Bug "Quartermaster (2/2)" quest guidance error

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by dkarl, Apr 16, 2017.

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  1. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    I did just a simple search on Quartermaster, so this may have been reported elsewhere. If so, I apologize :)

    There are many instances of incorrect quest guidance, but this one always annoys me, so here you go:

    This quest starts in urban area Ellonidas, but involves picking up items from the Heart of Atlantis wilderness, which is accessible (indirectly) through the Ashraya urban area. After you pick up your required items in Heart of Atlantis and then turn quest guidance on for the final step, which is to return to Ellonidas to speak again to expedition financier (i.e., gem merchant) Han Hertzberg, as soon as you pass through the door between Ashraya and the Mount Suvius dungeon, quest guidance points you back to Ashraya instead of on through Suvius to the Mystra wilderness area. However, once you step through the door between Suvius and Mystra, the quest guidance fixes itself and sends you on your merry way to Ellonidas.

    I know, it's a small thing, but .... it's a small thing! I wish the devs would add this to their to do list for the next release. They should continue to reserve x% of their bi-monthly development cycles to cleaning up these minor errors. A bit of spit and polish can go a long way towards keeping a game attractive to new and old players.

    Yes, a larger % of their time should be spent on fixes more vexing problems, but please don't forget these quick hits.
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