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    Time Table:

    Date: 11th of September 2013

    09.00 am CEST UTC+2 start of 30 min countdown
    09.30 am CEST UTC+2 restart
    10.30 am CEST UTC+2 all instances live again

    Synchronization of release 109

    Release 109 makes the parallel world dungeons available to players level 30 and up, and automatically adjusts the difficulty level and level for many item drops to reflect your character's level. The gateway through Anne Reed is no longer in Ellonidos, but rather in the harbor of Jarlshofen. We've also eliminated a number of bugs and installed "atriums" for all existing parallel world dungeons; this is intended to reduce the load on the chat system and make it easier to find suitable co-players.
    This is only the start of further improvements to the parallel world dungeons: In the future all items will be scalable, meaning that you'll always find suitable loot for your level. We're working on a continuation of the Ammon quest series as well. We're also putting together a more elegant solution for the group search function.

    New Features
    • 7 new quests have been unlocked for Myrdosch.

    Important changes
    • Parallel dungeons can be played from level 30, with opponent strength scaled to reflect character strength:
      • All monsters adjust automatically to the highest level member of your group.
      • Effective immediately, the "Lord of the Dead" quest series in the Sea of Shadows must be finished before the "Between Worlds" can be started. To this end there is a new transitional quest.
      • The gateway from the Sea of Shadows via Anne Reed is no longer in Ellonidos, but rather in Jarlshofn.
      • The parallel world quests are now consecutively numbered for easier communication between players.
      • New "atriums" have been added to each of the parallel world dungeons. This should make it easier for groups of like-minded adventurers to form.

    • The elixirs of experience have been fundamentally reworked and are now available in five different sizes in the shop.
    • Grizmek the Tamer new also sells pets.
    • Travel rations have been removed from the shop, since they are no longer needed.
    • The quota of experience points that can be farmed by high-level characters (level 40+) in low-level areas has been reduced.

    Selected bug fixes
    • The warrior's boots level 50, incorrectly offered by the merchant in Andrakasch, have been removed.
    • All buffs received in Andrakasch now show the correct icons when applied. The cool-down for the "Myrodosch Dwarf Brew" and the "Dumplings with Sauce" were reduced to the proper 30 minutes.
    • The problem with the invisible will in the "Ocean of Bones" was eliminated.
    • The Myrdosch Magus Crystal (item level 43) now has the proper icon.
    • The icon color for "Velocipede" was adjusted to the proper frequently level.
    • Potential problems with clicking on the dragon idol in "Stalgard" and the crystal boxes in the "Gleaming Mountains" have been fixed.
    • Player characters are now completely immune to the spellweaver skill "Mind Control"
      • however, they still cast a frost nova when they lose all health points
    • The last quest in the "Eye of the Beholder" series has been split into two individual quests; the series now comprises four quests in all. This does however mean that players who have already accepted the quests may experience errors for now.
    • Opponents summoned by monsters that are under "Mind Control" by a spellweaver now only fight for the players for the duration of the spell.
    • Unintentional selection of skills that are not currently executable will no longer stop a character's movement.
    • The light by Bearach in the "Eternal Grove" has been corrected.
    • The Spellweaver’s skill Singularity has been fixed: the closer an enemy/player stands in the middle of the singularity, the more s/he is affected by the effects of the skill

    Known Issues

    • Andrakasch: Quest names: An age old dispute, Evil Dwarf Lager
      • Once a player has completed these two quests, the player can repeat them but will not be rewarded again once s/he has completed the quests.
      • When receiving a universal mana potion as quest reward, the name of the potion is missing, the player will see a place holder instead.
      • In some cases the tooltip of quest related items displays a wrong character level requirement.
    • The name of heroic dungeon waiting room chat service is displayed as a placeholder.

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