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    With Release 120, Drakensang Online has finally moved onto the Beta Phase for Mac users.

    At the same time, the version also features graphic improvements, the ability to log into the downloadable client using your Facebook login data and as always some bug-fixes.

    DRAKENSANG ONLINE for OSX is now in the Beta Phase and can be downloaded from the website to be tested starting immediately. Please note, how ever, that you should have at least an OSX v10.7 (Lion) or a newer version installed on your Mac and 2 GB memory or at least an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphic card. Should your operating system not meet the minimum requirements, you can download a free update to OSX 10.9.1 (OS X Mavericks) from the official Apple website whenever you like.

    With Release 120, you can finally log into the downloadable client also using your Facebook username and password. New players will also receive a small welcome gift, namely a free two-week Premium membership. Apart from that, we have completed the range of items for the Steam Mechanicus and repaired some bugs too. Further details are outlined in the sections below.

    Developer Comments

    You've probably wondered when we will introduce new features and content expansions as well as when we will finally take care the bugs that annoy you the most. We'd like to ask once again for your patience and support here.

    At the moment, we're investing a lot of time into “completely overhauling “several internal tools and processes. Our goal here is to not only update the technology but also to create less bugs in the future and to provider better quality overall.

    New Features

    ● New to the game is the ability to sign into the downloadable client via the Facebook login button using your Facebook login data, so that you can start playing right away.

    ● The shop now has a new, extraordinary helmet for Steam Mechanics.

    ● Level 20 to 29 monsters now also a high-class pistol for Steam Mechanics – the “Hognis Thornfist”.

    ● In addition, Steam Mechanics can now find a new shield nearby Khalys and Mortis starting from Level 40. Up until now only the other character classes got something.

    ● Premium as a welcome gift: With immediate effect, new players who have reached level 5 will be given the chance to try out the benefits of a Premium membership for a period of two weeks.

    Important Changes

    ● White items can no longer be found in the parallel world dungeons. Affects Only Champions and Miniboss monsters!

    ● Many travel stones have been moved so that they can be better seen. Some stones are now also closer to the entrances, meaning that it won't be as easy to walk past them without having activated them.

    ● It is now easier to click the small spiders in the caverns of Loxley, as they have been optically improved and now stand out from the background better.

    ● The entrance area to the Halls of the Dead in the Ocean of Bones has been graphically modified and now does its theme justice.

    ● The ferryman in front of Mortis’ Courtroom has been injected with “Life”. He now waves to you to come to him and no longer behaves like a statue.

    ● A small hint window now informs you that your items cannot be rebought in the event of a full inventory.

    ● The world map can now be opened using the “W“ key.

    Selected Bug-fixes

    ● The very predictable spawning behavior of some monsters in a few dungeons has been improved. Now these monsters no longer continually appear in the same place.

    ● Sometimes the game crashed as soon as essences were moved from the inventory to a locker. This problem has been fixed.

    ● The “Counter Espionage (2/2)” quest involving the Nefertari cultists in the Wildherz Caverns can now be completed once again.

    ● Upon deleting characters, it is no longer possible to start the game with less than zero Andermant.
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    LIVE SYNC, Wednesday 26.02.2014


    09:00 am (CET UTC +1) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    09:30 am (CET UTC +1) start maintenance (takes at least 90 minutes)

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