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  1. Errnar

    Errnar Forum Greenhorn

    You misunderstand those concepts. Facts are more like absolute numbers. Positive and negative numbers are those interpretations or opinions.

    And yes, I do agree with that "castle of words" that is build around the fact. But it doesnt change what the fact is. That "castle of words" is exactly what would be called an interpretation or opinion. Fact alone is neither positive or negative. On the other hand opinions or interpretations usually has positive or negative aspects in them.

    Until BP declare it, it is not a fact, but speculation. Probable or not is a different matter.

    For example DKs being discriminated with those fiery jewels isn't a fact. It is an opinion, though pretty much probable seeing as other classes has better statistics and only DK has lower statistics for some reason (I'm assuming dwarves have the same as rangers and mages even though there was no stats for their version, so if dwarves have the same then my opinion on that matter is in best case shaky). But the fact is - DKs version of jewel is worse comparing to other classes.
    I hope the difference between facts and opinions/interpretations is clear in above example.
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  2. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    I don't care if those ghouls have to make a profit, it's their business, not mine.

    Also, they can have an asymetric RPG without these artificial ways to slow down players.
    Couldn't agree more.

    And even in the most charitable explanations the devs still come off as slimeballs.
    How do you even achieve this?
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  3. EmilyRose

    EmilyRose Forum Duke

    I agree.
    The problem is that human people isn't able to look at the fact without a positive or negative opinion.
    the manipulation of the words around the fact change it until to be forced becoming an interpretation.
    The 0 drop rate of rings from monsters in the R248 wasn't accepted like a fact that will change in the R249, but it provoked a lot of words against developers and their intention to limit the players.
    The fact is became a negative interpretation.
  4. czarodziejedward

    czarodziejedward Forum Apprentice

    Fact 1: A serial killer murdered a whole block of people.
    Fact 2: My neighbour's hobby is planting flowers.

    I guess neither of them are positive or negative.

    Youre so intertwined into your own net of excuses you dont even realize it anymore since you act like you're neutral and beyond the issue.

    The fact is: ring drop rate has been modified.
    The fact is: ring drop rate couldve not been changed if it wasnt intentionally modified.
    The fact is: ring drop rate was modified intentionally.
    The fact is: ring drop rate is currently null and it couldve been adressed long time ago.
    The fact is: no matter how you put it developers modified the ring drop rate on purpose, made it (un/intentionally) null and then decided to ignore the issue for the time being. EDIT at the very least.

    THIS is facts. And as shown by the example above - fact CAN bear positive or negative qualities.
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  5. Errnar

    Errnar Forum Greenhorn

    Now i understand where are you coming from with that statement that supposedly "there are no facts, just interpretations".

    Well I disagree. People are able to look at matters as just a facts. It's just not everyone can do that. Not everyone is rational to this degree and, as it was shown earlier, there are numerous difficulties with understanding the very concept of fact.
    Moreover I cannot agree with the statement that fact becomes interpretation. No. Fact is a fact nothing more or less. More like some people might disguise their opinions as facts. Or just state that this is a fact when in reality it is just a mere opinion, nothing more.

    About the drop of rings. I wouldn't dare say that drop rate is 0, i would guess drop rate is lower, though it doesn't concern me so i do not know anything about that, so i can't say it is a fact or not. But this would be a matter of the facts. Just need the data to verify it. However talking about intentions of devs is pure speculation, might be based on facts and experiences and opinions, but still cant treat it like fact. So no. At no point fact became interpretation. From the beginning it was a speculation. More or less probable - based on individual's experience with BP, which i would guess usually isn't too favorable.
  6. Errnar

    Errnar Forum Greenhorn

    Fact is neutral. The first one being negative is based on human morality and has nothing with fact. It is an opinion. And i guess this is the only matter i would disagree with you.

    I totally agree that facts CAN bear various qualities, BUT they aren't immanent. They depend on observing subject. I didn't wrote anything about ring matter, as I just lack data about that, so I'm not going into this matter. However things you wrote sounds plausible as logical implications. Though it would be a stretch to treat all of them as facts alltogether.
  7. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    Can we get back to the release, please? I'm ok with participating in an intellectual debate ... at the right place, in the right time.


    In r249, when a SM's turret or a RA's wolves reach their time limit (but not if a mob destroys them first), they de-rez, then a moment later appear again, albeit briefly. As far as I can tell, this re-spawned minion is just an illusion, takes no action nor pulls aggro, etc. But it's distracting as heck during the middle of a battle to see a turrent pop up in a place other than you were aiming to spawn a new one.

    I've reported this as a bug (on the first day of r249_0), but perhaps it's a feature intended to cause us to get confused during battle and die more often.

    My question to my fellow forum participants: Does this also impact SW guardians and/or the DK's 3 knights (I don't recall which skill spawns those, banner of war?)?
  8. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    The regular guardian is fine. The Fire Guardian is doing some weird flickering though.

    Agathon's Guards work just fine though.
  9. Phyrix

    Phyrix Count Count

    eh you guys dont get it. maybe you are blinded by your years of love for a game.
    they killed all skill modifying uniques for the reason of pvp.
    and for the reason of balance
    they also killed the only thing that made uniques in dso uniques
    if they used skill modifying uniques in sync with their new system you might have looked at a really OP game.
    but this will never happen
    russia left dso
    south america left dso
    north america left dso
    They the devs hit the final nails in their own coffin when they killed skill modifying uniques
    its that simple
    no ifs
    no buts
    no uh waits
    It is what it is
    dso killed my pc and I left
    as for r249 watched the video and am mildly amused by the uniques
    amused as in haha its crappy and yet somehow still gives mages 300% dmg
    nothing new there
    mages boosted dks crying this is old I am tired of class battles as tired as I am of a game that killed itself with its implementation of bad uniques
    I literally proposed 100s of uniques for the game
    I never asked for anything in return any form of compensation they would have been welcome to use my ideas
    instead they the devs killed it all
    an old player contacted me on a social media platform just 30 mins ago
    enjoy r249 and maybe r250 if dso is still around.
    2021 2022 theres a looot of titles coming and returning
    what they decided to do with uniques, the things that made farming fun disgusting tbh
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  10. rjrichards

    rjrichards Forum Pro


    Release 249 was planned to be deployed this week but is now postponed to next week Tuesday, 20th of April. As you might have noticed the version is quite big and comes with the new Parallel World Gorga, further Parallel World adjustments, the Veteran bonus as well as a bunch of bug fixes and improvements. We learned from the past and are still striving for the highest quality possible and thus decided to give us some more testing time! We still plan to release the detailed patch notes this week, so you know what to expect from the release and what to look forward to! Thank you for the patience and your understanding! Your Drakensang Online Team [​IMG]
  11. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    It is shocking; shockingly good. If this is a sign of things to come, less frequent releases which don't require multiple hot fixes, I applaud the move.

    In the latest pre-release, version 249_10, the bug causing expired minions to briefly reappear on screen has been corrected, giving me hope that, a) They're listening to the player base testing the releases, b) Future releases have a greater chance at higher stability.

    EDIT: Well, the phantom minions bug is back, at least for my RA on test server. release240_13. Sigh.
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  12. Javah

    Javah Forum Veteran

    Other reason why they killed sets (even more than uniques) and put in items so low base values compared to those you can reach buying huge gems... is exactly that to sell huge gems. Well knowing that it may be the last chance they have to make some quick cash.

    Personally I never felt love towards a videogame, and I really do not envy those who waste their years inside this digital micro-world. It is called as "game" at a purpose, and life it isn't. DSO is just a pastetime and the vaste majority of players already understood everything you say. That's all true. Just look at the the sad desolation of the chat region, anytime, and you realize how most of people got tired of this product.

    Producers surely know it and they also well know the monster-titles coming on the ARPG scene this year. So what could they ever do?

    Nothing is forever bro. Anyway i am glad to have read from you again.
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  13. Nostalgiac

    Nostalgiac Advanced

    Well, this shows that they actually can fix bugs if they want. What we are all concerned about is the CONSISTENCY and TRANSPARENCY in game maintenance. Every release or hotfix, there are a few hidden changes and nerfs (like potion price increase). Also long-standing bugs that prevent progress or break core game mechanics are being left unfixed for a long time.

    If at least we got some info on what are the tracked bugs and issues, what the priority is for fixing them etc. I understand it is a small game and small team so I don't expect miracles. Just need that consistency and transparency, not impossible to do.
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  14. THQ1.King

    THQ1.King Forum Apprentice

    The truth is that many players have already left the game, or at least their hourly presence was not the same as before
    Imagine that someone left the game a month before the new update, then the new update came to find that his gems no longer work as they used to be, and he must melt the gems until the upgrades remain.
    The truth is that I often left the game already and waited for a year for special servers (so that there are more options)

    (Sorry for the english, google translation)
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  15. hacker09897

    hacker09897 Someday Author

    You can start pack your luggage from the game becouse new release doesnt help so much .
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  16. kuwabaraz

    kuwabaraz Forum Duke

    If you look at the joke that is the pvp now you can think that the only ones are a marginal thing, I had never seen so many "One shots" like now.

    I was hoping for more custom sets for Dk which is a melee class but it all died 2 years ago.

    A good thing is that there are no Op sets, but items that you replace over time and you can do so at any time if you find one with better stats. Gems have the value they should have, before you just had to have the OP set and the rest was almost marginal.
    The balance of classes sucks, and this has been the case for more than 2 years, the real problem with the game!

    Obviously the titles that should have been released last year are late and surely if I am what I weigh I can only be happy.;)
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  17. bassevents94

    bassevents94 Someday Author

    who this jewel designed did not play with a dwarf , because smash , precise shot , fireball are all skills with zero cooldown and works effects
    but by dwarf is the skill ' special shot ' and that have 1 sec cooldown

    ranger and dragonknight have double lighting bonus effect , for smash and precise shot has also bufed in lighting mastery and here +150% lighting dmg

    get fair option for all classes
    double buffed in mastery + jewel

    dragonknight = smash
    ranger = percise shot
    mage = chain lighting
    dwarf = quick shot