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    Yes, no new pets. But to make it easier Gnob has a special offer: you can buy feathers and hearts for drakens.
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    Heroes of Dracania,

    We have received an early information from Game Design, on the upcoming Defeat the Undefeatable! event.
    More details will follow up with Release 227 Patchnotes.

    Info about the Chests of the Fearless:

    Be advised that all the chests can be opened without having to kill the bosses in the Circus Monstrorum first, so every player can open every chest as long as he/she meets the required level to enter the Circus Monstrorum on the desired difficulty.
    Depending of the type of the chests (wooden – heroic), they will have certain jackpot loot (amongst other loot) that is unique to their type, meaning there is certain loot that you will not be able to obtain from the other types of chests.
    The chance of getting the best jackpot loot will rise with the number of chests of the same type you have opened, meaning that when you open 4 copper chests, you will get all the possible jackpot loot of this chest type amongst other loot:

    Wooden Chest of the Fearless: Jackpot loot
    • 3 days of Premium time
    • 5x random epic equipment
    • Radiant gem bag
    • Doll body chest

    Copper Chest of the Fearless: Jackpot loot
    • 50x Golden yarn
    • 3 of all the Defeat the undefeatable bosses’ unique items
    • 7 days of Premium time
    • One of the 9 Defeat the Undefeatables pets in rare quality

    Silver Chest of the Fearless: Jackpot loot
    • 7 days of Deluxe time
    • Sacred gem bag
    • Jewel of Encouragement
    • Jewel of Contribution

    Heroic Chest of the Fearless: Jackpot loot
    • 14 days of Deluxe time
    • Royal gem bag
    • Gem of Enhancement
    • Rune of Enhancement

    Best regards,
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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