Recapture 6/6 Brigavik

Discussion in 'Quests' started by NotWhoYouExpected, Dec 4, 2020.

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  1. NotWhoYouExpected

    NotWhoYouExpected Forum Apprentice

    Title. I'm at my wit's end. Am I just dumb?
  2. Zeals

    Zeals Forum Apprentice

    Please fix this bug. Nothing is seen inside the Brigavik. I tried to cancel and accept the quest again but nothing happened. Thank you
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Here is the answer

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  4. NotWhoYouExpected

    NotWhoYouExpected Forum Apprentice

    Update: I tried doing the quest with a friend. We paid the materi but the monsters did not spawn. We reset the map looking for them on the Outskirts but the quest guidance led us back to Brigavig. When we entered Brigavig a second time, the materi storm was gone and the path to the top of the map was incorrectly open, since we didnt progress with the misssion. To fix it, I left the group amd discarded the quest. I redid it solo and everything worked out.

    The problem, if I understand it correctly, is that there are two seperate instances of the map. The one where the storm blocks the top path and one where it doesnt. This is not a new thing of course, there have been multiple instances of the same map nu.erous times before, but the placement of the travel stone is particulary bothersome since its blocked by the storm at fitst. This should make the map impossible to port to, which isnt the case here. Porting in spawns you past the block and effectively breaking the quest.
  5. AmazingCrowley

    AmazingCrowley Forum Greenhorn

    please i need help.... i want to finist this quest Recapture 6/6 and i need to defeat Mardoll the Dark in Brigavik. But i cant find him... quest navigation doest work... it keep sending me away out of the map... i dont know what to do.. please help
  6. .Queens

    .Queens Forum Apprentice

    I had the same problem. Cancel the quest and accept it again. This should work.
  7. karekla123

    karekla123 Forum Greenhorn

    guys i am in recapture 6/6 and i cant kill this mardoll it doesnt spawn and it says to me to enter map again and then the same i have cancel the mission and the problem still it is a bug or no pls let me know
  8. menestrelul

    menestrelul Someday Author

    I Have the same problem.

    ΜΑΤΣΟΛΑΣ Forum Apprentice

    i did cancel the quest too because it said to defeat all monsters and there was nothing. I did it again i lost 1500 more materi and now i can't find Mardoll the Dark , i don't want to cancel again because i'll lose 1500 more materi. Something has to be done about this quest

    I hope Support is going to fix the bug and return to us the lost materi for restarting the quest
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  10. mehri11

    mehri11 Forum Greenhorn

    dark mardoll tüm haritayı kestiğim halde ortaya çıkmıyor. görev yönlendirici de çalışmıyor. cardhun sokaklarında başka kapıda açılmıyor. oyunum baştan sona bug. bunu düzeltirseniz bir an önce sevinirim. hevesim kursağımda kaldı :)))
  11. loki75

    loki75 Forum Greenhorn

    14-12-20 still cant find Mardoll the Dark in Brigavik . how i ll go to the next quests, they will fix this , i miss something
  12. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    They weren't able to fix it last time they hotfixed, so there's a bonus code BRIGAVIK that gives some MFs. I suggest dropping the quest, picking it up from the dude again. When you go in, don't kill at the mobs, just walk straight to the guy you need to talk to. Only start killing stuff when it tells you to. There's quite a few quests in their new quest line that have the same issue - if you kill something when it doesn't tell you to, it screws up.
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  13. Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous Forum Greenhorn

    where can i take brigavik quests ?
  14. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Brigavik quests are part of the Anderworld questline. You need to have completed the Qiazah region + reached level 55. Assuming you have, I think it's Kingshill or whatever... Anyways, look for Jon Sunlair to chat with. It'll eventually lead to Brigavik.
  15. Miscellaneous

    Miscellaneous Forum Greenhorn

    hey @silverseas , i finished brigavik. i make Lor'Tac and Qaizah quests and opened. thank you so much!
  16. ldso

    ldso Advanced

    Congrats on finishing :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the game ^^