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Discussion in 'Creative Corner' started by Orologas98, Aug 25, 2018.

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  1. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    i'm asking the balancers of the game to do something about that ridiculous ability!!
    I face rangers that play with 'Bounching Blade Bow' and with upgrades to the ability they get like 20 concetration cost to blade's dance . The base dmg goes to 85% +200%=285% no marked or 85(1+200%) = 255% no marked not completely sure.
    Thats insane for an ability with 0 cooldown and practicly 0 cost.
    Even without that Bow it shouldnt be used all the time spamming a EDIT button, because its range isnt fixed but controllable by player, so there is not a clear view of where he is going to land to aim your abilities there + it can do slow and stuff.
    It has also some bugs to the player itself like returning to the starting position etc.
    So my suggestion, just like you did with dk's ability Fury of the Dragon
    Put a delay in between consecutive casts 1 sec and make clear the borders where the ranger is gonna land like the border lines of supernova (that conceivable circle)
    Please consider my suggestion
    Thanks, in advance
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  2. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Yet another useless class rant... written by a noob who doesn't really know anything about game mechanics.

    First off, what class do you play yourself?

    1. Do you know their stats vs yours? They may simply be way stronger.
    2. Do you know how hard is it bow to make it really strong? It requires a ton of draken and cores to buy one with good stats and augment it to the t6.
    But what is the casting speed? For a honest player it takes a few seconds to fully cast the ability. Of course, there is some sort of cheat/bug that lets the ability to insta-finish like a teleport... but that's a different topic.
    Its range is capped at 10 metres. Moreover, it cannot pass through obstacles. Also, if he jumps right through you, you can aim the direction he is going in: he can't curve the trajectory. With the slow casting speed, the ranger is really, really vulnerable when using BD.
    Hint: The position on the minimap is already updated when the ability is executed.
    What bloody slow? It does only marking (2p. talent) and bleeding (5p. talent).
    Bugs are irrelevant to nerfing the ability.
    See a few quotes above. The minimap already shows everything you might need (and I never need it - also read a few quotes above).
    So... do you even know why that micro-cooldown was added to FotD in the first place? And do you even know what would it do to BD? Exactly nothing. The cooldown for every ability starts at the "cast frame". This means that the 1s would always pass while the ability is in progress and be never noticed. It happens with the dwarf's jump: over half of the cooldown passes while executing the ability, and a single SC or waiting 2s lets him jump again, and again.
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  3. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    OK dude, come play vs lvl 47 EDIT ranger in grimmag server and show me systimatic way to beat him we are 2-3 ppl in 5v5 full dmg and he doesnt die in an instant 2 secs like he should. And no he has better stats he dmg is average . Of course im not talking about lvl 55 junk pvp. To me it doesnt seem right to spam 1 ability and win like this because there is not a counterplay face 2 face you got to teleport away reposition and stuff. Whats the problem with what i say to put a cooldown of 1 sec when ability is over (my example of fury of the dragon wanst correct). You mean you have a way of counter it and hit him without missing any spell with 1.41 attackspeed i have ? Im glad to here a systimatic counter play . Because of course someone mage with 2.7 speed in arena and with herold staff maybe do 6 fireballs and hit 2 and kill him . For lvl 55 i suppose is not a problem
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  4. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Well, I've met him. He is probably a twink... look up that word. I'm not really sure, but he might be abusing some bugs, too.
    His dmg might be average... his defence (and, as of last time I met him in pvp with one of my lvling toons, running speed: that's why I'm suspecting him of cheating) is not.
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  5. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    does it happen to know me ? im essenceofmagic lvl 49 mage now
    He has around 14k hp 71% armor 51% resists i tell that about his tankiness because i can do to him 17k crit frozensphere and get him oneshot block rate isnt good 44% and strength 57%
    Anyway i am disgusted of the way he wins 3v3 ,and his overall style '
    Problem is that i cast frozen sphere for example a one spot to where he is gonna land and then he has it again sometimes dodges my stun in a strange way i dont know

    --- MERGED ---

    When he engages me i do frozen to myself sometimes and deliver a good 6k dmg, but i feel like it is like lottery game than a mechanic game. If i have all abilities up 99% i beat any stationary ranger you just has 1 jump
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  6. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    Maybe just record your fight with him and upload it to YT, and then post the video here, so that we can analyze what is happening and perhaps see whether he is doing something fishy.

    By the way, there is a probability we have met, but I don't really play much with my lvling toons, pvping only for clovers.
  7. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    First of all i want to know what exactly you are . Are you and ability balancer of the game (my message goes to them, i dont know what active author means) ? If you are a player i have my own opinion i wouldnt even bother get in the process of discussing. I'm writing here because i want something to be changed in game which i think is completely frustrating. And this only person i know that does it when i play. So you can just throw my whole suggestion in the trash can .
    Second, i dont have any programm to record screen and im focusing in game when i play and not rcording or whatever never was a stream or video maker
    Third, i dont think what he is doing is a bug or some type of cheat its just like the ability works in many situations
    Fourth , he has youtube channel actually watch this video: and this one
    If you think that winning like this is ok, then im out i can understand how all you think inside there !
    Im talking about how the ability should be and whats the proper thing to happen!
    And no its not my preference of how rangers should be played.
    That ability has almost everything, offensive, deffensive side, untargetability even burst if you stay in front of the the enemy and do it
    My point is to break that continuity and consecutive casts, you shouldnt be able to do all these with 0 cooldown
    If you try to stun him he does adrenalin or jump and the same problem occurs you cant need 3 ppl to hit to kill an idiot like him , which other ranger him same stats and not blade dance of the time would do that.
    And im telling you again if you are ''good'' player , supposing that im not , tell me a systimatic counterplay neither running away all the way back nor needing 3 ppl to hit like crazy to kill him.
    Im not focusing on the dmg ofthis ability or the ppl he played vs in the video and also i dont want to hear you trying to convince me that this is balance only way to do something that i could approve is tell me a secret way to break that continuity or put a cooldown of 1 sec to this ability.
    Its probably not a bug but you know you are smart ppl you maybe call it bug when you get on this topic and problems like you did with explosive arrow. All time from when lvl 50 was released explosive arrow always exploded at the end of its way but no now it consider a 'Bug' the is fixed in r212 realease, not an 'Ability Rework' .
    I want this to change at first place that why i wrote but if you ignore me in the end i can at least say that i tried something to solve this other than flame everytime we lose a flag cause of this ''ability'' and ''player''
  8. ΣMiwel

    ΣMiwel Forum Ambassador

    No, I'm not. If you are writing in the forums, you should expect other players to reply. The devs probably don't even visit the forums. The mods however view the forums frequently, and they forward what the players write to the devs. The more endorsed a topic is, the bigger the chance that it'll be adressed by devs. If you want your feedback to be directly forwarded (forwarded, because it also goes to the mod team first) to the devs, you can try writing to support.
    That (and any other thing that is written in its place) is simply a forum title that depends on the number of posts and likes, and thus is a mark of activity.

    Well... the problem is, ranger is the kind of class from which we would expect that gameplay method. I don't see it as a problem of the size of EA exploding at the end of the trajectory. Then it was based on blindly firing a skill in the direction the enemy is coming from, incredibly easy hitting from a range that grants total safety and it did actually let to create kind of "killing wall" by firing 2 or 4 (adrenaline) of them at slightly changed angles, let alone what happened when two or more such people stood next to each other or when you faced such a ranger in a narrow space (especially 3v3 and 5v5).
    This time it actually requires getting in close range and leaves one very vulnerable when executing the skill, unlike then.

    I guess my method meets your requirements:
    1. Try not to let him approach you closely. It isn't that hard with EA not exploding at the end of the trajectory.
    2. When he uses BD, either to get closer or actually attacking you... don't escape, don't panic. Launch a fireball (not FS nor LS, since they are too slow) aiming at where the end of his trajectory probably is. If you can't measure it with just your eye, help yourself with minimap.
    3. When he approaches you at the range of the FW, do MC+FW, then if he escapes use FW/FN (depending on which has him in range) and FW or TP+FN (depending on which you have already used) and unleash the hell when he is frozen.
    4. Try hitting him with destruction from range - if you manage to hit him, he may be instantly screwed.
    5. Last but not least, use the terrain. He cannot jump through obstacles, and if you keep close to them his "tactic" (I understand your annoyment, that's simply DKs' charge spam version lite) will be hindered.
    I could go on with such tips, but I'll wait and see how you take these... if you are satisfied I might post more.
  9. Anyki

    Anyki User

    Hello there,

    I understand your frustration with the current experience in the PvP arena. Of note, in a Twitch stream some months ago, BP has announced they will be reworking the PvP arena altogether. While suggestions are welcome, we are basically in the phase of waiting for this large change to happen. :) Chin up, it should address some of these old imbalances that have been around for a long time!

    (Unfortunately, we do not know when this update will occur.)

  10. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    Of course, that EA update is something i approve because i did the sidesteps required to dodge first phase but then always took dmg or died from the explosion!
    I'm playing around 2 months arena vs him or with him , from when i was lvl 44, well keeping a proper distance is something i do and also i use in 5v5 arena obstacles to my advantage
    As for destruction i dont play with that ability actually, i play
    1 fireball
    2 teleport
    3 singularity
    4 frozen nova
    5 guardian or destruction(when vs mages in 1v1 or 5v5 i pick destruction but most times i use guardian )
    C frozen sphere
    V mind control
    Left click frozen wind
    Right click / Tab ice missile /magic missile
    Could this frozen wind in left click and not having it in any other key or right click be part of my counterplay problem ? Also not having a hit like magic missile? Because to me it made the most sense to have hits that you can consider basic attacks no cooldown -no cost have them in clicks so you wouldnt need to spam a keyboard key rather keeping right click down as long you attack and then having normal spells cost / cooldown in keys so you press them when ever you need them.
    I realise actually that frozen wind left click is 70% of times a bit slower if you enemy especially moving in a circular way
    So if i had this in right click lets say i could freeze the area in front of me so i could catch at where he is gonna land actually and maybe have the time to do 1 or 2 hits there
    Also, i have seen some ppl hit him directly at the position he lands like their attack is remote controlled or aimboted on him. I think that is having a hit magic missile fireball lets say to left click
    In 1v1 or 1v1 scenarios, he doesnt all in like an ape all the time he play from far away trying to hit me then when he comes close he engages, so its hard both to deffend yourself both to engage him if i do telport stun he dodges it and i lose my escape then if i do mind control 1-2 tps to get distance he runs away as well.
    Problem is he is bad player 100% really EDIT, if you see the outplays i have done to him you could realise but he engages like he is the best player in the world
    Even that he engages 3-4 ppl in 5v5 and doesnt die in 2 secs for me is problemetic because noone other player anyhow else could do the same and its all due to this particular spam and not his stats
    DK charge yeah it was annoying was alot quicker but at least had some more conditions to check and at some point you could break that up for 10 secs in lvl 55 it was for sure because dk probably wont die in these 10 secs space or have something else dragon hide from example
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  11. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    So, let me get this straight. You are playing in twink territory and because you can't beat a stronger twink, you want the developers to rework a skill that can be beaten, especially when the two players are of comparable strength?

    Fortunately, BP helped fix this problem a little when they got rid of XP blocking, but until all these cancerous little twinks (this includes you too, in case you couldn't tell my opinion on twinks) have been forced to level up and fight in end game PvP, you'll just have to deal with it. If you don't like fighting him, there is a really easy fix... go do some quests, level up to 55, and start building for end game. Then, after you have 4-6 months of experience playing PvP at LVL 55, then come back and tell us how broken blade dance is.
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  12. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Those videos are only showing twinks and cheaters.
    It is funny to see that player have shared his stats in other videos ... BUT when playing arena he is censoring out his stats.
    I don't think so.
    There are many cheaters and exploiters.

    Also nothing is wrong with the Ballet Dancing skill.
    Last time i was actively using that skill was in the time when level 40 was a cap level (my balled pants got outdated ever since) ... that doesn't mean the skill is not good it is just not of my liking. and of course you have to know where to aim and hit when someone is making pirouettes around you.
    It is the same like any other similar skill ... in example DK's jump. When a DK jumps in front of you you don't see anything but you can't move forward and then moments later he lands on that spot (the damage is dealt only after he lands). Same is with the Ballet Dancing skill.
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  13. Orologas98

    Orologas98 Forum Apprentice

    Fortunately, BP helped fix this problem a little when they got rid of XP blocking, but until all these cancerous little twinks (this includes you too, in case you couldn't tell my opinion on twinks) have been forced to level up and fight in end game PvP, you'll just have to deal with it. If you don't like fighting him, there is a really easy fix... go do some quests, level up to 55, and start building for end game. Then, after you have 4-6 months of experience playing PvP at LVL 55, then come back and tell us how broken blade dance is.[/QUOTE]

    Dude your reply is completely irrelevant and for the trash can.
    Game balancing should consider pvp in every lvl and not only lvl 55 .I know this guy and he is not xp blocker, his char is new has 30 lvl wisdom farmed from june's dragan event
    So did i , my char was an old one 3 years ago around which was just left and then i started playing again 1 month before june's dragan event. So time worth playing is around 4 months
    I started lvl 32 with old essence event set and lvl 36 wisdom i did dailies with mentor bonus 750 wisdom per day when i was playing back then
    I ended dragan event lvl 46 did some biggamehunt event farm and thats all now im 49 with all the pvp
    All my items are after r210 tier 1 and tier 2 and my stats have lacks low crit chance tankiness etc
    I'm a completely pvp player and thats the reason im focused in mechanics and abilities and combos and not stats
    Never had actually good chars and max lvl chars
    These old low-max lvls you say and you insult me that im too and i return you the insult are actually now more playable as opponents with the wisdom rework
    So that was a good improvement from company and i approve them and congrats them!!
    The only meaningful answer i got is that a pvp rework is coming that will balance everything i saw that stream actually and im happy that there are gonna be new pvp talents.
    I called lvl 55 pvp junk and i dont like it you cant question me for that AND you cant tell me that im a cheater or whatever
    If you told to me [EDIT] i would laugh calling me cheater and twink i would punch you to death if i had you in front of me ok ?
    In Conclusion, Get the [EDIT] and never talk to me again
    And the reason in lvl 55 why blade's dance is not a problem is mentioned in previous chats.
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  14. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    It is balanced for every level except "Twink" and in case you couldn't tell, I couldn't care less about your type. PvP needs to offer 10x more XP than it is offering right now and that would fix about 90% of the remaining issues.

    Then I guess I should be really glad that I have the internet to protect me from a big mean tough guy like you. I admire your confidence in saying "I'd willingly commit premeditated murder and assault against you if I had the chance." Unless you are a kid and think that threatening to beat someone up on the playground is an acceptable way of handling conflict... then you just need to grow up.

    You are lowering my opinion of you with everything you type. Keep going. I'm curious to see how low you can drop before the mods step in and close the thread/ban you.
  15. KingKrazy1

    KingKrazy1 Active Author

    Dude, chill. I understand gamer rage. I play shooter games too and yell and curse and such, but this is a forum. Remember from history, the Romans, slightly more civilized than the barbarians? If you want your opinions to win on the strength of your fat hands, go to a place where that is relevant. That place is not here.
  16. EverElite.Konradgut3

    EverElite.Konradgut3 Forum Greenhorn

    Hi, i am owner this ranger, i play 7y. I have skill and everytime change my technic killing players if no work. Why i play on this bow? bc why not this is only game i use too shoulders troll traps. Idk what a problem u have Ess mag :D go create that ranger and no problem. My films in youtube is for fun bc i play for relax. Thanks for vievs :D
  17. sargon234

    sargon234 Commander of the Forum

    guys, we have a badass over here, i suggest to be careful around an internet though guy
    And no argument can pierce through the strenght of his muscles, he has that superpower

    Do not even try to explain that there twinks in this game and that the arena is full of cheaters

    And he'll also punch you if he meets you IRL
  18. _Baragain_

    _Baragain_ Living Forum Legend

    Judging from his silence, I guess I didn't have to wait that long.

    Next bet: When his ban is over, does he come back and make a bigger fool of himself, or does he actually learn his lesson and demonstrate a little bit of grown up manners
  19. Mal3ficent

    Mal3ficent Guest