Discussion in 'Test Server' started by wavi, May 8, 2021.

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  1. ptitjed

    ptitjed Forum Apprentice

    about the ranger
    why will we lose the number of wolf ?
    i'm ok for the heal, it is now too much. but i'll use wolf not only for heal, but that help when there are a lot of monster. Just one wolf (stronger), it's not necessary what all rangers want. Why not put permanently on the 3 and why not have 4 ? And after we can choice with another point to change in one big or not ?
    We can see a lot of video about tries but on a few monster or in pvp , but not all play pvp.
    On monster, i think the demon on tetaconet for example (this for the quest of the 100) ; with him, a lot of little monster can appear and quickly. Then more wolf help (it's not for heal)

    ok 6 wolfs in pvp, i can understand it's less fair (perhaps, i don't play in pvp).
    but in pve, 4 or 5 with less heal, not sure it's bad. the ranger must mark in first, before to do good dummage. the wolves can help to win time on a group of monster, which one (bigger or not) not sure it'll be efficient.
    And you don't change possibility for the permanent, then you agree wolves are now necessary on rangers.
    i think the problem is not new, it's between skill pve and pvp ; perhaps it's time to have up grade in skill for pve and for pvp (not for all, but like wolves).
    silversees give detail for all classes, and on the wolves he wrote (less body block) : then he thought on pvp mode ? I can understand for pvp, but not all play pvp.

    i wonder if it's not better in the upgrade of the wolves, the possibility to have 4 and not 3 ; and permanent on the 3 or 4. And a last point for people who want to change on a big wolf.

    ok after problem on pvp, but it's always same problem since the begining of the game : skill pve and pvp ; perhaps it's time to create in the choice of the skill 2 types : one only for pve, one only for pvp. We have 3 choice or 4 according our premium, and 2 if no premium. Then put one only for pvp, and for example on wolf we cannot choice (only the bigger). That on ranger, but perhaps on others class same on a few skill.

    (sorry for my english, it's very bad, hope a few can understand what i wrote)
  2. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    If it makes you feel better, wolf healing got boosted from 5% to 15% last time I poked my head on the TS last night.
  3. ptitjed

    ptitjed Forum Apprentice

    it's not about the heal ; at 60% each wolf, it 's too much (i like but it's too much regards the others class)
    it's just about the game and how i use them
    Since the begining i play this game , i use the Thicket of Thorns ; then it's good the new thing on it, but like it's a line , wolf help to try to have more monster on line. Then, with just one wolf (stronger or not), it'll be more difficult to do that. For that i think 4 wolf with permanently can help ranger.
    I'm ok for less heal, 6 wolves seem too much, but with evolution of the game, i think 4 wolves it's what we need (no more, no less).

    ranger must mark in first, and have more monster on line ; then we can put a lot of dummage, but that need a few conditions for that ; then wolves can help (with one, it's harder).
  4. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    some things haven't be said: you cast one big wolf per time, but it doesn't despawn until death, so when the skill's CD has gone you can cast another big wolf and keep the first and you have 2 wolves, you can do the same again to get 3 wolves (when you cast the 4th the first disappears).

    Also, if the problem is the crowd control got with 6 wolves, you have the tree: before it used to be useless just because wolves were completely broken (and they still are, lol) but now this skill makes sense, the same is for precision shot after the rebalancing of scatter shot: finally the braindead spam ends... Or not: because 1s CD on scatter shot is actually 0.5s and with jewels plus 2h wisdom talent you spam it again.

    Removing armor-break on Explosive arrow looks apparently a bad thing, but now you can use it after trap and thorns when armor is completely broken to deal insanely burst dmg (1175% maxed).

    Current problems on rangers are:
    -Hunting arrow is useless until it hits only one target: we need it to mark so it should pierce some enemies... x1? x2? x3? maybe the best thing is "all marked enemies" like Precise Shot: in this way you can always use it to mark other targets and it isn't op because you have to spam it a lot to mark many mobs causing loss of great DPS.

    -blade dance: I always like this skill but it has the same problem with the animation probably since the skill exists, they can rework it making similar to DKs' swings: no more movement of the char, but a very large AoE swing.

    -deadly blow: those 30s are too much, you can reset it ok, but only after killing, so you need to calculate the dmg dealt and it's always rng dependant for crit hits.

    -10p talents on explosive arrow and deadly blow don't deserve all these points for what you get, the same is for "rising concentration" (useless) and "power of nature" (hornets spawned are bugged and deal literally 0 dmg)

    -elemental masteries: elemental conversion on all skills don't work, 50 stacks are too many (decrease this number to 25 and double the effects each stack) and res reduction is useless compared to armor reduction: they are a complete waste of points, especially because blade dance is a problematic skill and net is unplayable if you don't use 20-30 points only to empower it (after this it becomes op)

    suggestion: in MMO and group play also support talents are very nice and make the game funnier to synergize with other players... rangers have this marking system used to increase their damage; if 2 rangers play in the same group and one is weaker than the other it can focus to mark the enemies and let the other to deal dmg and faster, this is how teams work. Why don't extend this system for all classes? for example change "rising concentration" talent with an extra dmg bonus (e.g. +20%) against marked enemies to all skills that all classes can benefit from it (but only ranger can mark)? Just an Idea: we need something that needs coordination between members in the party: not simply group talents but interactions between different skills of the classes.
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  5. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    This was a bug and fixed now. If you select the special talent, you can't get more than 1 wolf active at the same time. (release250_3)

    agree. The explosive arrow will really be "explosive" with r250.

    As a ranger, I don't like that idea. It is a mobility skill and it helps a lot to run and evade attacks, etc. It is not a damage skill, and ranger doesn't need extra damage skill.
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  6. jainas

    jainas Forum Greenhorn

    Ranger's ''Explosive Arrow'' costs 80 concentration and i think its too much for such a skill and now it doesn't even break armor (i know they added armor break to thorns) so it doesnt worth for 80 concentration! If you a low level player or even with high level character if you dont have high ranked-up concentration runes you can't just use ''explosive arrow'' lol if you do then you can't use other skills they should reduce cost and now i think ''marking wave'' talent is useless, it lost his value due to new wolf passive talent (I am glad with this new Wolf mark thing) so they should add new features to this ''marking wave'' talent. Also am i the only person who think element talents cost high skill points?? we can't give points to elements after maxing usefull skills :(
  7. DreamWill

    DreamWill Forum Commissioner

    haven't tested it yet, thank you very much so I won't spend time.

    you are right, but because they can't fix it since... 10 years ago? lol. Create a complete different skill and problem solved: it's so annoying this. They already reduced CD on dive (since CE) and can improve adrenaline in several ways to compensate this rework. Also it won't be a dmg skill, but can be a debuffer skill if it marks again or with the elemental reductions from masteries, and even if it's a pure dmg skill.... it will be a 360° skill and we haven't this.

    Also I noticed only now that all classes use a special skill (blade dance - RAs, frozen wind - SWs, banner of war - DKs, jump SMs) to improve dmg of basic skills, so we have 2 classes (SW and SM) that deal dmg using the basic skill and not the others... Shouldn't be the opposite? Use basic skills to get the stacks and improve dmg of other skills. Imho it will be much better
  8. kanlıhançerr

    kanlıhançerr Someday Author

    It's not the skill's problem itself but the game's own problem. It's called rubberbanding I'm told that they'll do a technical analysis to overcome that problem this year. Hope they'll be able to fix it.
  9. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    Yes, they never did this for years, but they'll totally do that now.
  10. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Self-critting with Bloodmage has been removed btw. I don't know if this change happened earlier, but I noticed it as of r250_4.

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