r248 patch #1 not good for dwarf

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Zeals, Mar 25, 2021.

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  1. Zeals

    Zeals Forum Apprentice

    So my question is why reduce the Oil slick debuff skill of the dwarf? I was killing the 4 mini bosses inside the castle for 1 sec and now it's taking 4 to 5 secs (Pain mode). For my opinion dwarf has been the least class after CE. C14 has not been giving enough debuff so we are relying mostly on the oil slick.
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  2. faxx1

    faxx1 Forum Apprentice

    Without oil stain 400k dmg, with oil (skill +13 !!!! , -46% debuff) 700k. Previously it was 400k / 3300k dmg. The dwarf only had an oil stain, now he has nothing at all ... they can't be serious. If this is not just another bug, there is no reason to continue
  3. YgBpt

    YgBpt Forum Apprentice

    Whats the point in playing Steam Mechanicus since you guys keep nerfing him.Ive spent millions of hours trying to build my Dwarf and since last update you nerfed his Oil slick-we mostly relly on that skill and uve nerfed it.When are you guys going to do something good for us Dwarfs.Its the most useless class compared to rest and now even more useless.Fix it stop dissapointing your players,you already lost a lot.
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  4. faxx1

    faxx1 Forum Apprentice

    and btw, even with pet ( another - 28% debuff) is not worth to use it . So Steam Mech. is scr*ed
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  5. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    They want us to leave the game maybe . Only Mages and Rangers would stay

    --- MERGED ---

    I just noticed that they nerf us again . It is a joke ??? Oil is useless and they given everything to singularity of the Mages

    --- MERGED ---

    Please we can't play , I spend so many time and money to build my dwarf .
    My suggestion is to let all Dwarfs change to another class and remove them from the game.
    I want Mage to continue play the game , dwarf is useless and you nerf oil once more

    Dwarf is weak in all skills compared to Mages and rangers
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  6. dkisbestithink

    dkisbestithink Forum Apprentice

    1. stop writing "remove this class" or "this class is trash" or "you broke this class" when a class nerfed

    2. you are saying 248 patch 1 is not good for dwarf but you dont know they did not do anything to class they have just FIXED BUGS
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  7. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    You're just a noob.

    Game has lots of problems and devs are screwing up what they can, but you guys are whining about one of the few things they're doing right.
  8. Fitzchevalerie

    Fitzchevalerie Forum Apprentice

    You are the Noob man, look at my video:
    Look my stats, and if u are a mage or a ranger with half of my stats u will do more dmg than me... look at 1.09 min, with 874k dmg i do a crit hit 888k.... OMG what do u want more? they ruin the dwarf right now
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  9. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    I am 5 years player with previous OP dwarf and now i am noob???
    try to play with Dwarf to see if you can.

    I want to give us mages or rangers and end this class because is useless.
    Most dwarfs stop playing and in 003 you cant find dwarfs at all.
    Do you like this???
  10. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    This is awful man , feel so bad that they treat Dwarfs that way
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  11. Dark-Bomber

    Dark-Bomber Forum Greenhorn

    totally agree, yesterday I played and it was normal, now it's nerf dwarf i don't know what they did to him, i prefer to stop playing
  12. sibano

    sibano Padavan

  13. depotilkisi

    depotilkisi Forum Apprentice

    dwarf has no skills anyway. they also took the existing skill. now even mod 1 doesn't cut it .BRAVO DSO
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  14. Glentorin

    Glentorin Forum Apprentice

    It's time to quit the game. garbage dso
  15. q1q1q195

    q1q1q195 Forum Greenhorn

    the dwarf is useless now it's practically like playing with a level 10 character with level 140 monsters so good luck bigpint keep on losing players I'm really sorry I invested so much in the dwarf just to delete it today with your game as well .
    GOOD LUCK you are some very smart people from bigpoint......
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  16. Macangelux

    Macangelux Forum Greenhorn

    Thanks for making the game worse.
    I think the time has come to leave it, I do not want to become another character, I spent too much time with my dwarf this is over.
  17. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    Where are you noob ???lets make a change and took my shit dwarf and give me your mage
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  18. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I think you're wrong on this one.

    They are nerfing the dwarf while pretending to do a bug fix, their typical dishonest tactic.
    They are nerfing an armor break skill to increase farming time yet again.

    They are setting a precedent.
    Next time they are going to come for the other armor break skills, such as singularity, you know, the ones that make farming at least bearable.

    If you want all bosses to become as bad as Mortis, you're welcome.

    I wouldn't suggest this, though.
  19. Hasanbey0

    Hasanbey0 Someday Author

    It is clear that you are illiterate. There is no such thing as attenuation, it happened as it should be. The error has been fixed, stop crying and stop dealing with other characters, especially the wizard.
    (Google Translate)
  20. amuntak47

    amuntak47 Someday Author

    Yeah because wizard is op right now but you don't give a EDIT about Dwarfs because you don't own a dwarf.
    Everyone must rise and act against the nerf of Dwarfs because next time they will nerf your class like they do to us
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