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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, May 4, 2018.

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  1. unchained

    unchained Forum Apprentice

    the monster gives no loot if died from pyro missile please fix
  2. N55X08

    N55X08 Forum Greenhorn

    Im sorry, maybe I just dont get it, but could you Tell me why this Update is so good?

    In my case, and many others i have talked to, I spent countless hours farming Painful, until I got better and could go Cruel, then same, farming a lot in cruel until I got better and where able to go Fatal without problems. Then I became exited knowing that inf1 was not far away anymore and I could do Dragan in inf1 finally. And then... Update came, now even painful Mode is to dificult for me. And how am I supposed to improve my char with Mod1 drop???
    It's just starting all over again, nothing more...

    If I would keep on playing (which sadly I wont) I would have to Start farming in normal, til im good enough for painful, til im good enough for Cruel, and so on...
    Which I did already, and surely wont do again just because BP decided to to throw us back by at least a year of playing.

    Maybe I just dont get it, who knows
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  3. C8ilutzu

    C8ilutzu Forum Greenhorn

    Unfortunately no... you miss understand here... the mobs got better not the drops or the stats of their drops ... so as i see at the moment there is no chance that we can improve our characters with the drops from lower difficulties... this is just... i am afraid this game is walking on our hard work every time , every update and the "best" part is because some players can't even see that...what can i say?

    We are for sure very united as players...

    Yea how nice the boss became weaker than the normal balanced... but atleast the mage got buffed, right?
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  4. N55X08

    N55X08 Forum Greenhorn

    Yes, I know... I mean, playing in Mod1 painful now after Update, Is almost the same as playing in Mod3 Fatal but with Mod1 Drop before Update. Nobody would have liked a mod 1 drop in Mod3. So I dont understand why so many people are Happy with this Update.

    Basically, I think what the Update did is, making our chars worse, so that now trough a lot of farming/getting wisdom/Group talents/etc... In 2 or 3 months of hard farming we can eventually become as good again as we were before Update.

    And Im sorry but I see no point in that.
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  5. C8ilutzu

    C8ilutzu Forum Greenhorn

    You are totally right.
    Yes,i understand.. they wanted to pus us to work..
    but atleast don't make us to work HARDER for NOTHING.
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  6. N55X08

    N55X08 Forum Greenhorn

    Exactly, now only thing we can do is work hard for months, just to be able to play like we did before 209...

    Im glad there are people like you who dont take everything BP gives, without saying a word. But im afraid it wont change anything, because BP doesn't bother what their players say. This has proven to be true in the past already.
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
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  7. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    what healing spheres ? i cant event use this set because healing potions are halved tenfold.

  8. RoWaR

    RoWaR Forum Apprentice

    I find some things which not work:
    - from ranger aura group buff which increase AS with 21% in 20m dont work properly, example; if i put 15 lvl on him i have 15% AS and if i put 21points still 15% AS !! so stop at 15% and max here are 21%..
    - RUNE of WISDOM dont WORK. I have two rune of wisdom on my shoulders who give +2 (total +4) and the drop are same with or without rune on me. FIX the rune are very important for our progress. Thx!
  9. cdeepal

    cdeepal Forum Baron

    Cube drops seems much lower than before. After 2 hours of doing PW runs yesterday I only collected 12 cubes.

    Group level seems to be raising very fast. Is this intended? With the above 2 hours play, I am already at group level 25.

    Map boss on way to Arachna in Map 1 (Witch) seems bugged. It can be killed very easily and seems to have life even less than a normal creature. Same with the map boss in Grimmag Map 1. Dies so fast.

    Bosses in Circus Monostrum Map 1 cannot be stunned like other bosses. But they do hit harder now like other bosses. Seems off.

    The green circles that appear for group members are very confusing. We get very confused with that circle and poison spreads from bosses. In Arachna maps this is a life and death situation if you cannot distinguish what is a poison field versus group effect.
    I suggest that you change the color to something else other than green.

    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    Well im disappointed to say the least, before r209 i was doing inf1 and inf2 solo very easy and now with higher stats im having trouble even in fatal, dwarfs are now even more powerful than before , due to monsters and boss ressistance me as a mage dealing alot less dmg , so much for game balance
  11. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    To both of you ill reply at the same time. You lv up fast because of the members of the group ( number multiplier for exp) + inf difficulty.
    Now im playing inf 2 and 3 even eastier than before the game now is NO LONGER SOLO the whole update is so that you play in group, honesly start going in some groups and you will see how good and unique the update is , the stats you are missing will be given to you from the other members of the team FFS stop whinig ( mainly SUPERDUPER)not being able to play solo when the update was aimed to make solo play less frequent. About mages dealing less dame again wrong use the proper skills, look what element are the mobs and act, now think then act not brainless spam like before.On q1 for example thunder is op while sphere is weak as f

    To those who before said q7 was best for mages now it sucks to be you, q4 users can use empowered lightning adn the new buffed frozen sphere so we can react to the mobs elemnt to deal max dmg and not spamming lets say frozen sphere on ice bosses even with ++ 150 % dfmg its still cut by half
  12. N55X08

    N55X08 Forum Greenhorn

    That exactly my Problem now... I was doing Fatal solo, and now I struggle in Painful.

    My question is: what will you do now to get better gear? Because the drop is the same as before. You said you we're able to go Inf 1 & 2, so probably you have Tier 4/5 gear. But if now you barely can do fatal, which only Drops Tier3 items, what do you do?
  13. bigfoot_pi

    bigfoot_pi Someday Author

    i agree that the green group effect ground circle is confusing when there is green poison on the ground. i suggest make the circle more transparent(less visible) and change color to gold or something.

    I also suggest making the glow around the group player name level circle the color of the essence in use so we can quickly tell what essence others are using and in realtime. highlighting over the circle to see essence is a nice new feature and better than nothing but I believe essence usage needs to be visible without submenu.

    I hope the devs will hotfix a patch to make regular mobs/monsters and leader/champions weaker in the damage they deal. they do too much damage. painful used to be easy and i could farm first leader on inf2, but now i struggle and die sometimes on painful and for no better drops. if the devs leave the damage as is (please dont! PLEASE FIX IT!) they need to completely shift the drops/loot quality to match
  14. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    try scaling dungeons once and come when you do want to see your face when you are full with legendary items for 5 mins and the mobs are easy.
    Frm there for now its easier and its better untill you regain your wisdom to 60-70 + and then go on PWS when you have better resistance or simply play with groups its easy to be honest
  15. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    You can improve by playing painful

    All the early gear i crafted was from drops in Normal or painful
    Yes, you can get golden lines even in the lowest difficulties, the probability is lower than in higher difficulties, but that doesn't mean you can't improve
    Do you think stronger characters have always been strong?no, like yourself they started on lower difficulties

    Did you already start crafting?If you did you should be easily get back on your feet
    you'll probably be able to return to solo painful at least

    But it's strange to me that you can't even solo painful now, you were doing something wrong, if you were able to solo letal you should be able to solo painful and excruciating without difficulty

    now since you can't solo painful anymore for a while, the solution is too search for a group
    And if you can't find one, you have to play the scaling normal dungeons
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    SUPERDOUPER Junior Expert

    Still dont know, i had a
    still dont know , guess im forced to play in groups till i get more wisdom which will be in my estimation to reach full wisdom level about 2 years
  17. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    those runes are buggy like hell right now and all those who claim its a visual bug are either plain morons or just lucky that they work for them because i just tested those runes and even though i should have gotten 9 wisdom, 8 was the stack the monster dropped +1 from the rune,i still got 8, so if it had been a visual bug the fact that i was seeing 8 stacks i should have gotten 9. Guess what? didnt happen. this is just 1 of the bugs. like another fellow here on the forums pointed the attack speed group aura buff has 21 levels and yet only the 15 seem to work, not to mention the net buff group effect does not work at all. We really need a hotfix asap.
  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    If you were at 55 wisdom, it'll take a few months to reach maximum wisdom
  19. _G_R_A_M_P_S_

    _G_R_A_M_P_S_ Old Hand

    Normal mobs deal way too much damage while bosses are ridiculously easy. It is easier to kill a boss then to clear the maps on the way. Many players have to play on lower difficulties, not because they lack damage etc, but our defenses can't keep up with the damage a group of monsters can deal. Now in a group, monsters may get killed before they can hit once or twice. But solo, you keep running around and if you meet a large group, you re done for.

    I know this update was to promote group play, which it did and it s great. But sometimes you just wanna play solo. Perhaps because you just have 15 minutes to play and dont wanna waste time searching for a group. Or perhaps because you just dont feel like it. And what about solo LB?

    This update was also supposed to balance things. Now we may be able to deal more damage, so mobs get more defenses. Seems logical. But we don't get much defenses, while mobs deal much more damage. I used to get one hit killed in inf1 or 2 by certain mobs, now i get 1 hit killed in by them on excr. That is not balanced. And yes, i have invested the necessary points in defense, but still it wont matter since i m not playing a tank.

    This system might work for players with sufficient wisdom, but for beginners even painful is impossible. My mage (lvl 55, previous wisdom on lvl 37) survives fine. But my dk (lvl 35, previous wisdom on lvl 35) can't even survive a painful map, while before i could rage through a painful map like it was nothing. With gear on lvl 40, and trying all kinds of setups, nothing works. Good bye pw for this dk. It s really discouraging.

    Now here's thing. Early characters have low wisdom lvls and play painful maps. While older character have higher wisdom lvls, more advanced gear and play higher difficulty maps. Because early characters lack wisdom and developed gear, the wisdom has very little effect on those characters and therefore they cant survive a painful map. Therefore you cant increase the mobstrength in painful maps, like you do in fatal or inf maps. So i suggest decreasing mob strength (damage) for all maps, and to reset the damage output in painful maps to how it was before the update. Or if you were to base an increase of damage output on the old system, i'd suggest for example: painful 100%, excr 105%, fatal 110%, inf1 115%, inf 2 120%, inf3 125%.
  20. HellenicMacedonian

    HellenicMacedonian Active Author

    This talent does not work properly.


    The speed does not rise above 15%.

    ...And talents like this one


    ...with rising critical hit rate for 3 seconds every 30 seconds is not worth it.
    Last edited: May 31, 2018
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