Release 126 Patch notes!

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    In Short
    Release 126 signifies the long-awaited return of our beloved event merchant Gnob to Kingshill! It took him a long time to get here, but he's got a few nice surprises in store for you.


    New Features

    The beloved event merchant took a long time to find his way back to Kingshill and for this he'd like to apologize. Unfortunately this time he wasn't able to bring the Witch Hunter set he promised you, but he's sure it will definitely make its way into the game the next time he comes to visit. To make up for this, he's brought two new items with him which you will hopefully like.

    Almost Immortal Tutorial
    It is currently possible to die in the tutorial. This applies mostly to dragonknights who have specialized in close combat and who get too close to monsters. To prevent their premature death in the game, we've reduced the damage dealt by monsters in the tutorial.

    Daily Challenges
    We've given different daily challenges individual graphics to make them more intuitive for you to understand.

    Selected Bug-fixes
    Zoom Bug
    If you had your friend or guild list open and wanted to scroll up or down, this function did not work properly and instead it would zoom in and out on the picture. We've fixed this issue so that you can now scroll as usual through your lists.

    None-accessible Area
    In the open arena for “Storm the Fortress” (6v6) there was an area where players could not go even though this area should have been accessible to them. This problem has been removed.

    Chat Problems after PVP Match
    If you participated in a PvP match, the chat channels would overlap after leaving the battle and reopening the chat. In this case, it wasn't possible to write in the chat or to receive messages, unless you switched between the chat tabs. We've now fixed this bug so that the chat can be used as usual even after leaving player-vs-player matches.

    Missing Icons
    Some pieces of equipment had graphics which were being used in different places. Starting now these items will be gradually given new and correct graphics. If you see problems with doubled-up items, please report them to us. It would make us very happy.

    The buff “Dumplings with Sauce” has the same effect as the buff “Ancient Rum“ (Level 40), but costs an additional 100 Andermant. We've adjusted the price so that the buff “Dumplings with Sauce” now costs 250 Andermant less.

    Quest Graphic
    After switching maps, the quest graphic was always minimized. We've fixed this problem. When the graphic is maximized, it will stay that way, regardless of whether you switch maps.

    Known Issues & Last-Minute Fixes

    Adventure awaits, Heroes of Dracania!

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    LIVE SYNC, Wednesday 21.05.2014


    09:00 am (CEST UTC +1) start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    09:30 am (CEST UTC +1) start maintenance (takes at least 60 minutes)