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    In Short

    Release 130 adds a range of destructible objects to the environment of Drakensang Online, you and your character can go on a real rampage now, every skill will have an impact like never before! Furthermore, after long consideration we decided to remove the Sealed Sites from the game, read the exclusive statement about it, and as always, we have fixed a variety of bugs.

    New Features

    Destructible objects added

    We want to add more fun by allowing the player to have more impact on the environment. Therefore, we started to implement a range of new objects that burst or get smashed when skills hits them.

    The following maps now have new destroyable objects:

    • The Misty Ridge
    • Gleaming Mountains
    • Thunder Crest
    • Stalgard
    Visit those maps and have fun creating havoc in the Dwarven realm Myrdosh!;)

    More maps with more new destroyable objects will follow in future releases!


    Removal of Sealed Sites

    The Sealed Sites (mini dungeons) Smuggler’s Cave, Forgotten spas of Collisium and Grave of the first Durianshave been removed from Drakensang Online. Our team has provided a separate statement in this forum to explain the removal. Please click here to read the game designer’s statement

    The removal includes the following changes:

    • All entries to the Sealed Sites (mini dungeons) have been removed from the maps, Darbmoor, Swerdfield Pastures and Kingshill.
    • The emoteRustic Dance cannot be acquired in the Sealed Site (mini dungeon) Forgotten spas of Collisium anymore. Fear not, there will be opportunities to acquire the emote in future.

    • Tyrmon's Seal Fragment, the necessary key to all three dungeons, has been taken out of the in-game shop (hotkey: T) and as of now the item will not be dropped by any monster.For every Seal Fragment in your inventory, you will receive a reimbursement of 400 Andermant.

    • The NPC Sullivan, located inDarbmoor, has been removed from the game.
    • Quests that were leading to the Sealed Sites (mini dungeons) have been removed
    Colorcoding for different quest types

    Event quests that can be repeated are symbolized by turquoise exclamation and question marks, whereas repeatable quests that are not part of an event can now be recognized by dark blue exclamation and question marks.


    Status Effect: Cease Fire
    If you character is affected by the status effect “Cease Fire”, the skills of your character will be greyed out and unavailable.

    Game Disconnect: Watery Grave, Ocean of Bones, Halls of the Dead
    We have fixed a bug that would instantly log out a player when the character was travelling via the Universal Map to the Watery Grave or when transferring from the Ocean of Bones to the Halls of the Dead.

    Permanent Costumes
    Should you delete a costume from your inventory that the character is currently wearing, the costume will also disappear and the character will be displayed in regular equipment.

    Hotkey CTRL not working correctly
    Hotkey CTRL is now functioning again, even if you are playing the game in windowed mode. Health points bar fixed

    The health points bar of boss monster
    Sigrismarr was not reset as intended whenever the boss monster reappeared.

    Corrupted Shadows
    Shadows of characters appeared corrupted whenever a character arrived in Werian’s Sanctuary via the Universal Map or a travel stone.
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  2. Downloadable Client: Preloading

    The downloadable game client of Drakensang Online features a new button “Start Preloading” that allows you to download the entire game on to your hard drive. You can always enter the game, regardless whether the download is still ongoing. Especially computers with slower internet connections benefit from having Drakensang Online downloaded on their hard drive, once downloaded you can enter the game faster than before.
  3. As already announced before, we will remove the onyx gem skulls from those players who have more than 1 of them. This was an issue that appeared during the Rise of Dragan event.

    The compensation will be:
    Amount of removed Onyx Skulls Exchange
    1 1 Polished Amethyst + 50 Draken
    2 1 Polished Amethyst + 150 Draken
    3 1 Polished Amethyst + 250 Draken
    4 1 Polished Amethyst + 350 Draken
    5 1 Polished Amethyst + 450 Draken
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