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  1. Rev

    Rev Active Author

    Exploding upon contact makes EA even less viable in pvp considering the high concentration costs. The explosion is what gives EA the powerful range advantage that it has. Making it so that it won't explode unless hitting something changes the range of the skill to that of precision or less. If they do plan on nerfing it like that, suggest a larger particle, faster flight speed, and longer flight range pre explosion to compensate. The skill is pretty glitchy as trakilaki mentioned..
    Losing range again as a ranger....here we go again, regressing to lv45.
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  2. Redkiller12

    Redkiller12 Forum Great Master

    I was meant to say that,if they actully make it like that,the arrow should at least explode if it hits a terrain.
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  3. MikeyMetro

    MikeyMetro Forum Overlooker

    Well this is obviously unacceptable then. Hopefully the devs will get this squared away before this goes live.

    Luck be with ye,
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  4. Llogos

    Llogos Junior Expert

    Ok, so they nerf the set bonus, while the SW has 9 seconds and not 3 like the other two classes after the r.194, they have the frozen sphere that explodes either way, they have the unstoppable ice missiles with q8 set etc etc etc and the rangers gets it again with making the EA to explode only when it hits the target, and as @trakilaki said, its missing the target. When the developers finally nerf a bit the SW? Q7 set bonus to 3 sec, ice missiles with mana cost, lets say equal to EA, and even cooldown time, with 2 sec in a set bonus to be with 0 mana cost only when you freeze an enemy, mind control as it should work the last skill '' when successfully you mind control a foe...'' and not to be able to use your skills with 0 cooldown time when the foe you mind controlled has immune, the ice sphere to explode only when it hits an enemy etc.

    -And why the banana is squint?-
    Do you find fair that he maggots are spamming the area with ice missiles killing everyone? Do you find it fair that they regenerate faster the mana among the other classes? Do you find fair that the teleport and regen the full amount of mana while no other class can do it? Do you find fair that you mind control someone that has immune and yet you can use your skills while you shouldn't? You and your kind is the ones who always cry for the other classes and all goes to shits. Do you understand that the dk needs the healing? Do you actually understand anything? And the same goes for all of the same kind as you that talks the same BS over and over. And BP falls for it because they don't even know their own game and how it suppose to work.

    Congrats to the developers for yet another nerfing of the RA class. Just delete the ranger from the game completely guys!

    PS: The only good thing with this release, is that everyone will get XP. No more XP Block for the twinks. Enjoy!
    PS2: The new currency bag is really good as well.
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  5. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Id like for ice sphere to actually explode when it hits an enemy like you suggested.It will be more usefull in PvP and PvE .As it is right now u have to put a certain range between u and your target in order to catch your target in the explosion range.Would be nice if it had the same range and speed as the EA has xD.
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  6. Steve-Ranger

    Steve-Ranger Forum Greenhorn

    Dude I'm not new here haha, waste your time - I would appreciate that (and to all 55s without lowlvl please don't stop crying!)
    But almost all of my buddies know how to get "just a few XP" per match so...
    But If you still wanna help us "lvling" then good luck mate. Just don't forget, you'll have to waste a few years :)

  7. Fugnuts

    Fugnuts Forum Master

    Nope.The ones wasting few years are the low ranks.The lvl 55s will continue playing events and improve while u can only do pvp..What for ? Dunno..no one does..since u can pvp at lvl 55 too and even get way more points than u get at low rank...And when BP finally decides to kill the low ranks and really force them into lvling u will be doomed...I mean..the lvl 55s will continue to evolve and play events, pvp..while u can only do pvp...so no more glyphs...no more gems.. no more uniques for u.Who is wasting years of playing then? The ones who keep improving their chars or those who only do pvp without doing any type of farming or event playing?...Genius...
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  8. Saved_81

    Saved_81 Forum Master

    Honestly that nerf doesn't make any sense. I haven't seen any RA becoming OP because of that bonus. In boss fights they can't reset the cooldown as frequently as they do in maps.. I don't get it, anyway, as they did with the Peacekeep when they nerfed it, the least they can do is to refound anyone that got that set (both the ones that made a transfer and the ones that simply bought it).

    About the change/nerf on EA, I suppose it was quite needed but I don't care about pvp so, the only fix I would for PvP is that they remove it from the dailyes so could never make a step into an arena anymore.
  9. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    Anyone have info about the new 'Karabossa/Magotina' sets weapon part?
    What kind of bow is that? And maybe stats (even if a low one)?

    Thou the set looks really creepy compared to the previous one without the crit dmg... Gives some boost, but also takes away a lot...
    Sadly only the whole set looks worthy cause of the last set bonus, but I cant check the weapon on TS cause i have no resources to farm....

    And how will that set be available anyway?
    The NPCs market has been modified quite a lot, but no set parts there... Only insanity...
  10. Demon

    Demon Forum Mogul

    There is a problem with this set
    .BP has a problem because they dont make bonus set diferent for each type of character.
    As a Dk i can never optain that stack because i need to be close to target to hit.They should make that stack on Dk based on block or somethig.Can be optainable in PVE but is unoptainable on pvp 1 v 1 3v3 maybe 5v5.
    The event is very annoying for DK we need to run after that witches when other characters just sit and shoot and the set is ok only for farm or 6v6 eventualy on slow or imobile targets.This is not so nice from BP.
    They realy need to make diferent bonus stats and enchantments for each class.
    In my opinion Dk is the worst class at the moment we all know that DK need to buff all stats in not like dwarf only speed dmg and life or as a ranger with crit and crit dmg, Dk need life, block and resist so that he can fight close range and crit because they dont have so much damage and you need to hit hard when you finaly catch the adversary.
    The problem is that rangers and dwarfs brake your armor and you are blocked naked in front of a touret or a ball that hit with +30k and after 3 hits you are ded.
    So the problem is that they should not brake the armor with 80% because im not a boss with zilions life i think they should reduce the braking armor to 50% in pvp for all clases including DK to be faire.
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  11. lewcar

    lewcar Padavan

    Reducing Q7 to 2sec just stupid and unnecessary.. OK people complaining about explosions in PvP well it's already being changed to explode on impact, problem solved. But no, Rangers finally useful at Boss again? Better nerf them into the ground again.. thanks.

    Ofc you look at 5year p2w characters and make you're assmptions and judgements from this.. its a joke.
  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    SW has not been nerfed not even once in the history of DSO.
    SW's skills are working even if they are dead ...unlike for the other classes where skills are getting canceled upon death. In my 5+ years of playing this game this issue has been addressed countless times ... and it has never been fixed.
    Yes ...you are probably not a new around... but you choose to troll with incognito account. That is the difference between you and me ... when I am trolling (which happens frequently) I am doing it with my main forum account which is related with my game account. In Balkan's term that is called:"EDIT" :)
    As for you and your friends ... you may know how to get just a few XP per match ... but this one is not dependent on you :D :D
    Remember previous Dragan event? When players were getting 1-50 levels instantly? :D I know exactly how to exponentially increase your XP so you can get more than few levels per match ... once the XP block is removed. Good luck with your "few XP per match" :D :D :D
    There is only one problem with this set ... it sucks balls. The old set was way better then this new reworked one.
    Nothing is solved ... the problems are just getting started.
    I can't say anything about the weapons because I haven't seen them yet. There are no portals to boss' rooms and the quest is not working because of that. So I can't see them in the portal window.

    This is the new progress bar

    The Blakborg map is completely the same ... except there is tiny passage in the top added to connect the both parts so the map can be run in circle.
    All Items have been removed from the shop ... they are not buy-able anymore.
    All the blossom the players currently have can be used to buy some misc items.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ... and as stated in the shop window ... you better use them while you can because they will be completely removed.
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  13. u6jsdf

    u6jsdf Forum Greenhorn

    could you elaborate what you meant by advicing to better hunt "increased attack speed with weapons" enchants quick? Will they be removed from the mod spawn table of weapons?
  14. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Increased attack speed won't be removed.
    But increased Weapon attack speed will be removed from lower level items.

    Oh i forgot :D
    The Augment Cores are most probably not going to see the daylight with this release. :D
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  15. u6jsdf

    u6jsdf Forum Greenhorn

    so this change only affects sub lvl50 items? Meaning in the endgame, increased weapon attack speed can still spawn, right?
  16. User330K

    User330K Junior Expert

    Thanks for the answer!

    Actually since the new items had been implemented there is no such magic option like fater weapon attack speed - only attack speed on the higher lvl items.
    And after the 194release the increased weapon attack speed wont be available for the lower lvl items either. It will be swapped with the attack speed increase.

    The increased weapon attack speed will only be on some uniques.
  17. stegon

    stegon Forum Apprentice

  18. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Oh, never nerfed? What about the chain lightning nerf, which hits only 3 enemies now? What about the lowering of resistances of watchman which renders it obsolete compared to dwarf's turrets? Both were never stated in changelog but indeed took place. Perhaps before I started playing there were even more such occurences. What about constant improving of other classes while SW gets nothing (higher limits on hp and armour for other classes and same dmg/crit limits for all, amethyst of quaizah value differences).

    It's not that terrible at high-lvl (after unlocking all the frozen sphere improvements), but before that it is a pain... Try playing SW and DK from start to, let's say, 40lvl. You will see the difference.

    Then look at ranger and compare it to SW (up to 44lvl). Ranger can mark a horde with hunting trap and net, then use a few PSs or spread shots to take it down. SW has to keep casting chain lightning until the horde dies off while constantly running, or freeze and lightning strike/fireball, which really can't take down a whole big horde. It takes a lot more time than for ranger, and even than for DK. Where are those "large area, powerful spells" stated in char-creation window?

    Then tell me which skills work when dying? None except for singularity (and every class has such a skill). Watchman dies when SW is dying. When casting spells (very easy to see with destruction) on death and on stun SW gets the "interrupted!" message, just like every class. If you mean that they aren't stopped in flight... well, ranger's skills are stopped in flight either, nor are dwarf's.

    While I agree that ranger needs some improvements... so does SW. Also, the q7 set for ranger needs a major nerf after the class gets improved otherwise, DK needs changes that make tank-builds the best possibility and prevent that one-jump-killing and, finally, dwarf... well, about this one everyone knows.
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  19. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    There is no "chain" in chain lightning. It takes more than 2 pieces to make a "chain". It needs to have another "jump" added so that at least up to 7 creatures can be hit.
    Or they should change the name to something like "Jump Lightning".

    Either way, it needs a boost in how much base damage it does.
    • The DK does Rageful Swing
    He hits for 100% base damage each to 1-10 monsters = 100-1000% damage caused.
    • The SW does Chain Lightning
    He hits for 49% base damage each to 1-3 monsters = 49-147% damage caused.

    I'm not saying nerf the DK, I'm saying improve the SW's Chain Lightning to make:
    hits for to 75% base damage each to 1-7 monsters = 75-525% damage caused.

    As for Frozen Spere, I can't see wasting any Talent Points on it. 70-80% of the time it's explosion is wasted. I try to use it. Just that you have to be so precise about how far you are from the "horde" that it just isn't effective, not to mention that it costs half your mana.


    I couldn't reply where you had this. It was in response to someone asking how to get on the Test Server.

    I tried this. It doesn't work. Keeps reinstalling the normal live server with release 193. I'm trying to get there to see more about the "Currency Bag" mostly. All the info / YouTube / etc that I have found is not in English or just glosses over it like ... "Squirel!' ... and then keeps on going on about other stuff.
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  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Watchman's resistance is the same as before ... but the monster's damage has been increased in all regions at all levels.
    If you are talking about PVP it is the same answer ... the arena is one shot fiesta since R158 (worsened with the latest expansion) ... not even The Terminator can survive the shots.
    Chain lightning could never hit more than 3 targets at same time ... it is the same today.
    If you are referring to this one:
    ... it was a bug and got fixed. Even the skill's description was the same ...
    That is totally invalid.
    How long are you playing the game and how many toons have you leveled up so far?
    So far I have been playing hundreds of toons ... half of them SWs ... and you know why most of them were SWs?
    Because SWs are fastest killing class in this game ... meaning you can get at desired level much faster than with other classes. We are talking about characters started from scratch with no gear and gems.

    As for the lower HP ... what do you expect ...SW is a fast killing machine if they get high HP they will enter God Mode.
    As for the other questions ... you can find the answers here in this forum.

    that is 77% base damage ... with 2 more points and Charged Lightning you get +10%.
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