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    Release 110 contains a variety of improvements and bug fixes for you. It also makes the rainbow unicorn available from the Tamer.


    Time Frame

    9:00 am (CEST UTC +2) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)
    9:30 am (CEST UTC +2) start maintenance (takes at least 60 minutes)

    New Features

    • Grizmek the Tamer has captured a new type of mount. Starting immediately he has unicorns on sale, as well as his normal stock. In addition, some prices have been reduced and the icons made uniform.
    • Several special offers are now on display in the Shop under the "Pack" category. The improved Gem Box is now also available in a 10 pack.

    Important changes

    The balancing of the monsters in the Parallel World dungeons has been adjusted:

    • The strength of the monsters and the volume/quality of dropped items now rise from dungeon to dungeon, as was the case prior to release 109. That means that the monsters in the Kingdom of the Dead and Grimmagstone are significantly weaker again. They are somewhat stronger than before in the Cultists' Tower, however.
    • All champions and medium bosses in the Parallel World once again have significantly fewer hit points (with the difficulty level rising between dungeons again).
    • The hit points for the illusions of Khalys have been lowered.
    • The hit points for Mortis and his bodyguards have been reduced.

    Selected bug fixes

    • Monsters in the Parallel World no longer heal completely when the group size rises (i.e. when a player rejoins after a respawn).
    • Resistances for scaling monsters are now functioning correctly again (against skills like Fireball, Lightning and Chain Lightning) and reduce correctly through singularities or head butt.
    • The tool tips for the Parallel World map now show the correct level ranges.
    • Fire auras and fire explosion for the champions in the Parallel World have been reset to the proper damage levels.
    • The tool tip for the Scroll of Teleportation to Jarlshofn received through the Message from Ammon has been corrected.
    • The quest "The Secret Project (6/6)" can now be re-accepted after a failure or cancelation.
    • In the quests "An Age Old Dispute (re)" and "Evil Dwarf Bier (re)", the drop chances for quest items and rewards for the repeatable quests have been corrected.
    • Incorrect error messages for group battle registration have been removed.
    • We have followed up on your reports of opponents who respawn outside your range or who walk into walls and can no longer be attacked. They should now behave properly.

    Known Issues and Last Minute Fixes

    • except for German, all other languages display the tooltip on the heroic travel map as a placeholder text.

    • Hold ground quest can be started multiple times at a time.

    Additional notes on the Parallel World dungeons:

    The monsters in the Parallel World are intended for groups of 3-5 players. They are always of the same level as the highest level player in the group, and gain a small amount of strength for each additional member of the party. The strength boosts starts at the strength for 3 players and stops at the strength for 5 players; the ratio is thus more advantageous for parties of 5 than for smaller groups. If you defeat the Parallel World monsters, they drop XP and items for all players in the group, with no deductions.

    Go forth and conquer, heroes of Duria!
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