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    In Short

    Release 119 deals first and foremost with a large number of errors and optimizations, which were largely reported to us by you directly and via the forum.

    Release 119

    Release 119 concentrates on a variety of errors and technical maintenance. The Release may be somewhat smaller in size, but this allowed us to focus and solve more complex issues with the following releases.

    New Features

    • The game character's display in the inventory is now much more lively thanks to the animations specially constructed for this player.
    • Additional pieces of equipment for the Steam Mechanicus now exist and can be acquired from artifact merchants by level 35 players and up.
    • The Berserker Battle Helm for the Steam Mechanicus is now also available and can be found throughout the vast expanses of Dracania.

    Important Changes

    • Jeweler and Kobold Protectors of Treasure can now be encountered in all urban areas other than Grimford.
    • The anti-kill stealing system now saves the results of a player's battle longer, so that the chance of scoring prizes afterwards does not disappear right away, if the player is paralyzed or frozen from time to time.
    • The drawbridges and other graphic details in Kingshill have been visually redesigned.
    • The distribution of monsters in “Abyss of Time“ has been adapted. There are now more jellyfish and more gorgons in the northern part of the map.
    • Costumes can no longer expire and will not be removed from players after dying.
    • Boss Gorga’s children used to be spiders- now they are snakes and thus correct in terms of zoology and species.
    Selected Bug-fixes

    • The attack range of the ranger's summoned wolves has been increased slightly so that they can now more reliably attack large opponents, too.
    • A critical damage calculation error, which led to strongly varying damage values for some skills, has been rectified.
    • Up to now, the game sometimes came to a standstill or froze for a few seconds when items were being collected. This effect will no longer occur.
    • The PvP talent “Ready to fight” (regenerates 25% of your hitpoints upon defeating an opponent) now works properly, if the opponent was defeated by way of a summoned servant or a tower.
    • The damage values of weapons in the “ Treasures of the Deep“ set are now properly displayed in the item tooltip.
    • Some nameless potions have been named.
    • An error, which occurred upon entering the physique when creating a game character, has been fixed.
    • Errors which occurred in different areas and which were brought to our attention in the forum have been dealt with. We fixed, for example, certain stone formations and structural errors in the catacombs as well as various “stuck” players and rocks which could be walked through in the area “Abyss of Time“. Thank you for your helpful tips in the forum!
    • It is no longer possible to walk through walls in Atlantis Above Water.
    • Several visual errors of objects and monsters in the Oceanium in Atlantis Above Water were rectified.
    • The visual display in the inventory is now updated accordingly when you buy or sell equipment which is directly put on or taken off the game character.
    • After logging in, it sometimes occurred that a few game characters were displayed slightly displaced on the platform. This problem was remedied.

    Known Issues and Last-Minute Fixes

    Bossmonster Bearach does not Stun the Player

    Inventory Animations:
    The Steam Mechanicus, Ranger and Dragon Knights have the same animation with
    weapons even when there aren't weapons equipped in the inventory
    So it looks like they are holding an invisible weapon and act with it.

    “The Сonterspionage 2\2 quest can't be finished.*
    The mob is highlighted when you hold your cursor over it, but when you click it, your character starts to run in an obstacle, you can hear some repeated subtle clicks, while being unable to loot the mob.

    *This issue will be fixed with 120

    Adventure calls, Heroes of Duria!
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