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Discussion in 'Discussions on Current Topics' started by Allogeneous, Jul 24, 2014.

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  1. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    I think the draken compensation is despicable. Considering that the Black Knights Battleground Chests reward 350 draken, and that an Onyx Skull drop blocks one from getting that 350 draken or full/polished gems or red essence + legendary or random(useless) stuff like coins and temporary items, 50 draken is too low. That's my opinion anyways.

    I would much rather take the chance of opening another chest as compensation instead of the 50 draken. At least then I can get something worthy of a battleground chest.
  2. Hartvig

    Hartvig Forum Inhabitant

    TheInfamous is absolutely right! 50 drakens as a start with additional 100 for each extra after the first is no reasonable price! We´re being completely cheated!
    But maybe we sould just be happy that there IS a compensation AT ALL...

    And what comes to the real features of the release...
    Smashing objects? That must be some kind of a joke!
    Who have EVER asked for such a thing? Why the H do the Devs WASTE their time with such nonsense?
    The blood-effects were cool, but smashing objects doesn´t help the grafics of the game and it DOESN`T improve the game-experience!

    When it comes to removal of those dungeons, i don´t get WHY? You won´t win anything by that, nor the players. But what i really don´t get, is why you do it after being able to earn the extra cash, by people who goes for low-lv legen in the first dungeon.

    Bugfixes, yes pls. keep it up, but i still don´t get that you aim so high for killing bugs, but still you let the hitbox-bug into the live-servers, instead of postponing the release and fix it BEFORE releasing!

    And then, actually something good. Now we re able to downloade the files to our own PC! That is propably the best thing you have done so far this whole year!
    Im one of those with a slow connection, so i can´t wait to test it with files downloaded! THANKS for once.
    Now i just hope that it WORKS, after seing the so-called "Roadmap" i have no longer any faith in the Devs.

    Pretty negative post, but the Devs are to blame for that.
    RickTalrock should start reconsidering what he is doing. As it is now, it seems he have no idea of what to do with our beloved game!

    Hartvig - Just another DSO-player who keeps whining in the forum, even though he knows it doesn´t help anything
  3. multitoonz

    multitoonz Forum Great Master

    My god seriously...stop with the complaining about 50 draken. You do know they reset all the chests in event so people got a LOT more draken then. I got over 2k draken alone on one of my toons and no not a 1k draken drop from Dragan, all chests. We know the game needs work but complaining because you are SO CERTAIN that chest you got an extra onyx skull from had 350 draken in it right?
    Everytime we get compensation for something players have to cry about it not being enough. Get over it already.
  4. TheInfamous

    TheInfamous Board Analyst

    All the more reason 50 draken is low. As you said, 2k draken during the event makes such a compensation trash. I would much rather get 2 gold as compensation than 50 draken, honestly. I even said I would take the chance of opening a chest because I know that getting 350 draken isn't certain. But the chance of getting something decent from a chest is still good. Besides, the chest reset was planned... it wasn't compensation for anything.
  5. Ash

    Ash Advanced

    Um... so, position bug... you know, the HUGE problem we're experiencing..... was that fixed?

    Well done on the thin client preloading.

    edit after preloading: ... because the black screen is so pretty. lol, omg, have to laugh or we'd cry....
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014
  6. Guitarman

    Guitarman Forum Master

    err.r.. what about reward for an honest player... i sold the extra skull gem.... now i dont event have the 50 draken . . . . .. .

    Do i get a the 50 draken too Mod ? for honesty ?
  7. Master0fpuppets

    Master0fpuppets Forum Baron

    Very slow game load, do not know why?

    Got nebula error after 5 min of game.

    Does preloading game work for bouth web and thin client, or just thin client?
  8. call4arms

    call4arms Forum Apprentice

    u perform preload in thinclient
    by pressinng [​IMG]
    , it will then work for both, until next patch or routine folder cleanings,,,that is
    but not really something new, if u were one to perform cleanings rarely or neveru already had it all...
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2014
  9. -Elizejs-

    -Elizejs- Junior Expert

    when you will fix shoots what go through monsters and dont damage them???
  10. jmpessanha

    jmpessanha Active Author

    Are 522mb of files and download is extremely slow. :(
  11. Coograth

    Coograth Someday Author

    Nice job with the preloading. I like that :)
    And you know what I would love next ?
    I would love to have the option to select on which drive I want to install the thin client and to place the DSO folder. In that way I will not clog my system drive with those tens of thousands of 1 kb files.
    For me that's still ok : I have a HDD drive, but for those with SDD this type of "file contamination" (don't know how else to call it :oops: ) will burn-out their drive in no-time...
  12. Rev

    Rev Active Author

    Chatbox suddenly stops working and toon is stuck. plz fix.
  13. Regarding the "compensation" for players who sold the extra onyx skulls prior to R130:

    “Dear Heroes of Dracania,

    A lot of you received too many Onyx Gems because of a bug during the Event Rise of Dragan. That’s why we need to remove those gems from your inventories – if you have more than one.

    Some of you have already sold the Onyx Gems because you did not know that you will get a compensation. We couldn’t promise in advance that there will be a compensation (the decision was not made at that time).

    You will not get rewarded because you made use of a bug, but you will get compensated. Instead of getting two or three additional gems,
    you actually should get other stuff like Draken or Polished Amethyst. That’s why we will compensate you with a certain amount of them.

    We are really sorry for those who already sold the gems but unfortunately there is nothing that we can do.

    Your Drakensang Online Team”

    Best regards

  14. Video explanation/discussion re:

    ·Thinclient Preloading (PC/MAC)

    ·Removal of the Onyx Skull Gemstone

    ·Removal of Mini Dungeons

    ·Producer Dialogue (PvP Match Making & Levelcap 50)

    ·Feedback from Community

    ·How to report bugs

  15. .maes.

    .maes. Someday Author

    So 2 of my characters had 3 onyx gems each. Only one of them got the compensation.. That just doesn't seem right.
  16. Biztart

    Biztart Exceptional Talent

    Were your gems removed from both characters?

    If you haven't already, contact the support team to look into your account situation.
  17. Rev

    Rev Active Author

    Fix disconnect bug while traveling via Universal Map really? Now you got a new bug where players just lose connection and can't login for a while.
  18. Wild

    Wild Forum Apprentice

    After release 130 it's impossible to play DSO! Monsters are invisible very often ,never happend before,but after this releas it happend with me every time i go farming!!! And same problem in pvp,lot's of players is invisible,and its really impossible to play now! FIX IT pleas..
  19. -HARRA81-

    -HARRA81- Forum Mogul

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