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  1. Patch notes R185 Hotfix II

    ·Resolved Mac Client login issues

    ·Resolved an issue in the game code which caused a significant number of Nebula Assertion errors.

    ·Fixed a bug which put extremely high prices on the new Draken Cores.

    ·Fixed an issue that crashed the client when using items from split stacks.

    ·Fixed an issue that cased a black screen upon entering the “Artaya’s Sanctuary” Map.

    ·Balor’s mystic cube drop rate was adjusted to align with his rebalanced difficulty.

    ·Added the Rune of Celerity to the Jester’s Big Win items.

    ·Fixed a calculation in Sharr Kharab’s scroll which resulted in dealing too much damage. The calculation now takes the players base damage into consideration rather than the Bosses HP.

    ·Moved monsters farther away from entrance areas in the new Sands of Malice content so players are not immediately attacked.

    ·Fixed a bug with the Dragonhide skill which made warriors immune to traps in the Deeps of Demise arena.

    ·Updated Leaderboard Season (Also known as PVE Season): The season will be extended until the end May 28. It is currently displaying less time in-game, but that will be adjusted later. We have also adjusted the League ranking standards and rewards

    Gold League
    Needed Points: 300000 (Was 125000)
    New Gold Rewards
    1500 Gold
    3000 Materi Fragments
    400 Difficulty Access Items
    Buff 3
    5 Gem Refiners of Qaizah
    Old Gold League Rewards
    150 gold
    Materi fragments x1000
    Materi fragment goggles x3

    Silver League (now)
    Needed Points: 125000 (Was 50000)
    New Silver Rewards
    500 Gold
    1500 Materi Fragments
    200 Difficulty Access Items
    Buff 2
    Old Silver Rewards
    Materi fragments x500
    Materi fragment goggles x2

    Bronze League
    Needed Points: 50000 (Was 20000)
    New Bronze Rewards
    250 Gold
    750 Materi Fragments
    100 Difficulty Access Items
    Buff 1
    Old Bronze Rewards
    Materi Fragments x 250
    Materi fragment goggles x1

    ·Fixed an issue where Gems sitting in the bank storage could not be refined, prompting an erroneous message declaring an insufficient number of refiners.
    ·All +7.5 HP Onyxskulls will be replaced with +8 HP Onyxskulls to give players more crafting freedom.

    ·Removed the Sapphire gem from a boss’ loot list in Tegan’s hall.
    ·Added a new item which lets players transform their Sapphires into Runes for a nominal cost.
    SapphireAttackspeed Bonus of SapphireRefiner TypeAmount of Refiners neededOutcome RuneAttackspeed Bonus of Rune
    Flawed Sapphire0.5 %Sapphire Refiner (15 RC)15Lesser Rune of Celerity2 %
    Splintered Sapphire1.0 %Sapphire Refiner (15 RC)10Lesser Rune of Celerity2 %
    Simple Sapphire1.8 %Sapphire Refiner (15 RC)2Lesser Rune of Celerity2 %
    Sapphire3.1 %Sapphire Refiner (15 RC)19Rune of Celerity4 %
    Polished Sapphire5 %Sapphire Refiner (15 RC)10Mighty Rune of Celerity6 %
    Radiant Sapphire6.6 %Sapphire Refiner (15 RC)14Supreme Rune of Celerity8 %
    Flawless Sapphire8.6 %Grand Sapphire Refiner (30 RC)2Rune of Grand Celerity9 %*
    Sacred Sapphire11 %Grand Sapphire Refiner (30 RC)5Mighty Rune of Grand Celerity12 %
    Royal Sapphire14 %Grand Sapphire Refiner (30 RC)10Supreme Rune of Grand Celerity16 %
    * The normal Rune of Grand Celerity only has 8 % - This version with 9 % can be crafted with 8 % versions normally and has the same name and appearance for players

    Time schedule