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    In Short
    Release 116 features the Christmas update in addition to various improvements and bug-fixes as well as three new areas and new quests.


    Christmas Update
    With Release 116, our Christmas gift to you is not only improvements and bug-fixes, but also three new areas and 40 new quests for Levels 38 to 40 beginning in Ashraya. This is the first of many updates which will make leveling up to Level 45 smoother.

    Attention: After carefully evaluating your feedback, we have modified the parallel worlds, the Battle against Mortis and the Ammon Set Pieces. A complete and detailed list of changes is available here: LINK

    The Drakensang Team wishes you all very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    New Features
    • Christmas update
    • 3 new areas in the Region of Atlantis
    • 40 new quests
    • 1 new mini boss
    • 3 new monster types
    • For some of the quests already existing in Atlantis, the level required to accept quests was lowered as well.

    Comfort Features:
    • The ability to equip characters on the 3D display in the inventory via Drag&Drop
    • The chat window can now be opened and closed via the hot key “V“.
    • The message window shown after giving an item a certain color was moved so that you can now see the character's new color yourself.

    Important Changes
    • “Ghost players” and “Ghost monsters” should no longer appear in PvP and PvE.
    • Errors removed and improvements made in the parallel world dungeons:
    • There is now a new, repeatable quest called the “Ring of Death“ in which you can obtain an item of the same value.
    • The Grimmagstone in the parallel world can now be accessed immediately without first having to defeat Mortis.
    • The quest "Weapons of the End of Time" can now be immediately started without first having to defeat Mortis.
    • Thanks to rebalancing, all repeatable quests in the parallel world are now considerably shorter.
    • The Battle against Mortis was reworked.
    • The old, dated set pieces of Ammon can now be found as world drops in the parallel world dungeons.
    • The last piece of the Ammon Set – the Torso armor – can now be obtained together with the boots in the last parallel world quest.
    • The level of difficulty request which was shown upon entering the parallel world dungeon no longer appears.

    Steam Mechanicus – Balancing Changes:
    • The "Steam Conductor" skill now reduces all active cool-down times by 1.5 seconds (originally 1.0 seconds).
    • The shrapnel shield of the skill “Tactical Turret“ now boosts armor by 25% for five seconds and travel speed by 15% (previously only armor was boosted by 25%).
    • “Rocket Dwarf“ talent: Should you select this talent, the rocket pack now only costs 30 steam (previously 35 Steam).
    • The Tactical Turret of the Steam Mecahnicus releases the first bomb somewhat quicker. This change should help dramtically increase this skill's precision ability.

    In future, players may only enter into a 6v6 battle (which is in progress) as the next successive player if the match lasts longer than four minutes.
    Better loot in the parallel world dungeons: The drop probabilities for enchanted items (green, blue, violet and orange) was increased in all parallel world dungeons as well as for the world bosses Destructor, Mortis and Khalys (parallel world). In addition, the drop quality increases per parallel world, therefore matching the increasing level of difficulty.
    • The chance of finding a lock pick in a shabby treasure chest has been increased considerably and is now 10%.
    • The purchase price of “treasure chest“ lock picks is now the same as the purchase price in the shop. The same bulk discounts apply.
    • The shabby treasure chests in the Gleaming Mountains and Stalgard now contain loot corresponding to the level of the monster in this area.
    • If an item is improved with Glyphs of Power, the item's sales value in gold then also increases .
    Selected Bug-fixes
    • The “Crimson Hunting Costume“ no longer disappears when you change a piece of clothing or area.
    • A game crash was fixed that sometimes happens if inventory is full and you want to put further items in the reserve inventory, for example, by accepting the daily surprise chest.
    • A game crash was also fixed that occurred when wanting to move an item directly from the armor slot to the locker.
    • The “Goddess of the Hunt“ quest can now only be accepted once as originally planned.
    • The graphic display of the hits made by the skills “Rush Attack“, “Blade Dance” and “Ground Breaker” were repaired.
    • In the Battle against Mortis, the movement of souls was radically changed. Souls should now be easier to attack and should also not reset when stunned.
    • Spell Weavers now also receive gloves in the 4th parallel world quest.
    • Errors in the map of the world battle “Capture the Flag“ were corrected. Now the display shows what team members see and the flag position is correctly refreshed.
    • Characters can no longer get the same daily login bonus repeatedly because of an exploit.
    • The Steam Mechanicus now also shows the petrification of the gorgons.
    • Implementing an ongoing used skill after directly positioning a shield, no longer causes an Steam Mechanicus animation error.
    • All explosions are now correctly displayed when the Steam Mechanicus skill “Heavy Shot“ is repeatedly fired off quickly at an opponent.
    • Players are no longer reset (“rubber-band effect“) after a character dies or is stunned directly after using a skill.
    • Players are no longer reset (“rubber-band effect“) after a player uses a movement skill which requires a pile of essences and activates a movement skill.
    • Game exploits used on the Crystals of Wisdom and when leaving an area upon identifying items were removed.
    • Players are now automatically logged out after 60 minutes of inactivity.
    • The Mentor Bonus is now correctly displayed in the window with the daily challenges and in the character selection menu.
    • Long-range skills used in close combat now hit the nearest target and not a random target if there are multiple targets present.
    • The missing information about enchantments in the off-hand weapon tooltip was added.
    • The talent of honor's “Black Steel Shrapnel“ now also influences the “Explosive“ skill.
    • Players in the arena waiting areas will no longer be punished for inactivity while they are waiting for a battle to begin.
    • A improperly placed, indestructible generator with red-flashing pipelines is no longer marked in the Destructor battle.
    • Opponents no longer shortly disappear after teleporting or making a rush attack.

    Known Issues and Last Minute Fixes
    • Known Issues:

      Atlantis Xmas update:

      ·New content maps:
      If one fails to prevent the quest keeper from being killed the game client crashes. (FIXED by tomorrow)

      ·The game client crashes if one is equipping a UNIQUE weapon dropped from Mini Boss M’Edusa. (FIXED by tomorrow, the players can still have them in the inventory)

      ·The harp of time statue does not match the portrait image shown in the notification window.

      Ammon Set:

      ·An icon is missing for the dwarfs torso armor.


      ·The maximum number of guild member is 49 instead of 50.


      ·Temporary pets disappear if player dies. A map change brings the pet back.


      ·Items from the ‘Box of unique item’ (can be bought from the artifact trader) are unidentified.

    Snowballs away, Heroes of Duria!
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