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Discussion in 'Test Server' started by trakilaki, Feb 22, 2019.

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  1. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Since we got some FAQ answers recently (regarding the wishing star as well, which is very nice), I'd like to get a statement on what's going to happen with the pet parts some of us still have.
  2. Novadude

    Novadude Commander of the Forum

    fwiw, the old pet parts that I had on test server (I know I had a medusa tail and a heredur hat) were removed from inventory once the event changed from the old version to the newer version.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    So I have just tested this one on Live server ... in case I have missed it so far ... but it looks it is a new feature in R216.
    When crafting ... the workbench is displaying the enchantments/base stats range from minimum to maximum values on items.
    This one is tough to be tested in short time ... so I will need more time.
    So far it looks like the workbench is showing up ranges per Tier ... I will have to check if the ranges are both per Tier and per Rarity.
    Displayed ranges are depending on the enchantments in the regular item ... but it seems to be affected both by the regular and unique item.
    They are being displayed according to the values:
    - ordinary white enchantments (range for ordinary values)
    - gold enchantments (range for golden values)
    - platinum enchantments (range for platinum values)
    Base stats are displayed from minimum possible to maximum possible value ... you can use my formula on Wiki to determine what is the range of golden/platinum base values.
    (Same magic item combined with unique items of different tier)

    Gold and platinum Enchantments

    I will need more time to figure it out how it is working ... whether it is both per tier and rarity or not. So far my theory is not working well XD

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  4. CreeperS4

    CreeperS4 Someday Author

    2 questions regarding the event for the people who are playing it

    1- How is the chest key drop? Is it the same as the last event? (1 key in normal, 2 at Painful+)
    2- How is the draken drop from the chests? I heard you can only get them from the golden chests. If this is true, they might have killed the reason why a lot of people liked this event imo.
  5. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Well, knowing my luck, I still won't get that stupid book, but it's good to know that it's possible.
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  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    For now, it's the same.
    Never believe the rumors... if one believed all the rumors that are coming all the time about this game, one would have died already to a heart attack.
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  7. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    If you look at Trakilaki's previous posts, he shows Draken Cores coming from the chests when there is no golden chest in the picture. Proof positive.
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  8. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    But he meant the currency... anyways, both do drop from the chests.
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  9. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    I thought resistance reduction could be stackable, but it would have been excesive probably
    anyway resistance debuff + armor debuff will work fine
  10. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You're kind of late with your opinion, the official answer is already here since the Wednesday.
  11. Arr

    Arr Forum Expert

    same pet wont stack.. so we can use heredur + asar + bloodmage
  12. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Yet another piece of thoughts.
    There is no lightning resistance decreasing pet. Lightning Strike already is barely more efficient than a Frozen Sphere.
    Increase the basic damage of the LS, improve its 5p. talent (probably by making it deal more damage to electrified foes), and add a pet that would decrease the lightning resistance of bosses.
    Otherwise it will be a major relative nerf of the Q4 set of SW.
  13. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Major? You make is sound like every SW who uses Frost Sphere is going to be using this pet. I'd wager that a vast majority will still be using things like a raptor or run-speed harpy. I'd say it is more like a minor soft nerf, at most. I don't care enough to do the math, but I'd bet the damage difference between Kartabosa vs Raptor is minimal for ice resistance, which would show how pointless arguing about the Lightning case would be. Don't forget, 30% less resistance does not mean 30% more damage because of the diminishing returns of armor.
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  14. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    @_Baragain_ im not sure but im prettu sure 30% ic ereductio shred is going to add a lot more dmg than 23% raptor. And yes Fs deals almost 400% because of 2 hits with 0 sets and LS with sets and upgrades goes to 500 . And with the pet the sphere will deal more dmg without any sets , the question is .... why is FS buffed directly adn indirectly so many times ? i Asked why isnt there lightningreduction pet but i got negative feedback. To describe its like taking Mighty Swing on DK buff it to 500 % without set and you have 240% smash set ,it just wont makes sence.
    Plus FS is good only against Arachna due to poison and Medusa ye they really want to give the q7 users a good time even when using Fs against grimmag.....
  15. Hetsunien

    Hetsunien Padavan

    Why I don't see Rangers complaining about Karabossa Pet, when the only poison damage attack comes from the 5 talent points Hunting Arrow which deals only 66% of the character's base damage?

    And then we have Mages complaining for this... Indirect Nerf???
  16. heror

    heror Forum Baron

    Wait you are trolling me right? Only ea deals fire Dmg and you and have pet for that ? Poison dmg is irrelevant ? Even you as q4 user you deal physical dmg and you have asar ? Are you just trolling me for no reason ?

    Plus what you wrote would be true. unless archer actually dont rely on that poisont dmg to kill the bosses....
    Meanwhile against heredur ,grimmag, herald and sigrismar i have to use LS
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  17. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    True. But, let's see anyways... (not sure where the %reduction from the pet goes in the equation though, but we'll see what I get in the most pesimistic - for the Q4 mages - variant)
    According to the formulas someone posted on forums before (and I reposted on the Wiki):
    R = 80 * LevelModifier * (Product of all the enchantment modifiers) * RankModifier
    A regular PW boss (no ice nor poison affinity), eg. Grimmag, has thus
    80 * 80 * 1 * 1.5 = 6400 * 1.5 = 9600
    of ice resistance without the pet. Formula that creates the percentage value:
    f(R) = R / [R + Φ(level)] * 100%
    So the percentage ice res without the pet:
    f(9600) = 9600 / [9600 + Φ(55)] * 100% = 9600 / (9600 + 6400) * 100% = 60%
    Now, with the pet:
    9600 * 0,7 = 6720
    f(6720) = 6720 / [6720 + Φ(55)] * 100% = 6720 / (6720 + 6400) * 100% ≈ 51%
    His lightning resistance is:
    80 * 80 * 0.5 * 1.5 = 6400 * 0.5 * 1.5 = 3200 * 1.5 = 4800
    f(4800) = 4800 / [4800 + Φ(55)] * 100% = 4800 / (4800 + 6400) * 100% ≈ 43%

    FS against a boss with no ice nor poison affinity without the pet:
    400 * 0,4 = 160 [%base damage]
    FS against a boss with no ice nor poison affinity with the pet:
    400 * 0,49 = 196 [%base damage]
    LS against a boss with no fire nor lightning affinity:
    550 * 0,4 = 220 [%base damage]
    LS against a boss with fire affinity:
    550 * 0,57 = 314 [%base damage]

    FS against a boss with poison affinity with the pet:
    4800 * 0,7 = 3360
    f(3360) ≈ 34%
    400 * 0,66 = 264

    And here I stopped. The above calculations don't take into account the mana regen from FS, which makes it cost less mana, but still, LS looks like stronger anyways.
    I was wrong writing about a major nerf... but still, it's unfair nevertheless, and it's a nerf nevertheless. It's a nerf relatively to other classes and to the other sets, like Q7.

    Moreover... I'd like to remind that the whinings of the past (eg. the one for the 2h weapons on ranger that broke the class when they added it later) were never withdrawn.
    Let me adress that example. Rangers had longbows, which were 1h, but had base values for damage somewhere around DK's sword (if I remeber correctly) and attack speed of regular 2h weapons. They had conc. cost reduction, too, and they could be worn together with a quiver, which provided them lots of crit, which could relieve them elsewhere, or with a shield that provided defence. The only problem was that the Black Warlord set and the new (by then) Dragan set gave them less %WD. But damn no, noobs kept whining for 2h weapons, rejecting all the arguments, and we have what we have.
    Just had a thought... if the devs actually did the math for what they are adding... maybe those crappy suggestions wouldn't get added, and the game would be better.

    I don't know. You can start doing it if there's something wrong about it... I don't see that.
    What does it have to do to the Karabossa Pet?
    If you meant Magotina Pet... well, it doesn't profit you. Just like it doesn't profit anyone else. But the pet exists.

    You are talking about a pet that is useless and I am talking about a pet that doesn't exist and would be useful if it actually existed. I am talking about the fact that for one of the elemental damage types that the players can deal, and that is crucial to a group of players, there is pet.
    Is it such a problem to add one more doll that would give lightning resistance reduction to the bosses? Add Sargon to the Circus and add his doll. Problem solved.
    Last edited: Mar 3, 2019
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  18. .RakshaRanja.

    .RakshaRanja. Forum Pro

    Indirect nefr of A4 set.

    Also, here's the math for "is karabossa better than raptor?"

    Damage on my current setup
    44000 [my damage] * 4,1 [sphere %] * 5 [ciritcal damage] * 0,4 [60% damage reduction] = 360 800 damage per sphere on crit

    Damage reduction on bosses
    9589 res = 59,97%
    9589 * 0,7 = 6712 res
    6735 res = 51,27%

    So when you're attacking boss with neutral skills (grimmag --> frozen sphere | medusa --> lightning strike) damage reduction will be about 9% lower.

    Your damage is already reduced by 60% for neutral skills so you deal 40% of your damage.

    Karabossa doll
    9% less damage reduction is equal to dealing:

    44000 * 4,1 * 5 * 0,09 [reduced damage reduction from doll] = 81 180 bonus damage per sphere on crit

    81 180 / 360 800 = 22,5% more total damage

    Legendary dmg raptor is adding (3100) of my total damage.

    3100 [bonus damage] * 4,1 * 5 * 0,4 = 25 420 bonus damage per sphere on crit

    25 420 / 360 800 = 7,05% more total damage

    21,25% [karabossa doll] > 7,05% [raptor]
    441 980 > 386 220

    Also, raptor adds less and less damage scaling with your "% more damage" totals. The more "% more damage" the less total increase from raptor.

    Please correct me if im wrong tho.
    Last edited: Mar 4, 2019
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  19. Marsicanus

    Marsicanus Forum Veteran

    Someone found pet's body in map1?
    I've completed 5 bars but 0 drop and only 13 feathers and 24 hearth in map2's chests
  20. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

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