are op in ALL game modes, 1x1,3x3,5x5,6x6 (for example making a video, "one afternoon doing pvp"). As well as the immense amount of dwarfs 1h ops that you claim to have destroyed pvp in ALL modes, there would be a solid request for nerf . Also if you have ever played another RPG with decent pvp seriously, you would understand that deathmatch modes are not usually the focus of balancing but objective modes (like 5x5). Affirmations without statistics are just crying, and the dwarf of your video is yes op.
  6. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author


    I do not need to, play 5x5 and see for yourself, I will not argue with anyone who does not understand anything about balancing, however you can think a bit to understand that balance in deathmatchs are different from objective pvp modes (which will probably be the future focus) .
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  7. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    If chars are balanced in 1v1, then 3v3/5v5/6v6 would be all about the team work and gameplay. But explain me your ''balance'' idea.
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  8. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    Well let's open our minds and think a little.
    What is the difference of 1x1 for a 5x5 match? In the 1x1 you have to kill the enemy to win. To understand, I will cite an example: in certain games healers classes are unbalanced in 1x1 because they heal and even without having a burst damage they manage to undermine the life of the adversary little by little without being killed. Example 2: in 1x1 and 3x3 certain classes have a natural advantage because they are known as "duelists", it is so much that in many games if the player wants to specialize in deathmatches, he must first choose an appropriate class, since these modes in general are not the focus of balancing. But why? Well, goal modes are usually what they have to balance, the reason is simple: each class has a role. Taking drakensang, in 5x5, you will understand: a dwarf 1h OP in 5x5 has the mission to defend and support group fights, a ranger and mage are the ones who will kill and the war will take the flag and give support with stuns and group controls or distraction. In objective modes the classes tend to balance themselves, you do not have to fight against a dwarf within his area you can just go out and play your part. The most classic example of this is a very famous MOBA, in it certain characters are specialized in exercising a distraction function, others are murderers ..., In my opinion I think the strong dwarf with q8, yes, however in objective pvp modes him does not show OP, and so I do not agree with your opinion, because in addition to being minorities (including the dwarf of your video is one of the few that exist and that are ops) there are ways you can play and have fun, I already saw and made groups with several wars that united to massacre in 5x5 and 6x6. But as I said, the moment you show me statistics in all modes, that show the dwarves in 1 place, higher score and damage done and there are dozens of dwarves with the mentioned characteristics, then I'll agree with you.
  9. ThukMohl

    ThukMohl Forum Apprentice

    I think Q8 is not the source of jumping problem you see. Dwarfs could still do that even without Q8.

    Farm a lot is not enough, include the blessing from crafting table god of rng ;)

    Anyway as DSO plan PVE is the priority right now. See what they're doin in PVE. Now imagine when they start to touch PVP.
  10. lovatic66

    lovatic66 Junior Expert

    Mmm so much that they say that the dwarf is op, I decided to try my dwarf 1h, it doesn't have everything to the maximum, but they were not so badly equipped, even so I was massacred by a hunter 2h, the statistics of my dwarf were not so bad, 80% blocking, 80% armor, 70% resistance and almost 60k of pv, I think the weakest point was life, I should have gone with 100k-150k pv not to die so fast, something that only very few people get, at least that's what I assumed because to try with grinmag in lethal held very well his blows, but with players 2h in pvp did not go very well, only with the same players 1h was even and in others if I won well war 1h over all.

    The hunter of an explosive killed a turret or otherwise activated the buff of q7 something that I do with dwarves 1h, live hell right there haha, even a blow managed to remove 90k of damage, must have been with critical impact, but from that moment on I left my dwarf 1h and continued with my dwarf 2h, because honestly I do better with my dwarf 2h, I would have to improve a much dwarf 1h to be good, especially life, there is that everything in the game, we are not as oppressive as you think.
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  11. OrochimaruSama

    OrochimaruSama Someday Author

    yes and in addition we know that to reach these 100k-150k statuses in hp the player has to give up the 3-shot buff from the set q8 to use set full cubes, since the only way to get those statuses alive would be with the bonus of 50% in hp(having a decent damage) for the dwarf class that together with the mages have the shortest life.
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  12. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest

    Discussion turned into disrespectful fight, all participants have been sanctioned.
    Closing the thread.


    ~~~ Thread Closed ~~~
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