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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by dragonlordz, Jul 7, 2014.

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  1. Zareyna

    Zareyna Forum Greenhorn

    aweee...this patch totally screw up. Most player already frustrated with Dragan chicken roast head thingy cape....and now getting worse!
    Jump/Tele now become our savior or else died killed by "ghost". Hope Dev can fix fast, meanwhile...keep calm guys :)

    *Pssst, whisper is quite annoying and disturbing especially when was running from mobs (like map4 100 pearls :p)
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  2. ToshiBoy

    ToshiBoy Someday Author

    first invisible lasers... now invisible arena... duels are a complete waste. My char stays at the top and meanwhile gets nailed down in the arena... astral travel ok... And i am not happy about the excuse about the invisible lasers not being fixed... it's cost me thousands in Andermant just to respawn when I get hit by them... sorry, Sir, we know about the lasers, but we don't care it's costing you real money --- very poor attitude to have.
  3. Yosemite

    Yosemite Forum Greenhorn

    3 of us went to event desert map yesterday. Before we approach to the 3rd boss. One of my team mate disappeared from the map. He cant see us, we cant see him. But we are all still in the event map. A few minutes later he reappear in our map, but he cant see the task item dropped by boss a short while ago.

    One more bug I encountered. I reshuffled daily quest after the patch but there was no change at all of the 3 quests. Whats a waste.
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  4. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    The camera location not resetting to your respawn point after you die has been reported and is a known issue. As a temporary solution, use your skill jump/jet/teleport/dive to reset the camera to your current position.

    Keep leaving detailed information of bugs with R129 and we'll pass them along.
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  5. tins89

    tins89 Forum Apprentice

    @Biztart Jump is helping in PVE, but I have tried everything in PVP and it's not working.
  6. tins89

    tins89 Forum Apprentice

    With so less responses, I doubt only tegan is facing this problem.:(:(
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  7. silverseas

    silverseas Count Count

    Ahh, such a bug-laden update. -_-

    Two friends and I were running desert, but one of the bosses was missing. As in, not there. Just empty space. So we wasted 30 pearls just to get 1 more bracelet. No screenshot since there's nothing to screenshot. No idea how to replicate either, since runs before and after that were perfectly normal with regards to boss spawns.

    The update was also supposed to fix the Cease Fire status effect. Well, on one occasion when I had just entered Dragan's room, all my skills were not greyed out. (I could not use any of them anyways.) So... visual bug not entirely fixed, it seems. :p Rest of the time Cease Fire worked normally.

    ~THE~LEGEND~ Someday Author

    This Video for support team omg silly release ..

  9. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    question Biztart I enjoy playing Draken and I have supported it financially by being a Premium member for a few months now why should I continue to give money to a game that does not support it's players ?
    This bug has been going for 24 hours now or close enough too 24 hours
    If this bug concerned Mortis or the Paralel Worlds the game would of been stopped and fixed by now
    As of now I can no longer solo the event because the so called bugs your developers fixed made the game worse
    PVP is a joke no matter what I do I can not leave the staging area
    A response would be nice in why I should continue to be premium in this game as every update you guys do you make the game worse to play
  10. moby31

    moby31 Regular

    I remember the day when when u have posted this ,sad that no one did not take care of this it was long before 129 went life
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  11. adi1190

    adi1190 Forum Connoisseur

    10 disconnections in 5 minutes pvp is ruinedo_O
  12. Rhysingstar

    Rhysingstar Forum Ambassador

    New bug we found last night was 2nd mini boss (on left) in the desert simply wasn't there....
  13. Multi-Sev

    Multi-Sev Forum Overlooker

    I'm sorry to say, but I'm convinced that they know about almost every bug before they go live with a new release. They are kind of like big automobile manufacturers; if it's not going to cause a lot of people to crash and burn, they release the product even if it's not ready. Small headaches, those are just fine. As long as the players are the ones dealing with the headaches they cause, they just don't care.

    Apathy... I agree DocWhisky.
  14. ~THE~LEGEND~

    ~THE~LEGEND~ Someday Author

    i Have some words for this admins

    when mortis was bugged the server was shut down after 12 hour casue thus damage big point money if we kill mortis with green essance we must spend money for it

    but right now we are not able to farm or play pvp and nobody care its show how pathetic admins this game have i start playing from 13 months this game , they never done a release without bugs pretty bad advertising for this company if you people have a noob admin change him lol
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  15. -{Gabriel}-

    -{Gabriel}- Active Author

    well that's 3 days game is bugged and sometimes so frustrating to play I just log out
    My only thought is the developers Admin Game and Forum Moderators don't really care that a lot of players are having trouble as longer as they keep getting $$$
    Well looks like the only way to effect you guys is to say no more $$$ for Premium might be only a drop in the ocean to you guys but the more you don't listen the less people will drop $$$$ on your game and find something different to play
    Who knows maybe then you may listen
    You have taken an enjoyable game for 2 years spare time and ruined it thanks :)
  16. Teleportist

    Teleportist Advanced

    -'ve Points
    1. Respawn bug
    2. The offhand item still isn't visible in the character selection screen. This just really annoys me for some reason. Is there some reason this can't be implemented?

    +'ve Points
    1. The whisper function saves a lot of time forming groups, as i don't now have to type in the character's name and search separately. In particular, it allows me to invite other players who's names are made up of characters not on my English keyboard. Very useful.

    2. At least the respawn bug is effecting everyone and not just me.
  17. gurih

    gurih Forum Greenhorn

    this body get left behind bug is very bad, u move away but your body still get left behind, the monster keep hittin the previous spot u standin and u die lol. this bug make me very lazy to play.admin fix it plss
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  18. thebearreturns

    thebearreturns Exceptional Talent

    i just don't wanna repeat same problem people has, only to say i cannot complete Dragan set cause is impossible to farm sulfurous desert in those conditions :(
  19. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    Devs, please, NEVER EVER again release a patch during an event,
    unless it is specifically meant to deal with event bugs.

    I'm patient and often laugh at bugs, but seriously, I just can't work out what you guys were thinking. First there's constant booting when changing maps, and now respawn and position bugs.

    The irony is that the update includes a little note saying that actual event bugs couldn't be fixed this time. But hey, we can whisper a whole new way and the monsters spew more blood. Hilarious.
  20. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    ah...... seriously BP.... you guys are really trying our patience
    The teleport bug is still here and many times my stun skills goes up in smoke... I cant say about pvp though.... but... how hard is it to correct an error ? ? ? ? ?
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