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  1. Make (30-40) Quest Rewards

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  2. You are more successful in erebor

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  1. KingDainII

    KingDainII Forum Greenhorn

    -950 Experience Point
    Loot:3xMighty Spirit Guard,1xSpirit Guard
    [​IMG]143 Andermant
    [​IMG]18 Silver[​IMG]74 Copper
    -4594 Experience Point
    Loot:Dapple Gray,Adventurers Chest, 100xEssence of Vigor
    1x Vigorous Health Potion,1xVigorous Resource Potion
    [​IMG] 68 Andermant

    [​IMG]1 Gold[​IMG]5 Silver[​IMG]83 Copper
    -15.117 Experience Point
    Loot:Schematic Production Primary,Improved Robe and Helmet
    [​IMG]180 Andermant

    [​IMG]60 Silver[​IMG]65 Copper
    -18.741 Experience Point
    Loot:Flawed Amethyst,Common 1 hand weapon
    200x Essence of Vigor

    [​IMG] 568 Andermant
    [​IMG]3 Gold[​IMG]8 Silver[​IMG]54 Copper
    -119.490 Experience Point
    Loot:Schematic Primary Production I,Magic Item hands and
    [​IMG] 423 Andermant
    [​IMG]2 Gold[​IMG]94 Silver[​IMG]54 Copper
    -83.552 Experience Point
    Loot:Magic Item Robes,Helmet,Boots,Off hand,Ring,Belt
    Flawed Cyanite

    [​IMG] 308 Andermant
    [​IMG]2 Gold[​IMG]27 Silver[​IMG]54 Copper
    -80.174 Experience Point
    Loot:Spirit Stone 1 piece,Flawed Onyx 1 piece,1 Unique Item
    Splendid Durian Boots

    [​IMG] 516 Andermant
    [​IMG]3 Gold[​IMG]85 Silver[​IMG]72 Copper
    -94.062 Experience Point
    Loot:Magic Item Amulet,One hand weapon,Shoulders,
    Splintered Diamond,Spirit Stone,350 Essence of Vigor,
    Golden Horn Cap
    [​IMG]1208 Andermant

    [​IMG]10 Gold[​IMG]66 Silver[​IMG]29 Copper
    -217.744 Experience Point
    Loot:Magic Item Off Hand and Boots,Spirit Stone,
    Extraordinary Ring,Splintered Ruby,Flawed Amethyst,Vigorous
    Health Potionx3,400 Essence of Vigor

    [​IMG]3414 Andermant
    [​IMG]24 Gold[​IMG]67 Silver[​IMG]85 Copper
    -634.424 Experience Points=26 Level+55.424 Experience Points

    When you reach level 15 you will gain premium for a 3 days(Only for the first character)
    When you reach level 20 you will gain deluxe for a3 days(Only for the first character)
    With premium you gain +%10 quest experience points
    With deluxe you gain +%20 quest experience points
    Pets have no effect on quest experience.

    Hi guys,I hope you like it,I prepared as a result of long labors.
    Release 220
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  2. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    All Quests

    BTW your images are not showing up
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  3. KingDainII

    KingDainII Forum Greenhorn

    Sorry,I am working on it
    I never seen this site before,BTW out dated
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