Release 134 [Highlights]

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    Heroes of Duria,
    Here are the highlights of the Release 134:

    Compare Loot

    With release 134 we are planning to introduce a powerful feature: Compare Loot. You will be able to compare new items in your inventory with your currently equipped ones. Please also notice that the graphical interface of the items has been changed. For example, sockets look smaller now and use less space.

    Preview Compare Loot:

    Portable Repair Tool Kit

    After release 134 you will be able to purchase portable repair kits from the shop (hotkey:T).

    Big Repair Kit Tool = can be purchased from the shop (hotkey: t) – can be used permanently

    Small Repair Kit Tool = drops from monsters, once used up the tool kit will disappear from your inventory

    Portable Repair Tool Kit Preview:

    Removal of Steam Mechanicus access barriers

    Another jaw dropper you should know about. All the details can be found in this announcement.

    Go forth and conquer, Heroes of Dracania!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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