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    Heroes of Duria,


    In Short

    Release 133 turns out to be slightly smaller than other releases but brings you additional destructible objects and as of now all quests in the game are numbered in their sequence. Next to that we have fixed a small list of bugs.​


    Additional Destructible Objects
    Following objects have been added and can be destroyed:
    baskets, broken pillars, house pillars, scrolls, scroll podiums, thrones, shelves, spinning wheels, tables, seats, vases, relic telescopes, pots, burlaps sack, market stalls​

    Petrified objects that can be destroyed:
    Gorgons, Cyclops, Atlanteas, humans, snails, eggs​

    Destructible objects have been placed in the following maps:​
    • Mount Suvius
    • Ship Graveyard
    • Heart of Atlantis
    • Spawning Ground
    • Temple district
    • Abyss of Time
    • Atlantis Above Water
    Quest Numbering Completed
    All quests of the region “Atlantis” have been numbered, which allows you to understand their logical order. Atlantis is the last region that was missing the numbering and thus the numbering of all quests in Drakensang Online has been completed.
    Selected Bugfixes

    PvP: Skill Supernova fixed
    By accident the skill Supernova harmed and destroyed the Gun Towers and Bridge Machinery in the 6 vs 6 PvP mode Storm the Fortress. Spellweavers were able to abuse this skill and gain many badges of honor, therefore we had to fix this behaviour.
    Epic Mount Tame Battle Spider not for sale
    The epic mount Tame Battle Spider cannot be sold for the price of 1 copper anymore. In general, epic mounts are not meant to be for sale.
    Quest Progress Indicator: Default name
    A default name would appear in the Quest Progress Indicator whenever a player would have no quest active in the quest window (hotkey: Q) after having talked to an NPC but not having accepted a quest from the very same NPC.
    Cloaks appear as usable even if player is below level 40
    As soon as a player would unlock the knowledge skill ‘Cloak of Power’ all cloaks from traders would appear as usable, even if a player has not reached character level 40. However, in order to be able to equip cloaks a player needs to have reached both character level 40 and knowledge level 25.
    Known Issues & Last Minute Fixes

    We have identified a problem with the crafting system. The new game entry “Endboss” Grimmag drops a blue item. This blue item, crafted with other blues, could result in really strange and broken items, sometimes much stronger than intended. We needed to remove those items and will simultaneously reimburse those items with Andermant.
    Go forth and conquer, Heroes of Dracania!​

    Your Drakensang Online Team
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