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    In Short

    In addition to useful convenience features and bug-fixes, Version 121 features a few visual enhancements and game improvements.

    Release 121

    With Version 121, the action in Drakensang Online feels even more real and the monsters in the game now show when they've been hit with animations. Apart from that we have made the game more convenient. You can now also display/hide chat windows and your character names in the game as well as configure game keys yourself. Moreover, you can also make Drakensang Online look even better with the screen-space ambient occlusion effect. Further information about these features and explanations about selected bug-fixes is contained below!

    New Features

    ● Monster Hit Animations

    The action in Drakensang Online just got a whole lot more intense: Starting immediately, every monster plays a hit animation as soon as it takes on a blow or is hit by an arrow or other type of projectile. These animations also make combat feel even more real. We hope you like this change and can't wait to hear what you think. Based on this, we will keep adding visual feedback bit by bit.

    ● Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO)

    The new SSAO casts an occlusion shadow on objects and outlines object edges. This feature is disabled by default, but can be activated in the main menu in the settings. NOTE: This function is CPU-intensive and can negatively influence the graphic performance of the game.

    Freely Configurable Keys (click HERE for full details)

    As frequently asked for in the forum, you now have the ability to configure key commands yourself in the settings and adapt them to fit your needs. A few fundamental functions however, such as the use of the mouse to run, must remain as they are.

    ● Character Names and Speech Bubbles

    In the settings you can now select whether or not the character name should be displayed above the game figure. Besides this you can also turn the chat speech bubbles on and off.

    ● In-game Filter for PvP Rankings

    In order make it easier and quicker for you to compare how you fare with your guild members, you can now use the corresponding filter function found within the ranking window.

    ● Revival of Kingshill

    The invasion of Kingshill strongly affected the city and the devastation can still be seen everywhere. To fix this, we have a whole range of NPCs to help bring life back to the city with their unique movements. You'll see some citizens still busy complaining about the damage and others who are already busy rebuilding the city and fighting fires.

    ● Map Markings and Quest Numbering

    We completed the markings on the maps of the old regions and the numbering in the quest titles for the next section – the region of Slifmoor. 50 quests, starting at the Werian Sanctuary, were therefore revised accordingly.

    ● Steam Mechanicus Armor in the Werian Sanctuary (Slifmoor Steel)

    The merchants once again have another set of armor for the Steam Mechanics. We are going to make sure that in the next version we deliver all incomplete Steam Mechanic sets and so that all archetypes finally have the same number of pieces of equipment.

    ● Figure Option Removed

    In the character selection menu, we removed the options to define the character's body size. We were able to make this decision pretty easily, since the size has absolutely no influence on the game performance and also since it is pretty much invisible in the game. Lastly, we decided to do this to make more room for better personalisation possibilities which we want to develop in the future.


    ● The weapons and pieces of equipment, which you can obtain in the Full & New Moon events, have been given new values and shall be issued according to your current character level. This means that for the event you can now also receive useable rewards above or below level 40. On another note, the costs for identifying these items was removed.

    Here is the full list of changes:
    Full Moon & New Moon Changes

    ● The descriptions for the armor slots in the inventory and the tooltips for items and gems were standardized and therefore lead to less confusion. As a result, names no longer differ, for example, between chest and torso protection.

    ● Many projectiles fired by monsters were visually reworked and are much easier to spot in dense hand-to-hand combat.

    ● The cyclops' animations now transition more smoothly.

    ● The lighting effect in the character selection menu has been toned down a little and doesn't glare as much anymore.

    ● If you craft items on the workbench, the item you create will now show up on the workbench and won't automatically be put in the inventory. The same applies when crafting gems.

    Selected Bug-fixes

    ● A short trip to one arena battle from the atria of the parallel world dungeons, no longer resets the level of difficulty to “normal“, instead it is left as is in the “parallel world“. By fixing this, the problem, which sometimes led to empty or barely filled parallel dungeons, was corrected.

    ● Monsters, that are defeated with the toxic cloud let out by the Trail of Thorns with the active skill “Path of Destruction“, now finally drop items too.

    ● An error in the calculation of damage was corrected which made it possible for Level 30 players and up to profit too much from armor and defense reductions when fighting high-level monsters in a player group.

    ● A problem which occurred when carrying out skills with the left mouse button which have an attack speed of more than 2.7 attacks per second was fixed. In the past, sometimes attacks were interrupted and the character unintentionally began moving.

    ● Bearach's stun attack now works again.

    ● The tooltip description for the Researcher of the Depths Lathe is now correct.

    ● The hit points of the Steam Mechanic armor “Firesight's Combustion Chamber“ can now also be upgraded.

    ● For the increased selling price of items achieved through the “Cute Doggy“, the gems used are now also taken into consideration for calculating the item's selling price.

    ● The tooltip for the Essence of Vitality Abduction was repaired.

    ● Essences obtained in surprise chests now have the correct color to indicate its rarity level in the tooltip.

    ● The names of other players are only shown in the arena battles as soon as they are in visible range.

    ● Cool-down times of skills, used in the waiting areas of the arenas, are now reset at the beginning of a battle.

    ● A guild name change is now shown immediately and not only once you enter a new region.

    ● Upon arriving in Grimford, sometimes an item was removed from the action bar of players who died in the starting area “The Flying Island”. This error has been rectified.

    Known Issues & Last-Minute Fixes

    Female Characters: Some of the female animations are slightly broken or not in proportion.

    ● Localization:
    • A map marker on the map Slifmoor appears as placeholder.
    • An mouse over text of the item ‘Slifmoor Steel Carbine’ has a placeholder in it.
    ● Freely Configurable Keys: The key field where one can assign the key for primary and secondary attack appears in German language.


    Adventure calls, Heroes of Duria!
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