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    In Short

    Release 132 introduces a brand new game entry to the game. As we announced already via social media, we are cleaning up the game from the beginning until the end. Next to that we have added more destructible objects to the world of Dracania, we have simplified how to display quests in the Quest Progress Indicator and we have fixed a number of bugs that you have reported to us.

    New Features

    Brand New Game Entry
    The start of Drakensang Online has been completely refactored; any newly created character will begin a journey through a set of new maps which will replace the Flying Island.

    Destructible Objects Part Two
    Various destructible objects have been added to the following maps:

    ● Torstrond

    ● Iron Forest

    ● Eternal Watch

    ● Hjalgrimur

    ● Hailstone Mountains

    ● The Misty Ridge

    ● Winter Summit Winter Summit (difficult)

    ● Blackborg

    ● Mystra

    ● Mount Suvius

    ● Solar Flame Stadium (Capture the flag arena)

    ● Swerdfield pastures

    ● Wild Forest

    ● Slifmoor

    ● Troll Canyon

    ● Burning Coast

    ● Stonekeep

    ● Fortress Teganswall

    ● Hagastove Grotto

    ● Wildherz Caverns

    ● Rootrock Cavern

    ● Loxley Caverns

    ● Foxarrific Burrow of Investigation's HQ

    ● Ship Graveyard


    Character Creation/Selection Screen Redesign
    The entire graphical user interface as well as background of the character creation/selection screen has been redesigned to have a gloomier atmosphere than before.

    Character Creation/Selection Screen: Character Idle Animations
    The animations in the character selection screen have been reworked for the following classes:

    ● Female/Male Steam Mechanica/Mechanicus

    ● Female/Male Spellweaver

    ● Female/Male Dragonknight

    One-Click-Solution to change active quest
    Whenever you click on a quest listed in the quest window [hotkey: Q] the quest will instantly become the active quest which will be also displayed in the Quest Progress Indicator on your upper right side of your screen.

    Quest Progress Indicator Improvement
    Whenever you login, the Quest Progress Indicator will display the same quest that you had active before you logged out of the game.


    Support & Forum Button missing from menu
    Whenever you open the menu [hotkey: ESC] you will be able to see two buttons, one for the support and one for the forum.

    Feature: Premium Gold / 1 year corrected
    Players that purchased this feature falsely received five additional slots for quests next to the regular ten slots. These extra slots have been taken out of the feature. All quests remain open for the player (the quest log displays 15/10 quests) but the player cannot accept any new quests unless all additional quests have either been completed or manually deleted from the quest log and the number of listed quests has gone below 10.

    Cape of the Black Squire
    It is now possible to apply dyes on the item Cape of the Black Squire.

    Deep Sea Claw Bow Classification
    The item Deep Sea Claw Bow was falsely classified as longbow, now the bow is listed as a shortbow.

    Spirit Stones flawed
    Due to a bug it was possible to activate Spirit Stones inside cities. This bug has been fixed and Spirit Stones can now only be activated outside of cities.
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  2. Further information:

    Dear Hero,

    With release 132 we are introducing a new beginning to Drakensang Online with a number of new areas and quests.

    Players whose characters currently have a level below 6 will automatically be relocated to the new maps.

    If your character is currently level 6 or higher and located in the city of Grimford, it will be moved to a new version of this city. This new Version will also have new quests for all players.

    Offer-, Event-, Loginreward-, DailyAchievement notifications now not sent while player is in tutorial maps and below level 8.

    In exchange for the new Quests, all quests and quest items from the old tutorial map, old Grimford and some Quests from Kingshill will be deleted.
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