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  1. dkarl

    dkarl Forum Duke

    This is based off of version _0, so subject to lots of change, of course.

    I'm focusing on the 10th Anniversary Event.

    • There are now quests (talk to the Town Crier in any urban area; he'll tell you to go to Phestos in Kingshill)
    • One quest asks you to collect a Mark of Bravery ... the text suggests that they intend this to be obtained before you enter even the base Dracanian Anniversary Arena, but I had one Arena Chip from last year and successfully entered, killed the (143) mobs, got the rewards
    • ... which were awful. Same 5 chests, but limit of 1 item per chest now:
      • 2 chests with 1 Improved item each
      • 1 chest with 1 Magic item
      • 1 chest with 1 gem (Simple Cyanite)
      • the main chest with only Forfeit Chests (in my case, I entered on Painful with my level 46 Ranger, so the reward was 2 Forfeit Chests for the new Terrifying Shadows Arena)
    • In addition to the 11 arenas from last year, there are 5 new arenas (based on the Event details; I only had the one Arena Chip, probably won't play any more, at least on TEST server)
      • Anderworld
      • Infested Sewers
      • Terrifying Shadows
      • Riot of the Rocketmen
      • Dracanian Challenge (???)
    • I don't see a common factor in progress units levels per each progress bar
      • I'm guessing that they vary, and range from 11 to 15, depending on the arena
      • So we'll need something like 321 Forfeit Chests
        • but of the exact correct type ... if you're playing the base Dracanian Anniversary Arena, you'll get random Forfeit Chests, so may have a bunch of waste by the end ... was similarly a problem in the past
        • That's a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 30 Forfeit Chests from specific Arenas
        • Specific Arena Chips cost anywhere from 13 to 180 Realm Fragments
          • Buying every Chip and playing on Normal will cost you 17,317 RFs
          • That doesn't include the Dracanian Challenge bar ...
            • you can't buy Chips for that Arena (assuming it is an Arena)
            • perhaps you can only obtain those Chips with a lot of luck from playing the base Anniversary Arena (at 10 RF per Chip) ... which means your cost for Dracanian Challenge may be anywhere from 300 and infinity Realm Fragments?
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