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    In Short

    With Version 123, we banned around 6000 bot users and we are taking care of the final preparations for the big Easter event – “Terrible Shadows – Dragan's Plan“ – which will be launched just in time for the holidays. The female dragonknight has also been given a new animation, one or two convenience features have been added to the game and all kinds of bugs have been fixed.

    Bot Banning:
    Please read the official statement about the bot banning from Drakensang Online’s new producer – RickTalrok: Click here

    Release 123

    With Version 123, we are entering into the last phase before the start of the Easter event: “Terrible Shadows – Dragan's Plan“. This event is the fifth part of the series as well as the climax of the Sargon story – it is an event that is not only open to all players but that will be released just in time for the Easter holidays.

    In addition, there are also a whole bunch of bug-fixes, smaller convenience features, not to mention a couple of new or reworked animations for the female characters, for example, the dragonknight's initial pose in the start menu. This animation was revised once again based on feedback received from the community. For this reason, we hope you are happy with this change. Please let us know!

    New Features

    ● We've started revising the character creation menu. Our first step was to improve the graphics of all character types: Their faces and bodies were given more complex geometrical shapes and figures, thereby making them look much higher in quality. Further improvements are planned for the coming months.
    ● Shortcut key for closing all open windows
    By pressing the “Esc“ key or the space bar, all open windows and menus in the game can be closed with just one click starting immediately.


    ● When monsters are hit several times in succession whilst walking, they no longer move wildly around with their feet on the ground. In this case, it was primarily the larger monster types which were affected. Should you in the future see other glitches in the game, please make sure to inform us about them.
    ● The dragonknight was once again given a new animation in the start menu. We really hope that you like it better now. We can't wait to hear what you think.
    ● If you leave the urban areas in the game, this action will be carried out immediately and you no longer have to wait seconds.

    Selected bug-fixes

    ● In the past, by pressing the “Ctrl“ key, you could have the character name shown to you once again, even when this setting was intentionally deactivated in the options menu. This glitch was fixed.
    ● Upon selecting another random key for the seventh shortcut key, it will now also be properly displayed below the symbol.
    * In Mac OS X, a window now informs you that certain keys, such as those for special accents like the German Umlaut, are not supported.
    ● Unique items from the Artifact Merchant's “Box of unique items” are now automatically identified upon opening the box.
    ● Just as with every other item, the HP bonus from “Alan's Heroic Boots” can now also be upgraded.
    ● We noticed that there were a few problems with the basic values for ranger items, which among other things led to lower-level items being better than higher-level items. The following items were fixed:
    ● Totem Hunting Bow (Level 42): Maximum damage was increased to 77 (formerly 75).
    ● Drakebow (Level 41): Damage increased to 71–107 (previously 66–100)
    ● Firebone Longbone (Level 43): Damage reduced to 78–116 (formerly 81–121)
    ● Scaled Leather Quiver (Level 41): Critical hit value reduced to 698 (previously 750)
    ● Dragonskin Quiver (Level 42): Critical hit value reduced to 728 (formerly 783)​
    ● The "Better Specialized Combat Techniques" talent increased the damage for the “Bloody Wild Swing“ in general and not only for battles against other players as was originally intended. This error has been corrected.
    ● “St. Werian's Stew” is no longer mistakenly sold by priests, but rather as intended by merchants in the Werian Sanctuary.
    ● After the leader of a group leaves a group, the next leader in line can now invite new players.
    ● The area which can be clicked around the “Grimling” (boar monster) has been adapted to better match the actual size of the monster, thereby making targets in battles more intuitive. The same has been done for Cyclops, Stone Golems and for Leaders, Champions and Mini Bosses.
    ● The jeweler in the Hognis Mine now also offers Gem Boxes.
    ● The level 40 potion of life has been removed from Starter Packs, since it was completely useless for these players due to the level division.
    ● Steam Mechanics, who used the “Iron Dwarf” shortly before the end of an arena battle, had to start the next round without any steam. This problem has been rectified and you will now always start with a compressor fully filled with steam.

    Known Issues & Last-Minute Fixes

    ● …
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