Release 123 [Feedback]

Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Biztart, Apr 9, 2014.

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    ~THE~LEGEND~ Someday Author

    Well .. Well .. Well

    This was The best release on Drakensang History

    CLEAN game more fun on pvp more fun with playing a lot of old friends is back after the game cleared from bots... The players is really happy with it ..

    But there is bug with chat fix it as fast as possible cause im about to destroy my keyboard :D chat bug make a lot of stress
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  2. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    Agreed. The broken chat is one thing I forgot to mention in my previous post.
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  3. Ergooooooo

    Ergooooooo Forum Apprentice

    yeah nice update but please o please fix the chat this is litterally driving me and other friends crazy, im not talking to anyone anymore cos i just dont want to push myself over the edge literally... since some updates ago the chat in pvp has become a mess, now with the spacebar the very annoying chat that doesnt always work has gotten worse. pls find a permanent solution for good chat :) i think u get the point haha, thx!
  4. thanhthanh89

    thanhthanh89 Forum Apprentice

    I was playing in sever Tagan
    I feel that there is not any bad first release as this release 123
    The first error is the converse: a key role cpace is ridiculous. I can not chat freely with your friends when you press the space I immediately closed all
    second error: when I switch between the map I used to get kicked out screen web site, there were a lot of people complaining about this problem
    and most serious error is really BIG LAG almost everyone I knew were LAG (most of my friends are in Guild LAG) I have checked my connection and everything was normal I supply have tried everything I know
    BUT no other changes
    That's why I was depressed and did not play the game in two days
    fullmoon event this time perhaps I might miss it
  5. Stickerer

    Stickerer Forum Greenhorn

    Same problem leaving Gorga (normal) on Agathon. As soon as you step out of Gorga into Temple Sector you get the quick flash to the client download screen, the black screen, and 404 error etc etc. Also on logging out of the game (which isn't such a problem) but it's a major pain in the backside when farming gorga to get logged out all the time.
  6. fuzbucket

    fuzbucket Forum Apprentice

    even after hotfix still spacebar issue... bad idea btw. and still window crashes when portaling
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  7. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Server lag on Grimmag. It's not only me that have lag
  8. Stickerer

    Stickerer Forum Greenhorn

    Still no fix on the portalling issue of being logged out - if anything it's getting worse and now I'm having major issues trying to log back in after being kicked! Game worked just fine before the bot sweep. I spend a reasonable amount of money playin' this game, but now the frustration is getting to the point where I'm ready to scrap it and go find something else.
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