Bug Rangers are getting 50% less dmg with EA because of bugg

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Redmaii, Aug 31, 2016.

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  1. Redmaii

    Redmaii Forum Greenhorn

    Hello guys.

    I was making some tests about the main range skill (Explosive Arrow - EA) after BP did changies is this skill. Well, I figure out that the 2th explosion is getting 50% less dmg than shoud be.

    The tests are sample: i removed all my itens that give me dmg and crit rate. With that, my base dmg is always 302 and 0 (zero) critical rate as we can in the picture below:


    After that, i puted 5 skill points in the EA as in the picture bellow:


    and start using the EA in some mobs is Paralel Word (PW) stone keep that have 50% armor/resistence. Firsly i did some tests using EA with no marked targets as in the picture bellow:


    From the picture (please, read the text in the picture), we can see that the dmg from 1th explosion(
    red arrow in the picture) is OK, but the dmg from 2th explosiong(green arrow) is given 50% less dmg than was to be, that is, the 2th explosing should get 250% of 320 that is 755 dmg. As the armor from the mobs is 50%, the HP removed(called dmg_final in the picture) was to be 755/2 = 377 hit points. But the removed HP was just 302 and it corresponds to one dmg with just 200% to the 2th explosin of the EA (since 250%). See: 200% of 302 is 604 and considering the armor from mobs, the removed HP is 604/2 = 302 (should be 377).

    Well, after this test, i did a new test considering marked targets. Again, the 1th explosing is OK (is given 250% with marked targets), but the 2th explosing is given just 200%. Look the the picture bellow:


    Conclusion: the 2th explosion from the EA is given 50% less dmg than should to be. 50% is a LOTS!!!
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  2. AdrianBarral

    AdrianBarral Forum Greenhorn

    You are wrong, the skill works correct, if you read:




    You will understand it fast, I am sure. It's normal that a explosion hasn't a 2x dmg whit marked.

    It's clear enough? Good luck.
  3. Troneck86

    Troneck86 Forum Great Master

    Yes, a marked foe who is initially hit by the Explosive Arrow will suffer 250% base damage if they are marked. He is saying that the explosion is not doing 250% base damage to those around the blast radius after the initial hit. He is saying it is doing 200% base damage. No where in the description does it say Explosive Arrow does 200% base damage.


    He/she is not wrong. It is a bug (and already been reported 3 weeks ago). But I guess they are focusing on "temp banning" the exploiters...
    I remember the last big ranger bug (thorn thicket) took them 1.5 years to fix, let's see how long this one is gonna take :)

    It's even worse when considering that we are missing that damage on an armor debuff (talent 5), where the 50% extra damage on a ~13%armor mob makes an even bigger difference. Not to mention that you pay a lot of conc and essences for it.
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  5. draco994

    draco994 Active Author

    good job brother.. you really worked on it to find it too.. really appreciating
  6. Reinier

    Reinier Someday Author

    I think the OP has showed that the Talent Dwarven Powder has no effect. I did not test but I presume that explosion damage will remain 200% with or without the talent, correct?
  7. ImmortalDeath

    ImmortalDeath Junior Expert

    I can confirm, I did these same tests in Stonekeep by myself, when i was choosing whether or not EA's armor break was worth it or not.
    At least for PvE, I think EA is very underpowered (armor break is far too short) and it costs too much concentration and ess.

    personally, i think best fix for this would be reducing EA's conc cost to 50 and increasing explosion dmg, while reducing initial physical dmg.
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