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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by teddy.bear, May 4, 2018.

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  1. Drandel

    Drandel Forum Greenhorn

    I can't play solo anymore, my health goes down so much faster, and can't even tank as ranger anymore. I have had to use so much in-game currency just to complete a quest. Healing orb drops are so rare now that I actually have to rely on Universal Healing Potions. Those things are costly for a F2P player.
  2. RoWaR

    RoWaR Forum Apprentice

    You speak for me too....... this is a BIG JOKE ... i am so disappointed of you bp :oops::oops: , this event was delay so many times like the r209 and dragan event and this is it the big surprise?? you do not know to appreciate your own players, this is so sad.
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  3. Μorfeas

    Μorfeas Junior Expert

    I think the r209 it needs some fixes.1) will be good to take out knowledge points with out reset all talent line, each time we want to add +1 point or take out -1.
    2)will be more useful to can chance the set up knowledge (I,II,III,IV) inside the map if we we can chance 1 time only in the map and is stuck,only in town works.
    3)you must make more choice to put the special stones for knowledge and others.we have a lot of special stones and we cant used them not place to put..
  4. thouvou000

    thouvou000 Forum Expert

    Do something about that damn ping already. Ever since the update my ping goes up and down like crazy. From 80 jumps to 120 then to 180 then to 280 then over 300 then goes back to 80 back for a short while and then it balloons to crazy numbers again.I dont care about any short of code, just fix the damn ping that makes the game unplayable. Inf3 dragan on this ping? Suicide mission
  5. ViktorG75

    ViktorG75 Active Author

    Similar to me. With my ranger i clean Painful almost the same as before.
    I ain't play harder PW levels because of lack of time (casual solo play) and resources. Judging by the many complaints, it seems i was wrong! :confused:
    And, of course, mobs strike hard! We now have to move from one place to another to survive. Unnatural and unfair way of gameplay, isn't it!?!? :D:D:D
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  6. Archane

    Archane Forum Apprentice

    As a fairly new player who just recently hit lvl 55 and am at a lvl 34 wisdom, i don't understand how they call this a rebalancing. It's more like an unbalancing.
    I know there are really strong players in the game and i'm sure for those players this change wasn't that big of a deal, but for us newer players it seems what they have done is put us backwards. Before the update i could farm infernal with red essence and now i can't barely farm excruciating with red because the monsters hit so hard and i can no longer do any of the parallel world end bosses without dying multiple times on painful.
    Now can i get back to as strong as i was and possibly stronger? I would say the answer to that is a definitive yes. Between crafting and building wisdom i will eventually become much much stronger.
    But here is the problem i see currently. Because the update set me back so far, and because one of the ways i will be able to grow is too farm wisdom constantly, i no longer have a good reason to keep my deluxe membership for the time being.
    Now this doesn't mean that i won't ever have a need for it but for quite a long time while farming wisdom i will no longer need it.
    I'm not sure how many others were afffected like this but it may take me a year to really grow again because i can't play alot, not as much as i would like too, and so if i'm not paying for premium or deluxe for a year and i'm not alone in this, then doesn't that hurt the games income?
    I would think at least in the short term that's what they have accomplished is less income. I know some players have even said they are leaving the game but i feel most of the time that's an empty threat because we all play because there are many aspects to the game we enjoy and i for one am not quitting over this change.
    I would like to see a fix to put monsters on painful, excruciating and fatal back to the way they were to give people a chance to grow a little easier to the infernal levels but i'm not going to quit regardless.
    But i will let my deluxe membership lapse once it's done and keep it that way until i grow enough that it's worth having. I have all my bag slots open so no big deal there.
    I really hope that BP reads these posts though and realizes that they didn't really hurt much for very powerful players but they crushed the weaker players like myself trying to move up.
    I respect that they wanted to bring a more challenging aspect to the game but i think that would have been better applied to the higher levels and that way it would give all of us that are still growing something to really work hard and strive for instead of having to work extra hard just to maintain the ability to play above normal.
    I'm dissapointed in this update but at the same time i have hope that BP will read what everyone is saying and come up with a reasonable solution.
    And BP i just want to say, i don't mind contributing to your game and paying the deluxe membership month after month as long as i can see it's worthwhile. I'd love for you to make tons of money and keep this game going for many years to come. But i can't justify paying now unless some kind of a change happens to restore the ability to us weaker players to grow again without an impossible struggle.

    Ps. I would really like to see some kind of a fix happen soon because Dragan was the one event i was looking forward too more than anything after hearing so much about it and it's hard to really enjoy it immensely when the best i can do is play normal with almost no opportunity to get the better gear. I know that joining groups can help but too many groups want a tank for a dk and i'm not and i'm too weak to tank so it's not super easy to find decent groups either. Anyway i hope something really good comes out of this but only time will tell.
  7. VoulaAek1

    VoulaAek1 Forum Connoisseur

    It doesn't stuck. You must wait 3 or 4 minutes, i don't remember exactly, to change it again inside the map.
  8. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Before R209 the arena was completely broken .... after R209 the arena is broken on a higher level.
    Over the years you not just showed us that we were wrong when we thought things can't be worse than we have ever thought ... but you proved us wrong.
    After R155 we thought the arena is broken .... you proved us it can be even worse than that with the release of the "secret" Qaeda expansion.
    Then we thought the arena has achieved the ultimate high level of brokenness ... but you proved us wrong ... again ... with R209.
    If the arena was a one shot fiesta before R209 ... after R209 it is not necessary to even hit the players since they are all dying from a mark.
    This kind of balancing is an ART! Period!
    This balancing should be patented and you should get a Nobel Prize in balancing.
    Not just that ... the arena is completely bugged.
    Everyone has level 55 (including me) in honor tree ... without even earning the points.
    My armor and resistances are lower than before in the arena ... even if I am using the same gear ... and those stats were not related to Wisdom Tree.
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  9. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    They might get away with this state of the arena by saying that patch 209 was a pve patch and not the proper pvp balancing and bug fixing

    But somethings were here even before this release, like the random win/ loss in 1vs1
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  10. Cry0flame

    Cry0flame Forum Greenhorn

    just the casual question, when will BP start to use their brains, provided they have any?
    why does taunt from guardians/dragan knight or actually anything, overwrite tank aggro spell?
    it has to be an intentional "feature", since its in the game for too long now to be a bug.

    also, finish your release. when can't we use workbench properly to craft stones?
  11. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    there were bug that were inside the game for months or a year, they knew about them and didn't fix them
  12. ubita_ro16

    ubita_ro16 Forum Greenhorn

    question : this so called "update" 209 nerfed essences ????
    the difference in dmg is "insignificant" when i use blue / purple / red
    WAY to LOW considering 100% - 300% ....
    I mean the visual "boost" in the stats window show correct values ... but difference when hitting mob with
    green / red is pittifull
    130k- 140k / 150k -160k

    FIX it or ...[EDIT]

    Best regards!
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  13. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    I just wanted to share my opinion on Rangers Group Aura buffs. Cuz they bother me a lot. All three other classes have useful buffs.

    Poison protection - useless. If it were all resist, might be useful, otherwise, who cares.
    Stampede - bugged on 15%. The buff says 21points, each talent lvl grants 1%. ??????? Fix this.
    Unerring Instinct - ABSOLUTE FAIL. Like why do you ppl even bother to implement stuff that are useless? All other aura buffs are active non-stop in group, but crit hit, my god, it is luxury, must not give us all the time, just every 30sec FOR 3SEC?? It usually triggers while I am mounted, so no use to even invest in that buff.
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  14. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Are you sure others have useful stuff? Have you really checked what the others have?
    Umm... Every class has in the first slot of group aura a single resistance buff: DK - fire, SW - ice, Ranger - poison, Dwarf - lightning. Yet you are saying that this is useless and others' auras are totally useful?
    Yes... it is bugged, but not useless. And even if you cannot use it to the fullest, it ain't useless and bugs are to be fixed.
    So you completly didn't look at what others have. DK has a similar-working armor buff, dwarf has hp spheres regenerating resource and decreasing others' cooldowns once in 5 seconds. Only SW has both (aside of res) constant buffs, but... I could argue that crit dmg is capped and thus is useless for high-end, and that resource is not always and not for everyone useful.

    Regarding actual feedback, SW's Essence Withdrawal (3point) talent of Destruction doesn't work at all. Before it was bugged and like one in three times didn't work, but now it doesn't work at all. Please fix it.
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  15. MademoiselleCaramel

    MademoiselleCaramel Junior Expert

    I tested all day stampede buff. It does not work for me. 15% is max!

    I did not say stampede is useless. I said it is bugged. Read careful.

    I played with all classes. I saw that mages have pretty interesting buffs for crtdmg, and resource. Also dk gives valuable hp. I feel that as a ranger, I can't really contribute to group with my effects. Plus, if there are 2 rangers, we become even more useless.

    P.S. My post is for the devs. So peace out! Not interested in your thoughts! :)

    EDIT I came here to give my opinion about my class. I will not go and play every class, and test their buffs. ''Aint Nobody got time for dat.'' If you are not satisfied with your stuff, say it.
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  16. GoldenBoy

    GoldenBoy Forum Apprentice

    Well i gave the new R209 a other chance and i practice many different set-up's and my previous comment about the release were wrong.

    The new system is very good indeed for PvE and PvP.

    Today i can manage Fatal solo, which i could never before the R209.
    The only thing i would change is the Bonanza option...150 points for 106% increased coin drops is way too low, change the amount of points needed to 50 - 75 or increase the % to 300 to make it worth using.

    In PvP the same players that used to kill me with 1 hit, now need 3 or more hits to kill me a fighting chance to win.
    Removing wisdom tree from PvP was by far the best thing and now i can't wait for the new upcoming system of no gear.

    Finally BP is going out their way to really improve the game, changing ownership made a real difference.
    Good work dev team:)
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  17. Apolon80

    Apolon80 Exceptional Talent

    I dont understand why the DK is ... up every time? Every other class kills an inferno3 boss within 10 sec. I saw a dwarf with less DMG than me killing an inferno 3 boss in 10 sec. But I need 3 min to kill the same boss although I have more dmg, crit chance and crit dmg than this dwarf. Is that what you call a balance?
  18. Paavelsons

    Paavelsons Regular

    okey here...
    people stop complaining that monsters hit you hard as hell. there is now plenty of diveristy in gear choosing + with you play with wisdom you can make unbelivable suriving plays than ever before. or you go with full damage and die oneshot. boo hoo whos fault it is. game is complex its not childs game. yet we all sometimes act like childs me aswell.
    meaning. we ourself asked that new comers getting theyr gear too fast by twinking in with opier group, and make game harder. its not acutaly. we have our tools and brain to rethink our strategy with what gear we play.

    ofc there are bugs but as topic states "feedback" and players come here post bugs over wrong thread...

    i like this new wisdom thingy and game ballancing. i am so confused to say clearly wich parts are great but it is defently way better than before.
    biggest diversity would have been corret pvp ballancing with game ballancing. then people would run crazy (meaning where to ply now. there no there ahha there fun,,,, no pvp better, and they just go and play and people jump from diffrent farms to other farm. or thats just me :D

    sorry for my english.

    maybe i say this first time but here... "thank you drakensang for making my gaming experience fun."
  19. bigfoot_pi

    bigfoot_pi Someday Author

    ok. so today i improved my player with almost all new equipment and have doubled my base damage and have a little more health (about 51k).- am running a 2h ranger build. 1st of all- having 9229-11626 damage with green but rarely hitting anything with arrows over 4k unless you crit is just not right. please un-nerf my ranger! I just got destroyed by a champion archer with some sort of vicious bleed on arrow shots. with 1hit could take me down 50k hp after "bleedout"/hp sapping. thats not right. before in infernal2 the champions/leader class hit weak but had alot of defense. the patchnotes said infernal2 would be 30% less damage by monsters and 29% less armor- this is a lie or a joke. Please DSO team- PLEASE reset PW monster settings back to where they were pre-209, THEN do the 30% reduction as promised. inf2 was supposed to become easier, not impossible. I know there were some changes due to re-classifying the mosters into new categories but making a champion archer harder by making it do that much damage is just wrong
  20. Slabutul9

    Slabutul9 Someday Author

    With the new release which was supposed to ''balance'' a little the PVE, it just made it more unbalanced than before. Best sets for PVE for DK and dwarf include q7 set. Comparing the buffs both chars get 50% speed for HS/Smash and 150% dmg. But there are 3 other differences:
    1)Smash have 240% dmg, and thx to the new oil skill HS deal 612% dmg
    2)DK need a few second to activate the buff while dwarf with q8 set can have the buff 100% of the time
    3)HS doesnt need steam while smash need rage, so without flag you can't just spamm smashes like dwarf do with HS
    I have everything max on my DK +-. Tested a run solo at dragan with a friend(dwarf)
    With 29,7k dmg 24k crit 2.00 [Messenger link removed] speed and x5 critical dmg she killed dragan infernal 3 in +-9 sec
    With 37k dmg 24k crit 2,60 speed and x5 critical dmg i needed +-22 sec
    So yes PVE became very balanced with the new patch, with dwarfs beeing 3x faster than DK's in PVE and not only at bosses [external smiley removed]

    Edit: Made a comparison video

    Farm on a lower difficulty until you get stronger. The monsters doesn't have any problem but your stats are very low to make more than painful.
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