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  1. -necromonster-

    -necromonster- Junior Expert

    Please keep posts on topic with regards to the Release.
  2. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    Enough, no personal attacks.

    Feedback does not need repeated, this isn't a discussion thread, the more arguing back and forth there is, the more lost the actual feedback becomes.
  3. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    OK ... after that hotfix ... another problem came up.
    Rangers shields looks like are floating in the air way off their back.
    Also there is a problem with drop animations of items. When you get some (not every) item drop, you can hear the sound and if you hold ctrl you can see name of the item ... but the item is not there ... animation of droping item appears 4-5 seconds later. I would not consider it as lag ... since everything else is normal ... drops of coins, andermants, cot ....
  4. SillySword

    SillySword Regular

    When my level 45 DK fights Kristoff or Mikoff in Stalgard, Smash or Mighty Wild Swing still consumes few rage points when Banner of War is active. It randomly happens, not always. I'm not sure Technikus Foreman happens or not. They all are foes spawning turret. There is no such problem when my DK farms Ocean of Bones.

    I found this when Defeat the Undefeatables was running (R116, Tegan server) but not seeing other DK reported here.
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