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    In Short

    Release 129 brings a great new option for the chat window: Click-to-Whisper. As of now you can simply click on a player’s name in the chat window and send a whisper message or choose from a list of commands. As always, we have fixed several bugs in the general game and the event: The Rise of Dragan.

    New Features

    In order to whisper to a player you can now simply click on the player’s name in the chat window (hotkey: V). Place your mouse cursor over the name of the recipient, the name will turn white, click on it and you will be able to whisper to the player. If you hold CTRL and then click on the player’s name, you will be able to choose from a list of commands.


    Health Spheres cannot be clicked on
    Health spheres will no longer prevent a player from picking up loot or lead to misclicks during a battle. An item that is exactly on the same spot as a health sphere will not be blocked by the sphere as the sphere cannot be clicked on anymore. If you need to restore your health, the sphere will automatically be collected once your character walks over it.

    Hitboxes increased
    All little spiders, for example the Light Weavers of the event The Rise of Dragan, can now be attacked easier. The hitboxes of the spiders have been adjusted in a way that allows characters to hit the spiders without having to aim precisely.

    Blood Effects adjusted
    The Blood Effects have been adjusted on a number of monsters. A player will be able to spot the difference if a monster received a normal hit, a critical hit or a killing blow. For example, a monster will lose more blood through a critical hit than through a normal hit.

    Variety of Hit Animations
    Monsters show different animations whenever they receive a hit while running or standing. The recoil of a hit is also shown in random degrees.

    Fixed Status Effect: Cease Fire
    During the event: The Rise of Dragan, a player receives a status effect called Cease Fire when entering the location Dragan’s Refuge. As originally intended, whenever a player receives this status effect, all skills in the user interface will become greyed out and thus cannot be activated.

    Exploit fixed at boss monster Destructor
    We fixed a bug that caused the boss Destructor to solely focus on and attack one single player of a group.

    Outstanding event bugs:
    We are currently running the event Rise of Dragan and there are some bugs that we do not fix with the next release. Example: The Gong Quest or invisible laser/enemies.
    Unfortunately we will not be able to fix these issues with this event. We need to invest more time and will consider them for the next event. We are really sorry for any inconveniences and hope that you still can enjoy the event.
  2. The current intended release date for R129 the 7th of July 2014.


    09:00 am (CET UTC +2)
    start count down on all instances (30 minutes)

    09:30 am (CET UTC +2)
    start maintenance (takes at least 90 minutes)
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