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    In Short
    Release 124 introduces two new sets of armor for the Steam Mechanicus, institutes changes so that premium account holders do not lose their premium status while renewing their subscription and unveils the first steps by Team Drakensang Online to fix imbalances in the player versus player (PvP) mode.


    New Features

    New Equipment: Steam Mechanicus - Glowing Steel Set (Level 30)

    The “Glowing Steel” set is an additional equipment set for the Steam Mechanicus. The set can be bought in exchange for Andermant from the trader NPCs in the following cities: Jarlshofn, Ellonidos, Ashraya and the Resistance Command Center.

    New Equipment: Steam Mechanicus - Atlantis Diver Set (Level 40)
    The “Atlantis Diver” set is another additional equipment set for the Steam Mechanicus and can be bought in exchange for Andermant from the trader NPCs in the city of Ashraya (region: Atlantis).


    Blood effect
    To give the fights an even more realistic feel, we have designed special blood spatter effects for several monster types. You can find some of them in almost any region. This is only the first version of it. Stay tuned

    PvP Bug Removed
    Another step toward more balanced match-making in the PvP mode has been made: A number of players were able to collect badges of honor during PvP matches while not receiving any experience points when winning matches. The bug occurred when the opponent was defeated through “exhaustion.” With the elimination of the bug, the player will now receive the missing experience points. We thank the community for actively reporting this issue.

    Premium Status & Features Stay during Subscription Renewal and Take Immediate Effect
    Accounts and characters do not lose their premium status and benefits anymore whenever the subscription of the premium account gets renewed. In addition, if a player upgrades from regular account to premium account, the extra features of the premium upgrade take effect immediately in-game. The player is not required to log out of the game or restart it.

    Item: Complimentary Premium Trial
    In the past, newly registered players who received an item containing a free trial of the premium account were not able to activate this item in their inventories in release 122 and higher. The item can now be activated with a simple click on the right mouse button. The premium item no longer activates itself automatically. Going forward, all premium items that are booked on accounts after release 124 are activated automatically.

    Item: Complimentary Premium Trial - End of special offer
    During the first quarter of 2014, all newly registered accounts were offered a trial premium account, including all benefits, when their character reached level 5. The special offer has ended now and thus complimentary premium trial items will no longer be handed out.

    Minimap Tags for the Region of Tegan’s Wall
    All quests that can be accepted in the regions of Shorefolk and Tegan’s Wall have been numbered sequentially to provide a better overview of a quest's progress. In addition to that, tags (symbolized by blue banderoles) have been added to the in-game minimap (keyboard shortcut: M). Tags indicate where your character needs to go in order to progress with a quest. For starters we have implemented the minimap tags and the numbering of the quest sequences for the German version of the game. All languages will receive these aids in upcoming releases.

    Selected Bug Fixes

    Chat Bug
    When using the social window to whisper to anyone, the spacebar did not remain focused on the chat and instead it activated a wild variety of windows like the payment, the shop etc. We fixed this issue so that you can keep enjoying chatting.

    Exploit of Parallel World Dungeons Fixed
    An exploit has been fixed that allowed characters below level 30 to enter the Parallel World dungeons whenever they were accompanied by a group of characters with level 30 or higher (usually a character must be at least level 30 to have access to these dungeons).

    Animation of Turrets Looping Again
    A bug that caused the turrets of the Steam Mechanicus to freeze in their animation has been fixed.

    PvP Group Registration Correctly Checks Level Ranges Again
    A group can only register for battlegrounds when the level difference between the player with the lowest level and the player with the highest level in the group is not greater than 5 levels. The bug allowed groups to register without meeting the requirements, which ultimately led to longer waiting times during the match-making process.
    Item: Black Steel & Obsidian Steel Boots
    The icons for Black Steel and Obsidian Steel boots have been corrected and the items are easier to distinguish when on sale by traders.

    Quest: Resurrected Heroes (Task 3 out of 4)
    The text of the quest Resurrected Heroes has been changed to direct you to a new location and not to the old bridge. The champion monster that awaits you near the new location is the correct monster to be slain in order to complete the quest task. The tag on the minimap has been relocated accordingly.

    Feature: Quest Progress Indicator (QPI)
    The QPI will no longer overlap with the health bar of NPCs (that need to be defended during quests) or bosses.

    Map: Caverns of the Eternal Storm
    A) A bump in the map that caused a rubber banding effect whenever a player was navigating through the Caverns of the Eternal Storm has been fixed.

    B) Several invisible obstacles and barriers have been removed from the map that would cause the player to get stuck or collide.

    Character Walking Behavior Improved
    Whenever the player opens any user interface that pops up on the screen, the character will only walk until the point which was clicked last. The character will not continue walking infinitely while the user interface is open.

    Known Issues & Last Minute Fixes

    Go forth and conquer, Heroes of Duria![/I]
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