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    Greetings Heroes,


    Release 134 boasts a few valuable new features, such as the Equipment Comparer or the Portable Repair Kit Tool. We're also introducing a countdown to announce the final release of the Steam Mechanicus. A couple other modifications were made as well as some bug-fixes of course.​
    New Features

    Valuable Repair Kit Tool
    Since your equipment gradually wears down over time, it's necessary for equipment to be repaired regularly. Instead of having to go to the city every time to have a handyman repair your equipment, there are now special repair kit tools which you can use to repair your equipment whilst en route. There are two different types of tools: simple tools which expire upon repairing an item and can be bought from the merchant in any city (starting from Kingshill); they can also be dropped by enemies. Permanent tools can be bought in the Andermant Shop (hotkey: T). Please note that once you have used these items, you will have to continue to pay coins in order to make further repairs.​
    Equipment Comparer
    Until now, you had to go through a lot of effort to compare pieces of equipment to one another. We've now made this easier for you with the Equipment Comparer. You can always compare one item in your inventory with an equipped item of the same category. This will make it easier for you to decide which equipment you should put on and which equipment you should sell or have melted. This comparer does not assess which equipment is the absolute best (this all depends on your playing style), but rather only facilitates you to make your decision by graphically highlighting the items.​

    Release of the Steam Mechanicus
    The Steam Mechanicus (Dwarf) is our fourth character and could only be unlocked up until now based on the following criteria:​
    • when a player had reached Level 35;
    • when he/she has paid €5;
    • when he/she is a Premium player.

    Towards the end of October this year, we will be removing these barriers from the game, so that the Steam Mechanicus will be made available to every player from then on. A countdown will be launched with the current Release (134) to inform all players that the Steam Mechanicus will be available for free in just a few weeks. Of course, you can also unlock the Steam Mechanicus now. Good news for everyone who already bought the Steam Mechanicus: Every player, who bought the Steam Mechanicus for €5 up until Release 134 being published, shall be reimbursed with 7 days of Premium benefits. It's just our way of saying thank you for making the decision in the past to buy the Steam Mechanicus. Unfortunately Premium members cannot be considered here. Nor can players who unlock the Steam Mechanicus during the 30-day countdown. We hope you like this change.​
    Quest Modifications
    A few quests have been modified to make it easier to cross over from Grimford to Kingshill.

    ”Hunch-backed Mary” with the quest “The Clothes Make the Woman (1/1)” now lives in and not in Kingshill.

    “Jaymes Newhouse” and his quest “Inappropriate Attire (1/1)” has been removed.

    The quest series “The Ugly Truth” done throughout Kingshill has also been removed.

    “Matthew Hoarder” will now send you to Hagastove Grotto instead of Swerdfield Pastures in his quest “Useless Rubbish (1/2)”.
    The first quest in Kingshill (“The Alliance (1/1)”) now leads you to Captain Gregory Winbold, who will direct your attention to Maiden Rosalind's problems.​
    No Movement in the Boss Areas
    To prevent players from staying in an area where they can't be attacked, but where they can still use skills anyway, we've introduced the Boss Area zones where it is no longer possible to use skills.​
    Selected Bug-Fixes

    Incorrect Destination in a Quest
    The destination area in the quest Many Faces of Death (2/3) previously had an incorrect name. In the past, it was called: Troll Canyon and now it has been correctly renamed Resistance Command Center.​
    Client Crash
    Multiple crashes occurred and then the client was closed when players put items on the workbench. We've now fixed this error.​
    PVP: “Final Supernova” Skill Inflicted Damage to Objects
    The “Final Supernova” when used on the magician could inflict damage to the tower/bridge in PvP mode “6 vs.6”. The explosion which occurs upon the spellwear dying, no longer causes any damage.​
    Visual Corrections
    We made a few graphic connections to the tips shown upon first entering the game.​
    Players up to Level 8 could see “Daily Challenges” in the tab, since the challenges had already been loaded although they shouldn't have been shown at all yet. We've fixed this. Players are now shown the appropriate information in the layer.​
    Height Reached by Ammo of Warrior
    For the warrior skill “Ground Breaker” the ammo height was too low and froze constantly with different objects. We've adapted the height to match it to the other classes.​
    Unusable Potions from Quickslot Bar (Steam Mechanicus)
    We took care of an error which made it impossible to activate potions from the quickslot bar whilst playing as the Steam Mechanicus in the mode Iron Dwarf.​
    Charge into battle and fight, Heroes of Dracania!​

    Your Drakensang Online Team
  2. teddy.bear

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    Heroes of Dracania,

    There are some known issues with R134.

    Compare Loot:
    • The tooltip is not updating properly if compared item is stored in the bank.
    • The comparison for the start weapon of the ranger is not correct.
    • The sell values of items with gems are not shown correctly in the comparison window. Selling an item will give you always the right amount of gold.
    • Player spawns at the wrong spot when using travel stones to dungeons or open pve maps
    We aim to do a hotfix very soon!
    Your Drakensang Online Team
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