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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Callisto, Jan 21, 2014.

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  1. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    Release 117 is live, please read the patch notes HERE, and test out the improvements and changes. Unsure of a bug fix, what one of the notes mean, etc, ask here and we will answer as soon we we can.

    Serious questions only please, off topic discussions will be deleted. Posts such as "why is this patch so bad" will be treated as spam.
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  2. NikkoN7

    NikkoN7 Someday Author

    Will be fixed the old fragments from Mortis that they can be used for the quest? Or we need to collect them again?
  3. Ashelia59650

    Ashelia59650 Active Author

    I read dwarf uniques and artifacts were up to date, Sargon's banner was forgotten.

    My question remains the same, can they certifiy the dwarf's uniques weapon, shield or hammer, and helm are available on Mortis or forgotten too?

    Why is the artifact cannon with the " same stats " as the dragonknight's 2 hands sword but with -40% dps?
  4. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    There is plans being finalized so your time and fragments aren't wasted.

    Can't give details of yet, since it isn't final, but it is in the works.
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  5. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    Callisto, why?
    This is pathetic, please tell my why you just deleted my post when the only thing i do is asking why the previus post was deleted, now please tell me this, why do you delete all of my and theusens posts?
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  6. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    We're only supposed to post questions regarding R117. She says in the OP that any other stuff will be deleted. So we have to word our questions w/o our opinions :D
  7. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    I know it seems harsh, but in the end its easier for the moderators when it comes to reporting things back to community management and above. OR getting answers for everyone.

    Its a new thing, but every patch, a Q&A thread will be created, and a feedback thread.

    And there is always speakers corner to truly vent frustration. (within the rules of course)

    Now we all need to shush, cause now I'm doing it too ;D
  8. -XeniaX-

    -XeniaX- Forum Greenhorn

    And Callisto please reveal yourself as an adult and responsible teamleader.

    Answer the question instead of descending to pre-schoolmanners and just delete it. To delete a post just because it does not fit excactly what you want, is just not the way to run a forum.
  9. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    Actually deleting a post because it doesn't fit the threads actual purpose is exactly what I can do.

    I will not continue to argue about this, or the privileged of the thread will be removed.

    You are welcome to express your opinions and views of the update on the feedback thread.
  10. Superme

    Superme Forum Pro

    In all fairness to Callisto, this is a Question and Answer thread. You pose questions and she and or another mod will respond. Come on, while I do not always agree with all the responses of the Mods, we have to meet them halfway.
  11. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    Callisto, what about just moving the post to the feedbackthread instead of deleting it? If you think it is because it is pure feedback, and then don´t belong here, why just don´t move it?
    BUT, it is not pure feedback! Theusen actually comes with a question.
    Now i copy what he wrote as an answer to you but was deleted:

    No we dont need to shush! This is a FORUM, which means that this IS indeed the place NOT to shush, but to discuss in a fair and openhearted manner!

    This tread is about questions and answers!

    So that means that when we ask valid questions, Ur job is NOT to delete those qustions, just because U dont like the question, but instead try and answer, or if U cant answer, then find sum1 who can...

    My question is STILL valid!

    Why was R117 released when it ruined the gameplay for every1 for an entire week, when U all KNEW that R117 would ruin the game before it was even released???

    U had plenty of feedback from players on the testserver, but instead of delaying the extremely faulty R117, you chose to ruin the game for a week instead...

    "Serious questions only please, off topic discussions will be deleted."
    -This is both a serious AND a valid question! I am not joking or trying to annoy here!

    "Posts such as "why is this patch so bad" will be treated as spam."
    -This isnt anything of the sort! I am not spamming! I am asking in all honesty, because I dont get why a great game is manhandeled is such a brutal way by the very people who should nurture it and make it grow...

    "Unsure of a bug fix, what one of the notes mean, etc, ask here and we will answer as soon we we can."
    -Yep! Excactly! RIGHT to the point! Im am most certainly unsure of a bugfix! Because R117 wasent a bugfix! It was a bugcreator!

    =o)The Theusen that just would not go away(o=

    He comes with a honest question and this is a thread of questioning and answering. Why delete it?
    And i wanna know too, why do the devs implement a release filled with bugs, when you KNOW it is filled with bugs?
    We are not just tired of bugs, we are extremely tired of bugs!
    The last half year have been pure bugs, and you make 3 bugs when you fix one.
    Could the devs please, stop making new things and make a release with ONLY bugfixes, and fix at least 99% of all bugs?
    We don´t want new things, when they make the game impossible to play.

    No offense! Just want a better game and it is the same for Theusen!
  12. Callisto

    Callisto Forum Pro

    Why was R117 released when it ruined the gameplay for every1 for an entire week, when U all KNEW that R117 would ruin the game before it was even released???

    It isn't a question that can be answered, its an opinion that its ruined gameplay for an entire week, it hasn't ruined game play for an entire week, this release in itself did not cause any adverse effects.

    The only thing still left in game with a bug is the mortis quest, this is not release 117's fault.

    This question comes under "why is this patch so bad?"

    This type of thing already exists elsewhere.

    This thread is only for looking to explain things about the patch people do not understand.

    Not a chance to attack the devs or the mod team with questions that are simply trolling.

    Seeing as it seems the only question people have about this quest is the Mortis issue, and its already been answered, and you're continuing to abuse the purpose, and its been taken so far off its purpose its not even funny, just frustrating, I'm now closing it.

    Your fellow players with serious questions can point the blame at yourselves.
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