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  1. avalon31

    avalon31 Someday Author

    Hey dude. On Testserver are active 2 events: DTU and Monster Hunt. Both events have in progress bar insignias of honor, but this insignias are for event DTU, not for monster hunt. That isn´t a bug. For monster hunt event are 3 buffs in "event" offer (T hotkey)
  2. SKyWiZ3R!

    SKyWiZ3R! Forum Greenhorn

    wow this cobra looks sick ! haha :D
  3. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    I've heard some rumors about the 'nerf' of Q7 set on the test server. Idk if it's R188 or not but I felt like this thread would be perfect to write this.

    So yeah, time to cry again. 45 seconds cooldown, apparently. Meaning the set is almost completely useless to anyone who has worked hard to get it. Meanwhile the people who are playing with Q4 set have made the right choice. Those who are playing with Q7 set get nerfed for no reason. That set (Q7) is only ridiculously overpowered for dwarfs (well, why doesn't that surprise me). Mages and Rangers can (FINALLY) compete with dwarfs because of this set and because we can use the buff pretty often (depending on a few factors).

    But now you are gonna ruin it again? OK... you made dwarfs even more powerful with this set, but that doesn't mean you should ruin everyone's character right now. I have 'wasted' 144K frags to get Q7 set, because it would fit my build pretty well and because I like how it works. So you're telling me I wasted all of my effort, frags and time? Well thanks. This is really a way to treat the community. Simply ridiculous. Q7 set may be strong, but (for mages) Q4 set is nearly as powerful, depending on play-style and build. Maybe even stronger. But of course, if you want to nerf dwarfs, you must nerf everyone :rolleyes: meaning you actually didn't do anything. Because of this set, I can finally find some groups and deal dmg that comes 'close' (well, not close at all but... closer than before) to a dwarf's insane damage output. The only character that needs to be nerfed is dwarf. We all know that.

    But yeah, I wonder how many people will leave Dwarfensang Online if this [EDIT] actually makes it to the live servers.

    (PS: Yes, I'm pretty annoyed by this, as you might have figured out by my writing style)

    (PPS: In case I'm totally wrong and these rumours are wrong as well, let me know)

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  4. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    Why not?this is a good news for pvp.Why archers use net every time and mage have 1 minutes of meteor couldown?archers can use net every time,but for bonus to q7 set have couldown.if is realy news i think good job bp now.45 second for that bonus is good for pvp.and u touch enemis and not shot the net, same now, on your head for the bonus.good job.sorry for my english
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  5. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Simply "having to hit the target" would also nerf that set enough in PvP. Right now mages and archers are just randomly shooting Net and Meteor for that buff, but if they actually have to hit the target... they'll have a hard time.


    Well I asked someone on the Test Server about this matter, and apparently there is no CD at all. Meaning my post can be ignored. Just wondering who came up with those rumours then, because they are spreading throughout the entire server right now. Lol.
  6. mestamer67

    mestamer67 Padavan

    not in next patch,but they do that...
  7. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    "But they do that" is based on what assertion? What element you have to say that this set will be nerfed with cooldown, except of your personal supposition?

    Same kind of question. One post above you said 45 seconds cooldown... how did you get it? From where the "rumors" came from?

    Fixing a so glaring bug (throwing meteors anywhere just to switch it on) is absolutely fair and proper, a totally different thing would be nerfing the whole set adding a second cooldown (meteor for itself has one minute CD, that it is not so easy to avoid when you are in the middle of a fight).

    Devs have made tons of mistakes in past, but nerfing Q7 set would be a meaningless EDIT , I really hope they will be aware at least of this. Just think to all the people that have farmed seriously and harshly, without taking advantage of any trick, in order to move the yellow lines of their 2-hands weapon on the Herald staff... losing the starting weapon forever.
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  8. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    Hi there, i'm running the Q7 set and i find this buf timing too short.. we can only use it for just 1-2 hits and if you get lucky to get some close target to hit (i'm a war) BUT i have listened is intended to implement a 45 secs cooldown for that buff...well if you (devs) change this set status i would like to get the chance to revert my legendary weapon i melted on, and get back MY 600 pristine cores, 300 blazing and 300 black cores invested, and the chance to recover the frags (84000+60000) i used to buy the Q7 OLD set... cause this change you do makes a diferent set i played for.
    What about the effort to get there and face Herald, i tell you again ... THIS IS NOT THE SET I PLAYED FOR....
    you cannot do this... it is not serious and not fair about the EFFORT we do to GET and CRAFT those items.
    will you bring us back the anders, soulstones, ess, healing potions, and TIME we invested to kill the boss to obtain an item that NOW is gonna change??
    So in future... how we can be sure about play to get one thing in this game if it can get changed.
  9. fuzball15

    fuzball15 Someday Author

    at the moment their is no defence in pvp able to stand up to q7 set from dwarf and mage something needs to change im 5 years playing pvp and have high rank and now in its prescent state regardless of farming and my main toon 300 million glymph is not enough. im not saying nerf but change to whole aspect of pvp and i think this is the most important thing to be fixed at the moment and i see no changes made in this area in a long time. this is just my 2 cent worth and im thinking others fell the same way regards all steve
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  10. Dylannn

    Dylannn Board Analyst

    Cooldown would be okay IF AND ONLY IF this only applies to PvP. It's broken in PvP (and yes, that's coming from a mage...) and you probably know that. But it shouldn't ruin the PvE part where we can finally find groups again. Rangers can finally compete, mages can always change to q4 but that's not the point... People already transferred their legendaries into this set. All the work and effort would vanish by nerfing this set in PvE. As for PvP, I could understand the nerf.

    I also heard the bug with q7 set (where you don't hit the target with the specific skill but get the buff anyway) is fixed with R188 so that's a good thing.
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  11. Javah

    Javah Forum Duke

    Come on, stop speaking uselessly and out of place. Nobody have any sure/probable/plausible info about a cooldown/nerf of the set - that DO NOT NEED OF IT. Devs often show that they already have enough chaos in their heads, no need to put more on there inside.

    The only problem (= bug) is that now the set bonus could be improperly activated throwing meteor/net anywhere, even without hitting anything. And stupid people are taking advantadge of that. Solve this problem (= fix the bug) as it has been reported here, and that's all.

    Talking around I see that people are scared just for "rumors" that came from nowhere. Several of them already spent hundreds of thousands materi and destroyed their best weapon in order to move the enchantments on this set.

    Of course, devs are free to replace in a far/near future the set currently in the shop with a reviewed (= nerfed) version of it, as they already did in past for other sets. This is inevitable for itself, because it is part of the logic of the game, which may or may not like.

    But this do not have to affect all of us that already got the current set, after weeks/months of heavy farming, since they would have chosen the one of Q4 if just they could have imagined any risk of nerfing to the one in their possession.
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  12. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    This is the point!
  13. semen470

    semen470 Padavan

    exactly my thoughts, thanks !
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  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Since when a game is being balanced by making one set?
    The skills make the balance not the sets.
    Remove the q7 set end use legendary or any other items and you can see the real game balance ... which is nonexistent.
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