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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Biztart, Feb 12, 2014.

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  1. trakilaki

    trakilaki Living Forum Legend

    Your info and this video are misleading.
    It is only a display error and it is not new. It not deducts andermats for traveling to PW's atrium.
    Whoever created this video should have showed andermant deduction when entering PW, not just showing display info.
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  2. PlengeH

    PlengeH Forum Greenhorn

    please return the hotkey function "G" (show / hide list group).

  3. yzm5508512

    yzm5508512 Someday Author

    • A critical damage calculation error, which led to strongly varying damage values for some skills, has been rectified.
    what does it mean?i did find that my cirt dmg varied from say 2000-4000 on the same opponent without block or anything else, which was mathematically impossible. Does this patch note actually refer to this very problem?o_O
    if so,then i will hit higher than 2000 or lower than 4000? thx
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  4. -necromonster-

    -necromonster- Junior Expert

    You will hit at 4000 (or what ever your highest crit was with precision shot). Rangers' precisions could hit in drastic differences in damage, now it is in line with the other attacks.
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  5. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    So far, I like what I've seen this update, although more so for the laughter it generated than perhaps the actual cosmetic changes themselves.

    The cosmetic changes to the female SW (a rear end liposuction, run animation change, and the animated inventory character) all made me giggle. The change to frost wind and frost nova stuns is quite pretty though. I had a peek at the animated DK character, and it looks like they're doing a paranoid equipment check every few seconds.

    Uhh, just a thought, our characters look really silly right now, although adding the inventory animations is cool. So perhaps a bigger repertoire of movements or else putting the animation loop slower so it takes longer between repeats of shield throwing/paranoid equipment checks would seem more reasonable.

    Unrelated side note: the SW animation reminds me of Chinese kung fu fan dances where you can toss the fan up in the air, let it do a flip and catch it again. -wanders off dreaming of a fan shield to throw in-game-
  6. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    One more thing; many people complain about horrible lags today (including me).. I couldn't move, pick up things or anything, this never happened this bad before.. :oops:
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  7. Firefly

    Firefly Active Author

    How is this possible? So now rangers hit max points from base damage when doing crit with precision shot? :confused: or what? coz thats what you are saying now -.-
    Maybe you mean that the crit will be more likely 3300-4000 than just the max value?
  8. ZmajodBosne

    ZmajodBosne Active Author

    Yeah, I have lot of lagg too and rubberbanding.
  9. -necromonster-

    -necromonster- Junior Expert

    Yes, I was just giving arbitrary numbers. Before the update, when using a precision shot, the critical damage was not calculated correctly (for example, on the low end, you could have a precision critical hit that was lower than an upgraded Deadly Blow critical hit). The damage gap has been shortened.
  10. Mathusa

    Mathusa Forum Greenhorn

    hi all, I was walking through Gleaming mountain and it wasn't so much the mobs attacking me but the lag smashing me. I tried 3 times in there, and well ever since the live patch everything is in slow motion. please fix the lag it is unbelievable. I believe it is also the mobs spawning doing this also.

    on another note the live patch has animated my chars and it is enjoyable to see. hopefully it is not the cause of the serious lag I'm experiencing.

    thanks and may the draken be with you.
  11. sper009

    sper009 Padavan

    I think I'll start playing my Ranger again after this update :). I notice that melting and selling things at the traders no longer gives me micro-stutter when doing so. And thank goodness the stuttering when picking things up is gone!
  12. Leopol

    Leopol Forum Apprentice

    Now use B !!!
  13. Torefas

    Torefas Padavan

    Thanks for the update. Impressive work there.

    But I still waiting the hitbox glitch for DK stun charge (which cause fail stun and no damage).

    Right now the rage free ground breaker talent is more promising.
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  14. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Mortis Frag / 2 week premium:
    As many of you have noticed, the 2 weeks of premium is the compensation for those affected by the Ring of Death quest. The developers have released a 2 part script:
    1. With the script executed today (version 119) the quest progress has been synced with the actual amount of Fragments in the inventory of the players.
    2. The compensation was booked if an account meets one of the following conditions (both are based on the database state of the 21st of January, a few days after we released version 117):
      · An account with a character who had finished or closed the repeatable quest Ring of Death
      · An account with a character who had more than 10 Materi Fragments in the inventory
    Ranger's Thicket of Thorns:
    The fix was not ready by the time of this release, and is planned to be ready by R120.

    G (group status hotkey) now B:
    Thank you for bringing this up. It will be reported.
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  15. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Yes, I really miss my reliable stun charge. I have to pass through targets and run back. It is not much fun right now, and has been broken for a long, long time.
  16. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    I've reported the Stun Charge miss a couple of times but haven't gotten any update on the situation. Can someone please put together a video and send it to Support or post it on the forums. I'll try to put together another report.
  17. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I believe I met both of these criteria, but (possibly) both of them were met after the 21st of January. Is this why I do not have the two free weeks of premium on my account? Also, if that is the case, why was that date chosen and not a later date?

    The quest was still bugged when I turned it in, so why should I not be compensated for the extra fragments I had to collect while others are being compensated? Because of an arbitrarily chosen, illogical cut-off date? I don't think I need to say exactly what I think of that, and doing so would get me banned. :mad:
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  18. -Faeriequeen22-

    -Faeriequeen22- Forum Mogul

    Yes, I think this a bit unfair.. only because we had no luck with drop, we're punished now even more.. :(
  19. Geobli

    Geobli Advanced

    I really liked the animated character in the inventory & Kobold in Ashraya.

    Bug fixes are always welcome, but Ranger's 42lvl skill + 45lvl talent, Thicket of Thorns with Path of Destruction, explosion kills, still bugged? Why?
  20. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Yeah, some of us had unusable Mortis frags in our inventories for a long time but because we did not complete the quest within a certain arbitrary time limit, we get no compensation! That is pure baloney!!!

    BP you are slowly, one baby step at a time, driving me to quit this game!!!!!!
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