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  1. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    Neither of those were "accidental" and it's not a "bug" when the developer does it on purpose. The areas of code affected was nowhere near where they said they were working on. Not a mistake. Somebody reached over and "did a bad" against the players.... intentionally.
  2. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    With bad skills unfortunately you can't have anything significant other than a mild placebo effect on Dk.
    Gloves are useless, 10% on a skill that does no damage or at most 120% in this game does not help anyone, you see something from 300% onwards and with the armor breaker.

    Its synergy is also sad + 20% damage in the spiked shield even here a nice void, from the bosses it will almost never work and on the map it makes sense no because you will not see the difference if not the waste of time.
    This in Pve!

    Shoulder straps are the least worst: + 10% in raging impulse, -50% in poison resistances, on no skills except poison mastery makes no sense before and I think it will be after.

    Here I have to figure out if around 8k of the legendary king set bonus is worth that 10%.

    For the rest I would like to avoid using totally useless skills such as the support ones at this time due to a bad game setup they are an additional damage.
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  3. sibano

    sibano Padavan

    no dwarf no cry
  4. nicko17

    nicko17 Forum Apprentice

    I think I read your comment somewhere else or I thought I did.

    don't let them reach the end of the game so fast, spend significantly more resources so that when they fix it you have to farm more of those resources again, examples? "community" merchant putting premium, removing premium, putting premium and so on...
    lockpicks and chests and the subsequent improvement of gem drop of the same, after a while of the CE.
    the lowering of gems drop of monsters.
    the last hotfix, said that they made a "fix" about some destructor, and now it's there, cannot be done now...
    potions and recipes
    I think I could go on but I think you get the point...

    if they want to do it, it can be done
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  5. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    So you are suggesting, that a company releases a whole roadmap of changes and implementations, and that instead of adding new content, events, maps, parallel worlds etc, they will go full rogue and evil developer mode and through creating intentional bugs to keep us players occupied so we don't reach the so called "end-game" by changing what exactly? the Ring drop?

    If i was a developer, i'd intentionally change more stuff than just a ring drop to make players stay occupied that way, lmao. Are you hearing yourself? You are eliminating the possibility of these bugs created unintended, because that is the only way in your mind to get the upper hand, by hating. I ask you, how are we even able to start making scenarios of what happens in a company that we/you have never worked, neither know anything about workflows and internal structure. This is absurd! (not directed to you specifically only by the way, there's more people reading this)

    Let me think... This whole thing feels like i am in a movie surrounded by really bad actors. If you noticed, everything that comes out of people's mouth nowdays is basically empty words with no meaning(not even gonna mention their names, they have such a high IQ that i wouldn't dare name them), that is why it's a conspiracy theory. You can't prove anything. Unless some of them are secret admins and they know background stuff, maybe that's the case :D
  6. nicko17

    nicko17 Forum Apprentice

    What roadmap that was not fulfilled do you want me to put? 2017? 2018? 2019? 2020? I know that in some years there was no roadmap.

    I think it says gorga PW there, doesn't it?

    just in case I clarify that I have been playing since 2013.

    Now, you name me a single mistake that I did not put, because that seems to be one of the few that you may have missed without realizing it. I am not saying that we are being held back, but a player that does not play, what is he?

    I'm talking from the player's point of view, since we're talking about roadmaps, why all those things weren't made clear? it didn't say anything about the increased cost of potions anywhere for example, something that if many knew would have bought a lifetime supply of them. not all of us have a ts account in a position to test the content they're going to put in.

    developer I don't think, this has to be more of a business model, and in case you didn't notice, a bug is generated much faster and easier than real new content, not reused. at least that's what the history of dso dictates.
    and obviously i can't prove anything, and neither can you, otherwise we wouldn't be here. you can't prove anything because of the same characteristics that the game has of not clarifying practically nothing about the drops, which are practically what the game is based on, getting the best equipment and the best character.
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  7. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    You provided me this roadmap, and from all that stuff mentioned in there, your only example that makes sense and you used it was for Gorga. All the other things in that specific roadmap were implemented. What is the proof here? That just because the PW Gorga didn't get implemented 2 years ago, the developers are evil? What about all the other stuff in that roadmap that got in the game? What are these then? Please.

    Do you even know what a roadmap is and how it can be planned? It doesn't exist to provide you full information about what's coming up, but rather to "spoil" you and give you sneak peek, to get you in "hype". Now, are you telling me that from all the schedules you have planned in your life, ALL of them went according to your plan? 100%? And nothing ever changed? Come on.
    Plans can change, like in real life, and so can happen in games as well.

    Also what is this argument about bugs getting generated faster than content? Isn't it obvious? We are talking about software here, and when you are coding you are not a God, you can and WILL do mistakes that will cause damage to your product, humans are not robots.
    You need to understand, you are being paranoid and you need to stop finally. Everyone here has something to say everytime, but look at us. You are using a game's social platform to communicate and instead of trying for something better all you (not you specifically) do is point fingers and start hating on members developers mods or whatever.

    Well let me ask you this: WHY if you really really really hate everyone, and you think that they are evil and all that bs, WHY don't you just go away? Like for real, it's a game. Delete your characters, uninstall the game and go play something else
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  8. cogix

    cogix Regular

    what @nicko17 said is not a "crazy" opinion.
    Actually I agree what he said and I can tell you more:
    when DSO increased the drop of gems (release 246), first couple of days I was able to get trapezoid and royal gems, then suddenly the drop decreased and recently I spent about 2k infernal frags and got only 1 trapezoid and couple of royal. Coincidence?
    I remember those couple of days some players could get about 70k and more gem dust. They could increase their gems a lot, and now? What about other players?

    The drop of the rings was increased in the release 247 so you could find them by killing mobs in the map.
    With the r248 those rings are not dropping and one of the admin admitted that bug and said it would be fixed in the r249.

    Drops of cubes is also "variable", when there is a need to attract more paying players, those cubes are dropping more often.

    I am not talking about conspiracy, but facts.

    As another fact is that before the CE one of the admin said "your tier 10 items will not be wasted, they will be useful after CE" and many players, including me started to farm cores to craft those items and save all those platinum lines.
    And in the same time he said they (DSO team) did not decided yet about cubes, but he suggested to open.
    What happened when CE was released? I had my inventory full of legendary items with platinum lines and I still had my 20k cubes.
    In less than a week my main toon was lvl 100. What about those "useful" lvl 10 items? what about those magnificent legendaries with platinum lines? Just garbage.
    And what about cubes? garbage too. Try to open old cubes now. There are only green/blue/purple items.
    I spent my time and my money trusting those admins and "sorry" if now I lost the trust in them.
    And yes, I am still playing because I still have some days left with my premium, so I have the right to use them.
  9. nicko17

    nicko17 Forum Apprentice

    Man... The only thing left from that roadmap are the skins for objects and not much else, nothing new events to activate/deactivate, no need to name them, equipment update 1, 2, 3? It was practically all obsolete with the CE.
    Nobody hates anybody, and if you ever did at least a "hello world" in any programming language you would understand.

    Anyway, all those who don't celebrate every single thing they put, good or not, hate the game and shouldn't play it it seems, but criticism, listened to, is what makes something better.

    And what I come here to do is to see the new things that are going to be implemented, because from previous experience not being aware of something, for example the increase in the price of potions, and more being a DK, I was disadvantaged and a lot.

    Now with the issue of the shoulder pads do not despise that extra 10%, if calculated as I think, I tested it with 9 points and made a rule of 3, it would go from 264% with standard to 429% I see it very viable.

    The gloves are another thing, it does not call me because of the dead time of the skill, if it serves to spend less essences, but to survive it does not convince me, the speed of the skill itself is very little, even if you hit critical you will always have at least a fraction of a second without hitting and with attacks that can kill you in 1 or 2 hits does not close me.
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  10. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    That's my point, it's definitely a coincidence that the bugs happened in features that benefitted the players.
    And if they cared about them, they would have fixed them right away, we wouldn't have to wait a month for the fix to happen.

    I know you shills aren't living in reality, but in what way BP has released a whole roadmap of changes and implementantions when said roadmap wasn't respected for years by BP?
    Yeah, that's what they did, instead of actually implementing new content, they are trying to slow players down to mask the total lack of new content, such as say, new parallel worlds or new bosses.
    They are trying to frustrate players into paying and also they recently created bugs to stop the progress of players, like the ring drop bug( yeah, the bug was totally coincidental, i'm sure it is only just a coincidence that it appeared right when some uniques became able to be crafted).
    I'm sure that destructor was totally bugged randomly and not because they saw players killing him to craft his uniques, sure.

    Funnily enough, they found the time to fix and then unfix a bug of a skill of the dwarf class( they found the time to listen to some whiners) while they haven't still fixed those other two bugs who would be easy fixes.
    Sure, it's totally coincidence, sure.
    Errrrr, you'll find out that we're a bit sharper than the clique of [edit] on discord.

    Also, how about you do something about QA?
    How about you tell your boss to make the brigavik uniques craftable or to make the lingering memories map spawn more often?

    yes, the bugs totally happened randomly, just in the features that happened to benefit players, totally a coincidence.

    Also, the "hate" is well deserved considering the behavior of BP.
    Maybe they devs should stop behaving like that?

    Also, nice passive aggressive remark towards trakilaki, i'm sure you showed him, he's definitely trembling in fear.
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  11. ZEFYR1-CR

    ZEFYR1-CR Forum Connoisseur

    Gloves for me its 350k dmg up:) only 10% i dont thing its bad
  12. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    I agree with you. The effect produced would very limited also because it is subject to cooldowns and other variables, such as having previously "prepared" the enemies (in the case of the SW, it only works with those enemies subject to freezing effect). Furthermore, as I have already said, every apparent benefit must also be commensurate with how much it forces you to give up.

    Too bad, years of waiting for this Q10, or whatever you want to call it ... and this is the result. But after aberrations such as the Sargon event or the "new" Dragan set, much better could not be expected from people of such limited skills and expertise.
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  13. TwiliShadow

    TwiliShadow Count Count

    I'm an industrial programmer. I do systems that control huge plants. They all have thier parts.

    So let me put it in a way that would make sense to you. You take your car to the auto shop because the engine is making a weird noise. The machanic fixes it and when you leave one of your back tires is flat, which it wasn't when you got there. Mechanic says it must be a bug. *** It is not. Somebody took or let the air out of the tire. Working on an engine does not cause a tire to go flat. Not related in the least bit.

    Same thing in programming. Working on one area (use of items) has absolutely no effect on item creation (input). The part of code that causes the creation of the PW rings has nothing to do with the code for the use of rings/items/skins/ores that exist. Plain and simple.
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  14. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I don't know about programming, but my intuition would lead me to think that a connection with the code to drop the ring and the code to craft with the ring, exists in the random algorithm that influences both operations.

    the arrogance with which we place ourselves in judging the work of others to fill our frustrations deriving from not receiving what is expected should not exist in a virtual reality even if created in the image of the real one.
    I believe that this forum collects more the voice of the discontented and no one influences anyone, but only feeds the echo of the disappointed.
    So if you have something to talk about intentional bug of developers to low down the players, you need to open a new discussion because here is about r249/ test server.
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  15. gbit

    gbit Forum General

  16. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    The set is a disappointment but I try the shoulder straps, with the gloves I lose other bonuses that I do not recover, there is little to do and the effort to find the ingredients is not compensated.

    For the mage, the idea of balancing the damage and also moving it as poison so that you can do damage on bosses with ice resistances was not wrong.

    But now that I think about it there are the essence of poison and a 50% reduction on it is no small thing.

    Thanks for sharing, I hope the damage is the same or at least you see a difference and I wonder what this class did wrong to have downside differences.
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  17. RatsEatingMyCables

    RatsEatingMyCables Forum Apprentice

    Well said, couldn't agree more. Be aware that they don't appreciate different opinions though, they might start attacking you as well for saying otherwise. Like you said this platform only feeds the echo of the disappointed people, and those people are limited. EDIT


    You are using your proficiency to explain to me how bugs work? I suppose your proficiency gives you the right to know how everything works in a company you never worked? And what is this stupid example? Please friend, go somewhere else to practice your programming skills and your profession. Accept the fact that not everybody likes to hear to your conspiracy theories and crap!
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  18. gbit

    gbit Forum General

    why are you inviting other players to leave? because they don't share your opinion?
    seems you too...
    you must decide what you want;

    in my opinion, you are only looking for consent and whoever disagrees with you must leave the game, I don't understand such behaviour...
    you can say whatever you want in this forum (with respect for other players obviously), but is the same for everyone...
    or I can't have a different opinion than yours and I must leave the game too?
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  19. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Yes I thought the same for a moment. Maybe shoulders could be even more useful than gloves, since they offer somehow a diversification. Keeping two different experience settings, one on ice, to use while farming the maps, and one on poison, to use against bosses, switching from one to other.

    Maybe it might be worth of trying, the effectiveness of new shoulders is way harder to predict than that as far as gloves. Also mage class cannot actually count on particularly good shoulders, or that they cause who knows what loss if replaced with others... so why not.

    Lol. If such things seem weird to you, and you think they are the result of sick fantasies or conspiracy theories, then I wonder how long you have been playing this game. Because if that time is short, you are justified (but in that case you should listen to those who have been around the longest). If, at the contrary, you are a long-time player, then the situation is hopeless :) (to don't mention that no end-game build can be reached anymore, without trashing huge money in gems to dust).

    However you are free to keep your opinions, doing the same with those of others. There is no more goofy behaviour than acting to defend a company that doesn't give a damn about defending or justifying itself first.
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  20. Melethainiel

    Melethainiel Team Leader Team Drakensang Online


    I've been happily moderating here for a while now, have seen all sorts of drama, moaning, fights etc.
    Mostly, I stood by your side, trying to justify every mean post and every mean person, giving my best to understand (and forward) your frustrations. Because I'm a player, just like you. And believe it or not, I care.

    But lately, your behaviours are getting out of control.
    I would very much appreciate if you'd just take a moment before you post to think: "Will this get me banned?"

    Because if you cannot have a polite discussion about anything, I will be smashing the ban hammer easier and faster.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Good luck!:)
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